(Closed) How often do you wash your hands?

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  • poll: How often do you wash your hands?
    Rarely/Only when I get my hands dirty : (20 votes)
    10 %
    1-2 times a day : (13 votes)
    6 %
    3-5 times a day : (42 votes)
    21 %
    Every time I go to the bathroom : (128 votes)
    63 %
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    Usually every time I go the bathroom, but I slack off at home sometimes.

    I also chew on my fingers a lot.  I don’t mind germs, I have a really good immune system it seems so I’m not really worried.  I really don’t ever get sick or get colds.

    I wash probably 3-5 times or more when I’m cooking or baking.  More of that has to do with just trying to get my hands cleaned off versus being worried about germs.  I don’t cook with raw meat very much but I definitely wash my hands multiple times after handling it.

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    @This Time Round:  When I worked in food prep I often noticed how many people avoided washing their hands – they just didn’t care about what was being transferred from one thing to another. They’d just run their fingertips under the tap while moving their wrists around and say they washed… certainly made the manager invest in disposable gloves!

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    @Ninteenthchance:  Everytime i go to the bathroom, or when i’m dealing with food. And most of the times i wash my hands i apply lotion after because they feel dry if i don’t. It’s pretty annoying haha. Last time i went to have my e-ring cleaned they asked me if i use a lot of lotion Embarassed haha

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    @kes18:  Same here, more concerned with just having my hands clean rather than worrying about germs.

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    Every time I go to the bathroom, before eating, before preparing food and during if I’ve been handling raw meat.

    I believe in germs, too.  Since I’m pregnant though I definitely have stepped up my hand washing and refuse to touch door handles without a paper towel because I’m terrified of getting sick.  I had a cold early on in pregnancy and it was awful! I don’t want to get anything worse!

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    I believe in germs and that they cause infections.  When I come in the door, washing my hands is the first thing I do.  I’m more concerned about getting an infection from something outside my home than within it.  I also wash my hands after using the bathroom, after touching raw meat, before handling food, etc.

    I use hand sanitizer when in public (not at home).  I always use it after being at the doctor, and also before eating if I’m not going to wash my hands.

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    Every time I use the restroom, whenever I do anything with food, whenever I am about to put on makeup/contacts/touch my face, if I touch something yucky…

    I work in a hospital, so I have to “foam up” every time I walk into or out of a patient room. I also have to do a full hand wash if patients have C. Diff. So — a LOT. 

    Proper hand hygeine is important for EVERYONE. Even if you personally have a great immune system, if you’re not washing your hands regularly, you can be a carrier of germs to others. There are a lot of immuno-compromised people out there. I would never let anyone who didn’t practice proper hygeine near my infant/geriatric relatives/immunocomprimside loved one! It’s just like vaccines there’s a herd effect…

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    Loads. I’m a primary school teacher so along with washing my hands after every bathroom trip, I also wash before I eat morning tea, lunch and then again after school to get their germs off my hands! I keep nice handsoap at the sink in my classroom for easy handwashing access. My husband thinks I’m OTT with the handwashing, but I’d rather wash than feel grimy!

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    @AB Bride:  +1 to everything 🙂


    I also work in a lab, so I wash my hands and change gloves between every patient.  I often use sanitizer or foam between patients as hot water will dry out my hands even more, but I do soap and water followed by lotion regularly.

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    Quite a lot. Always after using the bathroom. Some ladies in my office only rinse their hands with water after using the toilet… nasty. You don’t know what others have left on the handles/stall doors eww. Generally before I eat (working on getting better at this – especially at work like if I’m going to have an apple or something I’ll at least sanitize my hands). Always when I come in from the outside (like if I’ve been ANYWHERE but inside my house).

    I’m also trying to touch my face less. I was sick for like a MONTH with a cold and then the flu back in Oct/Nov and I’m trying to be more careful. I was always a bit of a germophobe… but I don’t want to go nuts with the sanitizer either since I know that can kill the good germs.

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    Frequently because I work as an IT, and I have to touch keyboards all day. I typically only wash them after I go to the bathroom, before I eat, and if I’ve touched someone’s keyboard that I know is sick. I work in a clinic so I need to think about spreading germs to others.

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    I probably wash my hands 10-15 times/day. Everytime I use the bathroom and then I work in a laboratory so keeping clean hands is pretty important. I wash my hands almost everytime I leave the lab for any amount of time.

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    IDK, every time I go to the bathroom and am not at home, before I cook or handle food, plus after if it was raw. Or if they are just cold, or clammy, and feel like they need a rinse. I don’t run around washing them for fun though.

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    Your poll doesn’t really work – I was my hands every time I go to the bathroom (which is probably five times), plus whenever I feel like I’ve touched something dirty (I’ve been on the bus, or in a thrift store, or in my brother’s room). So really, like 10-15 times a day? My FH washes his about 25-35 times – he’s a chef, and is constantly dealing with poultry and vegetables and dough – and the soap at work is terrible (cheap industrial stuff), so his hands are so rough because of it. 


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    After bathroom, before handling food, after touching something I know or suspect to have toxins. I never counted but maybe 10x or more? I guess it may seem like a lot to you, OP, but it doesn’t feel like it’s much. I hear washing your hands too much dries them out, and I’m one of the lucky people that don’t have to use any moisturizer on my hands (except a few times a year in the winter if I went out and didn’t wear gloves). I am also mostly germ-friendly and I guess that works out, since I don’t have allergies and don’t get ill very often.

    It’s possible that it works well for me because the length of time I wash them is proportionate to how dirty I think they are. E.g., if I just touched something dusty, I’ll wash those fingertips for a few seconds in plain running water. Just got back from visiting someone in the hospital? Thorough soap n’ scrub.

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