How often do you travel?

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Fiance and I typically take a longer (8-10 day) trip once per year and then many long weekend trips (together or separate). 

This year we opted out of the longer trip because we bought a vacation property and we did a large renovation project on it this winter.  We figured we’d want to enjoy that once we were done, plus we don’t travel during the summer because that’s the one time it’s actually nice here.

We did go to Vegas in January, I went to Miami in April, he’s going to Vegas in August and I’m going to Vegas in September….then we have a big trip in January that I’m really looking forward to.  We’ll be in the USVIs/BVIs for 9 days.  


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I’m probably going to catch shit for this but oh well. DH and I aren’t huge travelers, we’re homebodies, we so we rarely travel. We are both of the mindset we would rather spend our money on actual things. A good example of this would be a new horse trailer, something we did need and could afford. We chose to buy that rather than take a trip because we’d use it more, it would last us longer than a week long trip somewhere, etc. Very rarely are we the “pay for experience” people. I can literally count on one hand the amount of trips we’ve taken that were “for the experience” or “to see the world” because that just doesn’t matter to us. 

We also both have pretty shitty PTO (haven’t been at our jobs long enough though), so that could be part of it, but I don’t feel like even if we did have 3 weeks of PTO we would take a bunch of trips. 

That being said, we are taking a few “trips” this summer, but none of them use up PTO and all fall on a weekend. Which we did on purpose. 

1 trip to the lake

2 float trips

1 beach trip (girls trip for me) 

1 hunting trip in Colorado (1 week, this is DH’s trip). 

That’s all, not exciting compared to some. 

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Only once or twice a year. I’m a teacher so travel can only occur during school breaks, which is the most expensive time to travel. My husband travels extensively for work, so I don’t push for as many vacations anymore since I know he enjoys his time at home. I’ll sometimes go with him or meet him in the city he’s in for work. For example  he’s gone to Hawaii twice and I’ve gotten to go with him. So it’s a work trip for him but a vacation for me. We are travelling to London in 2 weeks for 9 days though.

In the four years we’ve been married we have travelled to

Jamaica, Mexico, Quebec City, Honolulu (twice), San Diego, Gatlinburg, TN, and Orlando (twice). The Honolulu and San Diego trips were part of his work trips though. He did get a little time off during those trips so we could do touristy things.

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Not enough. Haha! 😂😂

In all seriousness, we like to travel overseas for 10-14 days once a year and often travel to Algonquin Park for extended weekends.

We are recent graduates and, when we are better established in our careers, would like to travel to Europe once a year and down south once a year.

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I’m in the UK and both me and my partner get 33 days off paid per year, including bank holidays. We travel a lot…too much considering we have just bought a house and are now paying for a wedding!! But we love it and when we have to make sacrifices to budget for other things, travel is the last thing we would ever drop. We will cut out restaurant meals, buying clothes and things like theatre and big days out before we decide to travel less.

In the past few years we have been to Bulgaria (skiing), Berlin, Budapest, Cuba, Paris, Conrwall, Finnish Lapland, Oslo, Portugal 4 times, Isle of Wight, Madrid, Rome, Tallinn, Helsinki and Walt Disney World (Florida). I have also travelled without him (with friends) to Israel, Poland, Valencia, Disneyland Paris, Prague, California and New York.

We are currently planning a long weekend somewhere all inclusive and hot this Summer, and either at the end of this year or beginning of next we want to go to Tromso in Norway for a few days.

We live right next to one of the main airports in the UK so we love to do city breaks in Europe, we are lucky that flights are usually so short that we can justify going for a few days and only have to take 1 or 2 days off work at a time.

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We travel a fair amount, as much as we can with our job schedules (my husband is a teacher so we can only go away over holidays/breaks). We typically take two trips a year that are at least a week in length. Last year we went to Japan and Costa Rica, the year before that was just domestric trips: LA and New Orleans. This year we have gone to The Netherlands and Belgium, and are planing a camping trip in Utah with friends this September. Plus every summer we go to the beach for a few days, generally.

I’m currently pregnant but we still plan to travel somewhat regularly because it’s important to us (we’ll see how it goes haha)

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We usually do one big international trip each year and 1-2 smaller, domestic trips. We’re getting into weekend getaways a little more. This year we stayed in St. Catherine’s (Ontario) at the cutest bed and breakfast for my birthday. We spent both days doing tons of tastings – beer, wines, ciders, you name it. It was so much fun! In a week we’ll be back in Bermuda to celebrate our third wedding anniversary. I’d like to do one more trip or weekend getaway this summer. Sometimes we visit family in Pittsburgh, and my family might be going back to Vegas so we’ll see. Happy travels, everyone! 

