How often do you see or talk to your parents?

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We live in the same city as my IL’s and my parents are a 2hr car ride away. In the summer we actually see my parents a lot, as we stay at their lake house. His parents have a lake house as well, so even though we live in the same city as them, we see them down there more probably. We also play sand volleyball with his sister once a week close to his parent’s house so we see his mom once a week now, too. 

During the winter, its another story though. We pretty much see my parents only on holidays, his family a little more. We try to host a dinner with them about once a month. It is fairly typical in my family not to see eachother for a while. In his family it is not, but they stress us out so we take longer breaks than the rest of his family does. Once a month is what we have agreed to average (he sees them a little more some months). 

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My parents live in a different state, so i really dont get to see them very much. 

But i talk to my parents at least once every other week. I work a ton and odd hours so sometimes it hard to get a hold of each other. But we text back and forth quite frequently throughout the week so technically im constantly in touch with them. 

D.H. parents live 15 minutes away, so we see them pretty much every week. 

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I live in a different state about 1.5 hours from my parents. My mom and I text sporadically throughout the week and talk on the phone once every two weeks or so. We also have a group chat with my mom, stepdad, and brothers that we all send stuff in regularly. I see my parents at least once a month, whether I go up to visit them or they come down to me.

FH’s parents (divorced) each live about 20 minutes from us, we see his dad once a month or so and his mom every few months.

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Psssh I think that’s just men.  My husband doesn’t see the purpose of calling his mom up and wishing her happy mother’s day where as I would feel the need to do something with her.  So it’s very different views.

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We recently moved closer to my parents (a 2 hour drive now versus a 4+ hour drive). I see them at least once a month and talk to them at least once a day. DH’s parents are way farther away. He talks to them once every couple of days and sees them 3-4 times a year. 

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My dad and I live in the same city. There will be times when I can go weeks or months without any contact at all. There are also times where we will talk to each other nearly every day and go on outings. My mom lives a few states away. We talk to each other nearly every day through Facebook posts or texts. I’ll call her every couple of weeks or so. She usually visits me twice a year and I’ll go visit her twice a year.

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keikochan :   I live 10 mintues from my parents/siblings and SO lives 20 minutes from his brother and 45 min from parents. SO and I live together and we see our parents about the same (~twice a month). We normally visit our parents together. We plan to move to another town, so the visiting may drop to about once a month. 

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I text my mum pretty much every day and call her at least once a week. Call my grandparents every week too. 

I live in another city to my mum and don’t drive. Trains are super expensive but I try and see her every couple of months. I do miss her a lot and wish she lived closer. 

My grandparents I currently only see once a year. And I miss them too but we do talk. They can’t travel at their age and I live 6 hours away from them and again, super expensive. 

My partner doesn’t talk to his parents or brother at all unless they call him. So maybe he talks to them once a month and we see them every couple of months. They only live half an hour away but he finds the idea of spending time with family very suffocating. He’s incredibly independent. Always has been. 

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I talk to my mom daily, talk to my dad if there’s a reason for us to chat, and see them once per week to once every two weeks, depending on life. 

They live 30 minutes away, and we have an unspoken (but acknowledged) agreement never to just drop in on each other. We always call and ask first, or we wait until we’re invited. 

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keikochan :  When we lived nearby, we’d see our parents maybe once a month. We moved to a new state and now we see them a couple times a year. I text my mom every couple days with a picture of the dog or whatever. We talk on the phone with my in laws maybe once a month.

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I speak to my gran around once a week, although if we’re busy it can be once a month. We often email though to share pictures and photos of plants, moreso at the moment because we’re both working on our gardens. My gran is more a mum to me than my actual mum. I speak to my grampa probably once every couple of months as he’s very awkward by phone- I currently hold the family record of 23 minutes speaking with him but that record is about 4 years old now!

I speak to my mum once every couple of weeks although it’s very much dependent on when she’s in a good mood as often she punishes me by not talking to me. 

I see my grandparents once every couple of months but generally for no more than a couple of nights. I see my mother at the same time as she lives about a 10 minute walk away. 

I think contact partly comes down to the fact that my husband and I just click with my grandparents and have a great laugh together but can also talk seriously. Whereas my mother turns any conversation with anyone into something about her. 

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I text my mom like once or twice a month and see her maybe a couple times a year. We see my in-laws 3 or 4 times a month.

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I’m not close with my mom. We text maybe a couple times a month, and talk on the phone on birthdays/mother’s day unless there’s a specific reason to talk. I see her once, MAYBE twice a year and I live 2000 miles away.

I’ve haven’t spoken to or seen my dad since October 2016.

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I talk to my parents pretty much daily, Darling Husband talks to his about once a week.

We see mine 1-2x a month (they live in a different state); but see his roughly the same amount and they live about 30 min from us

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I speak to my parents everyday and we visit my parents about once a week. I see my in laws daily just because I walk by their home to go home after work.

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