(Closed) How often do you take off your ring(s)?

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  • poll: Do you ever take your ring(s) off?
    Yes, I take mine off often. : (27 votes)
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    No, I wear mine pretty much all the time. : (31 votes)
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    I rarely wear mine. : (2 votes)
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    I’m the same way. I take it off far too often for my own comfort, especially at work. I hate the feeling of water being under my ring and I put on lotion all the time. I’m trying really hard to stop taking it off because I am so afraid of misplacing it. Just know that water and lotion and hair products won’t hurt your ring. Invest in some jewelry cleaner and clean your ring every day like I do! 🙂

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    I take mine off to clean it daily, and when I use lotion or hair product, or when I’m working with fondant (leaves indents).Otherwise that sucker stays put. I panic if I look down and its not on my finger.

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    I only take off mine when I have to put my hand in my hair (so when I wash or style it), when I do heavy cleaning or super dirty work/cooking. I keep it on when I sleep, shower, do the dishes… 

    I installed 2 little hooks inside cabinets in my bathroom and in the kitchen so when I have to get it off its only to put in on one of those hooks. Then I know if it’s not on my finger there are only 2 other places to look for it!

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    spiffanee:  When I first got engaged, I took the ring off all the time. I thought it was a little uncomfortable and that the stone was too big and was scratching my finger. I know, what a freakin’ problem to have. I don’t wear any other jewelry besides my ring, so I wasn’t used to wearing a ring day in and day out. I took it off to sleep, shower, wash my hands, do dishes, etc. The problem was that it stayed uncomfortable for over two weeks and I realized it was becuase I wasn’t getting used to wearing it full time. 

    Now, I hardly ever take it off. Over the summer I was taking it off to go in the pool, but even I said eff it after a while and kept it on. 

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    spiffanee:  As time goes on you’ll get used to it. I took mine off a lot at first, same as you I HATE having water under it. Usually when I’m drying my hands I shimmy the ring down a bit and dry my fingers then pop it back up. Ony takes a second and I feel much better.

    I take my ring off to sleep, it stays in the box on my nightstand, then I put it back on after I shower. There’s only ever two places I ring will be, on my finger, or in the ‘spence’ box that it came in.

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    I never ever take mine off. I wear it no matter what I’m doing, painting, swimming in the ocean, lawn work, household cleaning/bleaching.  i even have tons of pave and dont worry.  The more you take it off the better chance of losing it.  Since getting engaged over 2 year ago I’ve taken my ring/rings off a total of 6 times, to get the stones checked and to get them dipped. 

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    spiffanee:  I’ve been married for a while, and I still wear my rings most of the time. With my original ERing, I wore it all the time. Even when showering and sleeping and doing most housework. With the anniversary ring I wear now, I keep it on quite a bit of the time.

    I don’t sleep in it, so it stays in its box on my nightstand at night. I also take it off to wash my hands because my skin breaks out if there is even a teeny bit of water left under it, but it goes into the pocket of my jeans. Or, if Darling Husband is with me, I ask him to hold my rings while I wash my hands. At home, there is one certain spot in the kitchen but away from the sink where it waits for me while I cook and wash dishes.

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    I take mine off alot but I think its because I havnt got used to it yet. I take it off to sleep, shower, do the washing up, put hair products on, put lotion on etc. I even take mine off to put makeup on- just incase I get foundation on it. I’m pretty paranoid about it really. I was funny about washing my hands with it on at first but I’ve relaxed about that now. I still wont get it wet though.  

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    I rarely take my rings off – only when gardening, sanding, baking and travelling in third world countries.

    My rings are insured.

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    spiffanee:  I take my rings off when I shower, do dishes, at work (no jewellry policy), sleeping,baking etc. I guess that leaves me wondering when I do wear my rings…around the house/out when I go out to do errands etc. Anytime I can that is! I love my rings don’t get me wrong but at the end of the day for me personally its just a symbol. It doesn’t make me less married because I don’t wear them. My husband is the same way though, he works around machinery and they have a no jewellry policy at his work too. This is just us though! 

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    i dont wear my rings basically all week unless im going out at night because i work as a nurse and my rings were very expensive!  I dont want to damage them taking gloves on and off all day.  I have a plain band i wear to work.  I pretty much dont wear them if i am just around the house, i put them on whenever i leave though.  Im not afraid of losing them because i have a little tiffany zip up jewelry case that i keep them in and im really good about always putting them back in it!  I wash my rings every weekend with hot water and dawn soap and a baby toothbrush.  Then i steam them in the jewel jet!

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    spiffanee:  I really only wear my rings when I leave the house.  I don’t wear them when I lotion, shower, do my hair, or sleep.  I also try to remember to take them off when I get dressed/undressed.  I heard that most rings get damaged by getting the prongs snagged on something during sleep or changing of clothes.  And because I don’t wear them when doing my hair or lotioning, they don’t need to be cleaned as often.

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    I don’t wear my engagement ring anymore. It was beautiful, it served its purpose, but now it’s in a shadowbox with my bouquet on my dresser. I’m not a “ring person” so it just never felt comfortable. My wedding band I wear almost every day, although I take it off any time I wash my hands/shower. There are cute little bowls I got at Marshalls all over the apartment next to sinks/the bathtub/etc for just this purpose 🙂

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