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I used to aim for a getaway every other month.  Our yearly routine was one 2-ish weeks long overseas trip, one 6-7 day trip in North America then some extended weekender trips sprinkled throughout.  We’d each take a trip separately too.  Now we don’t go anywhere.  Since Darling Husband started a new position at work and moving to a new home, travel has been non existent for nearly a year and a half.  We’ve both taken trips separately in that time but not together. We desperately need a trip together, I’m hoping we get one in this fall and that by this time next year we can resume a more frequent travel schedule.  Being as home bound as we have been stinks.  

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So far, we’ve taken one international or out of state vacation per year plus some smaller overnight weekend getaways (mostly local state parks and beaches). But most of those bigger trips have only been 4-5 days; our honeymoon (10 days) is the longest trip we’ve taken together. Additionally, both of our families live out of state so we travel a few times a year to visit for holidays or attend family weddings. 

We are thinking of TTC soon (like this fall), and we were recently talking about possibly going on one more somewhat adventurous trip before then, to someplace we’d be unlikely to travel to with kids. We’ll see! It would be nice but it’s not a huge priority to me either. I’m pretty well-traveled though so I don’t feel like I’ll be missing out if I can’t travel for a while, whereas my husband has traveled a lot less so it’s more of a novelty for him. Of course, we would ideally like to travel with kids too, but we realize that traveling with kids will be more expensive/difficult and our choice in locations will probably change to be more family friendly. 

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kmbumbee190618 :  To a certain extent I agree. I do value travel, but I think I get more longterm pleasure out of things that improve my day to day quality of life than I do from special one-time experiences. Like, I would rather invest the money to make my home feel spa-like and relaxing vs. spending that money on going to a spa/staying at a luxury hotel while my house is a mismatched mess. I’d rather have the longterm thing than the short term distraction. And I certainly wouldn’t prioritize travel over things I actually needed.

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This past year weve traveled more then ever before.

In September we did ten days at Disney world. 

November was Vegas for 5 days.

I went back to WDW in January with a friend for five days.

In February we went to Vegas for five days.

In March we did Europe for 3 weeks.

This weekend we’re going to San Diego. 

We were suppose to Vegas next month but found out two days ago I’m pregnant so it’s getting axed.

Prior to that we did about 15 Vegas trips and about 6 SD trips and once to Seattle and Utah over 5 years lol. We are in SoCal so Vegas is easy and we get a lot free. I’m pushing for baby moon in Hawaii lol but we’re buying a bigger house currently so may not happen.


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We love traveling but usually only do one big trip per year due to my fiance’s limited vacation time. We usually do an 8-10 day trip somewhere out west in the U.S. to national parks. Last year we did a shorter out west trip in March and then a trip to Switzerland in September. We do tend to do multiple weekend trips during the year though, to places like the Adirondacks, Finger Lakes, Vermont, etc.

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We take a plane trip once or twice a year. But we’ve only ever been able to go for about 5 days so not even weeklong trips 🙁 and then we do some weekends and overnights here and there. I’d absolutely love to travel more but we don’t have the money or the vacation time to do it. Hopefully in the future! 

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browneyedgirl24 :  Yes, that’s exactly how we feel! Darling Husband and I both agree we’re just at this awkward like stage in life where YES we do want to travel BUT why don’t we spend the money on XYZ that will benefit us for years to come/improve our day-to-day than a big trip. 

We both enjoy those good, longer vacations (for us its going to a tropical all-inclusive) but felt for financial reasons, plus just life, that those will probably be the once every few years or so kind of trips. We definitely prioritize trying to do SOMETHING at least once to twice a year even if it is just a weekend getaway. 

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I get 4 weeks paid vacation per year. So this is how I normally spend vacation in a year:

-My birthday falls on a long national weekend pretty much every year so we always drive to Palm Springs. I’m not really using any PTO.

– in August, I take 2 weeks off and we go somewhere beachy for a week.

– in the fall, I go with my SO to Europe. He goes other times of the year alone but for his birthday, I accompany him. We don’t spend much except for tickets bec we stay at his parent’s house. 

-for Christmas/New Year, I take a week off unpaid but it’s usually just a stay at home vacation to rest.



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