How often do you see or talk to your parents?

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I live 6000 KMs away from my parents. We talk on FaceTime at least 3-4 times a week. We talk to his parents 1-2 times a month but he’s not used to talking as often as I am. We have a WhatsApp group though and talk often. 

When I lived in the same city, we saw my parents 1-2 times a month and then his 1-2 times a month. 

Family is important to me and I’ve made it important to him. He was like your H before we started dating where he didn’t see his parents often. 

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I speak to my mum about 4 or 5 times a week. We also have a family whatsapp and message in there daily with my parents, sisters and our SOs. 

I see my family about once every 3 months, I fly home every summer and christmas and then fly again around May time (I was back last weekend), and they come out to see me about once a year. 

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Talk a couple times a week, see about once a week. 

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My parents and Dhs parents live about 4-5 hours away in different directions. We visit them each about 3-4 times a year. I speak to my parents about once a month. It depends what is going on. Both my mom and Mother-In-Law are super active in their retirement and it’s sometimes hard to even reach them.

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My dad/stepmom live about 3 miles from us. We see them at least once a week, sometimes more. Darling Husband travels a lot for work, often weeks at at time, so it’s just me and the baby. They will come over and watch him for me to run quick errands and we’ve also made it a semi-tradition to do dinner on Sunday nights at my house and then they take care of putting the baby to bed. When Darling Husband is home we cook, when he’s gone they will bring dinner over. It’s a nice little break at the end of the week. We text here and there throughout the week. 

DH’s parents live 8 hours away, my mom is 14 hours away.

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I talk to my parents every day. I start off the morning always with a Good morning text to my mom and always call before bed (or they’ll call me to say goodnight). They live about 15 mins away from us and we see them about once a week. My fiance doesn’t really associate much with his parents plus they live in another country. He’ll try to call every once in a while. We talk more to his (much older) sister who is basically like a mom to him. 

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keikochan : We live an hour away from my parents and my husband’s mom, and my husbands dad lives in another country. 

My dad and I work at the same company so we see each other Mon-Fri. I call my mom at least once a week. We enjoy hanging out with my parents so we see them at least once a month on a weekend, most of the time twice a month.  

For many reasons, we don’t have as close of a relationship with my husband’s mom, so he talks to her on the phone maybe twice a month, and we see her once every few months. 

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We live about 45 mins from my parents and see them either once a week or once every two weeks. I text them briefly and occasionally between seeing them (maybe twice a week). 

In-laws live overseas so we see them once a every 1- 1.5 years. Darling Husband video chats with them maybe once every two months, texts occasionally (less than once per week). I don’t usually speak to them unless it’s in person. 

We get along with both sets of parents fine but I guess we don’t really feel the need to speak to them that much outside of seeing them. In a few years we plan to move pretty far away (minimum 5 hour plane ride) from both sets of parents so our visits will be less frequent.

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My mom passed when I was a kid, and my relationship with my father is complicated; he usually calls/texts when he needs help with money, etc. So I might text him or receive a text a few times a month. My SO calls his parents maybe every other day. It’s such a foreign concept to me to have a parent to talk to daily.

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I text with / talk to my mom daily.  See her maybe once every 2 weeks on average.  She’s very close, 15-20 minute drive or 25 minute bike ride.  In laws vary, we tend to see them in clusters: 6 x in one month & then not at all for 2 months.  Phone calls 1-2x a month. They live about an hour away.  

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I live about an hour away from my parents and see them every 3-4months. I talk to my mum about once a week and to my dad maybe every other month.  

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We do not have a close relationship with our parents, but we do live physically close to them. My parents are around the corner. Prior to having kids, I saw them maybe once or twice a month and probably talked on the phone or sent a brief text once a week. Now that I have one (soon to be two) kid(s), I see them most every day as they like to come over and play with their grandson for an hour or two. I don’t really talk much to them except to let them know what’s going on with him. My in-laws live about 25 minutes away. We try to see them twice a month and perhaps speak briefly another two times a month. 

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I talk to my parents probably once a week or once every other week. They live three hours away and I see them probably every other month.

My in-laws live 8 hours away. We talk every Sunday. I’m actually visiting them right now for the first time in a year and a half but my husband has made a couple trips out here without me in that time so he sees them a bit more often. When we lived in the same town as them (maybe 15 minutes away) we saw them once a week. 

I do better with a bit of space from my parents (and in-laws). 

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I live 6 hours from my parents. I talk to my mom on the phone almost every day.  I talk to my dad maybe one a month.  I see them armor 4 or 5 times a year,  i stay longer at christmas and summer because I’m a teacher. 


My husband talks to his dad maybe twice a year,  and he lives 2 hours from us. It’s noir a great relationship. 

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When I lived out of state for about 5 years I only saw my mom a few times a year, but we would email everyday and talk on the phone frequently.

now that I’m back in the same state as her I’m about 1.5 hours away, my weekends are usually busy so I see her probably once every two months. More often if it’s aeound the holidays or there’s something special going on. 

My Mother-In-Law lives about an hour or so depending on traffic away from us, we see her once every few months, maybe less. I think my husband texts with her every couple weeks maybe.

when I lived in my hometown I hung out with my mom all the time, I do miss being able to do that but I also wasn’t married then and didn’t work as much so I had a lot more time.

keikochan :  

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