(Closed) How often do you see your parents?

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Our parents live close to each other, and about an hour away from us. We usually go see them every 2 weeks, we’re both in school and Fiance only sometimes has work on weekends.

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How often you see your parents: Every 6 to 8 weeks

How far away from them do you live: About 5 hours

Are you also in school and working at the same  time? I work full-time.

Growing up with my mother being from MI and she, my dad and us kids living in NY near where my dad was raised, we always had it drilled into us to visit, visit, visit family— even if they were inconveniently far away. So, we were always road tripping to MI to visit my mother’s parents and our aunts & uncles. Now, as an adult, I am very happy that their message got through to me. Now I visit, visit, visit. I’ve always been quite close to my parents so when I’m feeling homesick or have some extra time, I make a point of dropping in, even if it’s just a Friday to Sunday visit.

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How often you see your parents: Every 6 months or so. Went back home for the first time in 2 years recently. 

How far away from them you live: 10 hour drive

Are you also in school and working at the same time? I usually have to work a few shifts during their 3-4 day visit but I try to get some time off and visit when I’m not working. 


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Blushing bee

I see my dad and step mom every week about two or three days out of the week. They live about 15 to 20 minutes away. 

I see my mom maybe 2 or 3 days out of the month. I live about 6 or 7 minutes away. 

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How often you see your parents: I usually see them once a week.. sometime we’ll go 2 weeks without seeing each other.

How far away from them you live: We only live about 15 minutes away from each other, so it’s easy to stop over on a Sunday afternoon for a little bit. 

Are you also in school and working at the same time? We all have full time jobs.

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How often you see your parents: I see my mom once or twice a month and my dad every 4-6 weeks or so (sometimes more often depending on the season).  They live together but my mom comes up here more often to shop so when I see my dad it’s because I’ve gone to where they live.

How far away from them you live:
About an hour

Are you also in school and working at the same time? Just working

We see DH parents about 5 times per year maybe.  They are about 4.5-6 hours away.

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How often you see your parents:  About once every six months

How far away from them you live: 5.5 hours (~300 miles)

Are you also in school and working at the same  time? I’m currently working two jobs for a total of about 60-70 hours per week.


Do I wish I saw them more often? Yes. But I also feel like they can come visit me every once in awhile. Thankfully, they understand that I can’t afford to go visit as often as I like but I try to get back there for important events like my siblings graduations, etc.

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I see my parents once a year, if I’m lucky.

They live in the Midwest, I live in California. 

I’m not in school. I already have my Bachelor’s Degree and  I work full time. 

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Once or twice a year..it’s been 8 months since I’ve seen them, but I get to see them on Thanksgiving, yay!

I live 4 hrs away from them.

I just work, but my Fiance is working on his second degree as well as working

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I see my parents at least 3-4 times a week (they live 15 mins from us)  That is because they watch my children for me to attend school and to work.  When I lived out of state, I saw them only a few times a year. 

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We try to see them weekly or biweekly (at least call weekly), they are about 30 minutes away and we work full time, not in school

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How often you see your parents: When we lived in the same country, I saw my Mum every 2-6 weeks (we were 2 hours apart). Now I live overseas and I will be seeing her for the first time in 20 months over Christmas.

How far away from them you live: We currently live a three hour drive, then a one hour flight, then a 3 hour flight, the a 2 hour drive away. (I Goggled the distance between when I live and where Mum lives and it says about 1988 miles/ 3200 kms)

Are you also in school and working at the same time? I work 60 hours per week as well as some weekends and 24 hour periods.

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I see my parents about 4 times a year. I live 5 hours (1 way) away – 10 hour round trip. And I am employeed 3/4 time. I talk to my mom almost everyday by phone. I talk to my dad by text message a couple times a month, we call eachother rarely. He is very hard to get close to.

We see my fiances parents about 6 times a year. We live about an hour away, round trip. And he is employeed full time + overtime.


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I live about 1 1/2 – 2 hours away from my parents by car. I see them about once a month, but my mother will sometimes come down without dad and I’ll see her twice in a month. I am currently a full time student, my mother works full time, and my dad is semi-retired.

I couldn’t imagine living any closer or seeing them more often. My mother and I don’t get along so well in person. We’re better when we’re apart.

In a few months I will move to England and be 5,000 miles away from them. I am not sure how often we will see each other then. Likely not much – maybe once a year. That makes me a little sad. I could go every few months without trouble, but once a year is not enough. It’s especially hard for me to think about because my dad is older, and I want to treasure the time I have left with him.

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I see my parents 2-3 times a year. I live in Australia and they live in Europe so it takes about 22 hours from me to get there. Usually, I go to see them twice a year and sometimes they come to see me once a year.

Currently I’m only studying so it makes it a bit easier timing wise but, then again, I usually always go only for 3 weeks at a time which would be workable even if I worked full-time.

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