How often do you take off your rings?

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@teachingbee8:  Very similar here. I wear my ring quite loose so it spins all the time. I wash my hands a lot especially when I’m doing physical activities like cooking, and I have to be careful that it doesn’t slip off my finger.

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Pretty much never when I am wearing it, which is usually always, unless I’m painting or putting on lotion.  But i haven’t really been wearing it at all since March since im just home. 

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Sugar bee

I wear my rings all the time except for gardening, DIY, any cleaning involving strong bleach, and any baking that involves kneading dough.

I don’t worry about hand cream. Now and again I clean my ring. I have an ultrasonic cleaner but I often use the baby oil and liquid dishsoap (washing up liquid) method, which works a treat with diamonds, rubies and sapphires.

I put my diamond ring in an egg cup and cover the ring with baby oil. I  then rinse the ring and egg cup (not forgetting to put the plug in the sink), put the ring back in the egg cup and cover the ring with dish soap. I then rinse the ring and cover it with dish soap again. A final rinse and I put the ring straight back on my finger. 

This works beautifully with diamonds, rubies and sapphires but must NEVER EVER be used on emeralds, opals or pearls or anything glued into place. (I don’t know if it works with moissanite.)

The baby oil dissolves any baked-on grease, handcream, fingerprints and general grime on the diamond’s surface. The dish soap removes the oil. The water washes away the dish soap. 

The advantage of this method is that no scrubbing is required and so there is no mechanical damage. (Even soft toothbrushes create damage over time.).

This idea of oil to dissolve oil is not a new one. Old oil is difficult to remove – it oxidises and forms a hard resin-like substance. But it will dissolve in new unoxidised oil and new oil is easy to remove. That’s why a tiny amount of baby oil can be used to clean old fingerprints off stainless steel when other cleaning methods fail.


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Helper bee

I took my diamond ring off in sept for a few hours and that’s honestly the last time it was off my finger. This thread just reminded me that I will need to take it off very soon as I am 30 weeks pregnant and if I leave it much longer it will need to be cut off me!

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I used to never take off my rings for any reason but nowadays I have some alternative sets which is why I usually switch between rings and take off some of them.

I’ve also started to take off my rings for showering and doing the dishes because I used to live in a small place where I had a family jeweller. He’d get everything fixed immediately or got it cleaned. Now in a huge city, I don’t trust anybody with my rings. 😀 

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I don’t wear my rings most of the time. I used to wear it when I go out but nowadays I clean my hand with alcohol gel whenever I touch anything and I don’t think it’d be good for my rings. I’m planning to get a stainless steel or titanium alternative set which I can wear more comfortably without worrying about damaging them with cleaning products. 

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Busy bee

I take off all my jewelry as soon as I get home. It’s like my Mr. Rogers habit… walk through door, put on PJs, take off jewelry. I feel naked without them when I leave the house, but when I get home, suddenly it’s like a gigantic annoyance that makes itself known haha. 

I put them on when I’m getting ready in the morning, after I’ve exercised and showered.

I take them off for any situation where I might bang them (like if I’m moving furniture), or when I put on lotion. I leave them on when I wash my hands at work, but at home, I have a ring holder dish next to every sink. 

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I take them off the moment I come home (along with any other jewelry I’m wearing), and I put them on right before I leave the house. My husband only takes his off when he’s at the gym.

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Busy bee

Almost never. I only take it off to swim in the ocean. I specifically got a durable, not too fancy ring so I wouldn’t have to. If I got a really delicate ring I’d constantly be worried I would damage it if I kept it on, or lose it if I took it on and off a lot. I’m not a very delicate person and am prone to losing bits and bobs!

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Sugar bee

I take mine off for sleeping, showering/bathing, doing dishes by hand, and any messy housework or home improvement projects where there is risk of damaging the rings or of causing harm to myself. I also take them off during some kinds of cooking… for example, making meatballs or kneading bread dough.  And when I exercise, because my fingers swell.

I have a few ring holders in the house, so I can safely store the rings as needed.  

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I lose EVERYTHING so my rings never ever come off. I purposely bought a low lying ring where the diamonds are bezel set because I knew my ring was going to need to stand up to my daily activities.

The ring is 110 years old and still going strong. I’ve taken them off maybe twice in 5 years of marriage (cleanings aside – but even that happens maybe 2x a year)

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I take off my wedding set to shower, lotion, workout, sleep, and clean with any chemicals. My wedding set is 14k rose gold and all diamonds.

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To put on lotion, to shower, to go to sleep. 

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