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Helper bee
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@Allie99:  We see my dad and stepmom probably once a month. They have their own little family about an hour away from us and I think my stepmom prefers it that way. We see my in-laws and my mom and stepdad just about every weekend. We will be moving into my in-laws house in May, but I love them and think of them as family anyways. I wish i had a better relationship with my dad and his little family, but I just don’t feel welcome over there.

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Honey bee
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My family is out-of-state, but we still see them at least 5-6 times a year. His parents live where we live but they’re divorced; he sees them probably once a month and I see them a bit less. We are moving to the opposite side of the country though, so we’ll probably see my family 3-4 times/year and his 2-3. We talk on the phone a lot though.

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We live about an hour from my parents…I see them about once a week or so (just met my mom for a movie after work yesterday since she works near my office), DH probably sees them about once a month, sometimes more. I’m very close with my family and we do things together often and DH has no problem double dating with my parents, haha.

DH’s mom (he doesn’t talk to his father, I’ve met him only once in the entire 6 years we’ve been together) lives about 2,000 miles away, I see her about once a year, DH sees her about 2 times a year, but talks to her on the phone every other day or so. Neither his mother nor we have the money or time off work to fly to visit each other more than once or twice a year, so at this moment in time it’s just how it is, no reflection on her (we both like her!) she just lives too far away and planes are expensive!

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Busy bee
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I see my parents A LOT more then the average person. I work with my family (Dad, Mom & Brother) My Dad owns the company. I’m also still living at home so I literally spend all day with my family haha..

When Fiance and I move in together I’ll be moving about 45 mins from the town I currently live/work in. I’ll still see my parents/brother 5 days a week. The condo Fiance and I will be moving into (FI already owns it, its just being rented right now) is about 10 mins. from his parents house, so we’ll probably see them 1-2 times a week. His mom is really into social “lets have coffee” type things, so its could be even more then that sometimes haha.

We’ll probably “see” my parents (like actually “visit” with them) about once a month or so.

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Lol well I am living at home with my parents until my wedding (can’t justify paying rent when I can just stay home and save money) so I see them every day 🙂 I also havent moved out because I have a 12 year old sister who is already having seperation issues at the thought of my wedding, I don’t want to leave her sooner than I have to. 


As for my future in laws, we see them 3-4 times a week 🙂


Once we are married we will still see my parents… and grandparents and aunt and uncle and two cousin… Once a week for sunday dinner after church. We will probably also attend church with his parents once a week.

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I see my FIs mom & stepdad everyday as they watch our son while we work. As a norm we see them once a week outside of that. We see my parents probably once every 2 weeks..but we talk to them every couple of days. we are very close with them. As for FIs dad we see him at christmas and our sons birthday unless we make the effort to go by and see him. He didn’t even RSVP to our Wedding Fiance had to call him and he got “oh yeah you should know im going to be there” smh…

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Honey bee
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Right now, it feels like a lot because Mother-In-Law just left after 3-4 day visit, and while I truly like her, she wears me out… and we’ll see her next week, along with Father-In-Law, at a wedding.

Typically, we see ILs 3-4 times/year (they’re 8 hours away, but they make an effort to see us) and my parents 5-6 times/year (5 hours away, but they stop in for a day or so on their way to other places pretty often).

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Blushing bee
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My parents live in the states and come over to the NL to visit about 1x a year on average.  Now that they’re both retired, they’ll probably use up their full 180 days they’re allowed on a tourist visa.

We see the inlaws a few times a month.  I’m sure they’d love to see us weekly, but space is good. 😉

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Busy bee
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I’m very close to my mother, we talk at least once a day, usually more. However, I live in Florida and she lives in New Jersey. We usually see each other twice a year: Christmas and Easter, she’ll come down here for Christmas and I’ll go up there for Easter. This year I’m going to see her A LOT more though, because my wedding is going to be in New Jersey so I’m making regular trips up there for dress shopping and tastings and who knows what all else.

FI’s parents live in Connecticut and he only talks to them about every two weeks or so. There’ve been times they’ve gone on vacation and forgotten to tell him until they’re back. I know it bothers him that my mom and I are so much closer than he is to his parents, but I told him that he gets to share my mom now too lol!

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Busy bee
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I see my parents a few times a year. They live in another state. My in-laws I see more often, usually once a month or more, since they only live an hour from us.

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we see my in-laws every sunday for sunday dinner and i see his mom 2-3x a week since we work out together. occasionally we grab lunch together on the weekends too. i love his parents so i’m pretty happy to see them often. but since MY family is in california…i see my family every 3-4 months…but we’re moving to CA in several months so it will be switched.

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