(Closed) How often do you see your parents?

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How often: I text my mom nearly every day, my dad probably a few times a month, and talk on the phone maybe once a month.   I visit probably 2-4 times a year.

How far: We live about a 6 hour drive or 1 hour flight away from them.  We used to live 20 mins away and saw them all the time.  I love talking to them, especially my mom, but visiting them gives me really bad anxiety for some reason (like, throwing up every day).

In school/working: I was in school full-time but not working, now I’m working full-time but not in school.

ETA: DH’s parents live ten minutes from my parents, so the same answers apply.

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I try to get home to visit my dad and grandma at least once a year, maybe year and a half. My mom passed away when I was 10 and now I live across the country from my dad (my husband is in the military), so I don’t get to see him nearly as often as I would like. I’m not in school anymore but I am working full-time (plus most weeks!). 

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@Creiddylad:  We live about an hour apart and I see them weekly. I see my whole family weekly as we are very close. Yes, it was this way when I was working and in school. Now I just work but the hours are worse than when I did both (however, the money is better).

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How often you see your parents: My dad: every couple of weeks or so, my mom: hardly ever. 

How far away from them you live: My dad: about 2 hours. My mom: I don’t know. I don’t know where she lives. I think she’s in Arizona right now. 

Are you also in school and working at the same time? I’m a full time college student and I work at my job anywhere from 8-20 hours a week. 


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How often you see your parents:
Mine….currently once or maybe twice a year because we live on opposite sides of the country…when they lived in the city usually every 2 weeks. My DH parents live currently 5 min away and we see them on average every 2 weeks…. sometimes we feel we need a full weekend to relax and well…family dinners can sometimes be very….non-relaxing lol. Plus Mother-In-Law has a job she works diff shifts so sometimes she works weekends, or has to sleep in the day because shes working nights. So sometimes we go 3…even 4 weeks without seeing them, but sometimes it 2-3 sundays in a row….depends on holiday season 😉

My answer may change in the new year because were moving to a new house next month and its about 18 min drive…but apparently its going to be the end of the world.

How far away from them you live:
Mine 8 hour plane ride, His 5 min….soon to be 18+ thank god lol

Are you also in school and working at the same time?
Not in school currently, but we both work extended days

…….and just so you know….. its basically our parents mission in life to make us feel guilty for not spending “enough” time with them….we ride the guilt train every single time DH talks to his parents… if they had their way we would be living in their house, and they currently have it in their mind they will be “sleeping over” at our house every weekend because its such a long trek to our new house they cant POSSIBLY be expected to drive home??? (takes me longer to get to the mall btw) lol …….I dont know what your mom said to you to make you feel bad…. but it’s probably nothing any of us bee’s havent heard ourselves so dont beat yourself up….. you need your own life too



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How often you see your parents: 2-3 times a year

How far away from them you live: sometimes not far enough!  We live in California and they live in Colorado.

Are you also in school and working at the same time?  I was in graduate school and working at the same time.  Now that I’ve graduated I’m just unemployed right now.

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This thread makes me feel kinda bad lol. I’ve vowed to go home monthly to spend time my family.

How often you see your parents: I see my mom about 4 or 5 times a year. I’m in an indifferent fight with my dad so I haven’t seen him in over 3 years.

How far away from them you live: 2.5 hours by train, 3.5 by bus

Are you also in school and working at the same time:  No, I do work though…up until recently 2 jobs 7 days a week

FI’s family is all the way in Texas

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How often you see your parents: about once a week, sometimes once every two weeks.

How far away from them you live: 25-30 minutes

Are you also in school and working at the same  time I work FT, my parents work FT.


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Almost never. 🙁 I lived up here for 3 years before I was able to save enough and take time off work to go see my parents last year. This year they came up for my wedding. Crossing my fingers, maybe next year they’ll be up to visit a grandbaby?? They live down south, thousands of miles away.

DH’s parents live closer. His father lives 2 hours south from here, and we see him for the major holidays and sometimes for camping if we can get the time off during the summer. His mother lives 30 minutes away, we see her as little as we can manage, because of issues.

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How often you see your parents: I see my mother most days and we talk on the phone every day. My dad died 13 years ago.

How far away from them you live: A 5 minute drive/25 minute walk/10 minute cycle

Are you also in school and working at the same time? I am self employed. I am not currently in school.


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This year, I might see my family 3-4 times. I live 500 miles away (and moving further in feb). I’m not in school, buy both DH and I work full time which makes it hard to get time off.

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How often you see your parents:  I flew home 2x a year typically and have since 1999 when I moved away.  I am making it once a year now, they all could not go to my wedding yet AGAIN.  Maybe I made it too easy for them to see me, that’s why they did not want to fly out? 


My mom and sisters rarely come out to see me.  My sister just came out this year, first time in 10 YEARS.



How far away from them you live:  I live 1500 miles, or an 8 hour door to door trip (includes a flight)



Are you also in school and working at the same time? Yes, I was actually in school and working years 2007-2012.




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