(Closed) How often do you/will you have birthday parties for your child?

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  • poll: How often do you/will you have a huge party for your child's birthday?

    Every year from 1-18

    Every year from age 5 or so-18

    Intermittently- depends on what's going on in our lives but make child feel special in other ways

    Never- we celebrate birthdays as a family

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    We did the same, the family dinner thing. With like one big birthday party. So, I see throwing one every year as a bit excessive….

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    I didn’t grew up with big birthday celebration so until I have never planned any birthday party for my little guys.  Sometimes I feel bad when I see his friends have nice birthday partys with lots of kids attending.  I just don’t know how to do it! 

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    We had a special family dinner every year, but had a bigger party for 13, 16, and 18.

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    Eh, I only had a couple birthday parties growing up. We’ll probably do parties for the milestone birthdays, like 16. Other than that, we’ll definitely do ones when they are in school and have friends– like age 5-10 until it’s not cool anymore 🙂 (And by birthday party I mean sleepover with 5 friends or going to Chuckee Cheese or Build-A-Bear or something…nothing crazy like renting a blow up castle and inviting 50 people). I don’t get the point of birthday parties for 1 year olds either.

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    Hmm, I just had parties through age ten I believe, it was more of a kids thing? After that I just celebrated a nice dinner with my family and a friend or two. 

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    I had big parties up until I was about 10 or so. My mom was really creative when it came to them so they were always a lot of fun (for example, one year she rented out a beauty salon and my friends and I all got our hair and makeup done). After that my birthdays were pretty much just celebrated with a handful of friends and consisted of going to the movies or some kind of show and a sleepover. 

    As for my future children, I look for excuses to throw parties so I can pretty much guarantee that my kid will have a birthday party every year (as long as he/she wants one). 

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    I had a birthday party with every kid from my class through 5th grade. There were often themes, which I loved. Once I was in middle school, we started having a different teacher for each subject, and different students in each of those class periods, so then it would be rediculous to have 60ish kids over. I think I switched to “big” sleepovers with 5 girls around then. I also had one person over at a time for sleepovers a couple times a year. In high school the parties stopped, partially because we had a house fire a week before my birthday freshman year, so it wasn’t really reasonable to have a party. I had a “big” one for 16 in the backyard with a DJ (I’m hoping it was a cheap one and didn’t cost what I’m seeing for weddings now, because I would not have asked for that knowing how much you can spend nowadays). I wore a formal dress, but everyone else was allowed to be pretty casual (read jean miniskirt). My 17th birthday was similar, but very casual, with no DJ just an Ipod (the sound system had been installed in the house by that point, for my 16th birthday we were about to move in to the house but had only gotten electric installed the week before). My brothers mostly had video game sleepover parties after 5th grade and the same types of parties as me before then. My 18th birthday I didn’t have a party, but I got money which I was more than happy to receive. I think having prom that year was enough of a party (the week after my birthday).

    I never had relatives over for my celebrations, because they live far away. I have one grandmother who throws “parties” for us periodically for birthdays and holidays (halloween, valentines day ect.). She basically brings a table cloth and puts glitter and candy on it and cooks dinner. Which is fun and great, but not what I consider a party.

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    It will really depend on the child and our circumstances.  I had a little party every year growing up with my friends/sleepovers type thing.  I don’t think I would go beyond that for my young child.  When they are teenagers, maybe, especially for 16 or 18.

    DH’s family did it where you got a big party for 6, 10, 13, 16, and 18.  Not sure how or why they picked those years specifically, but they had something big to look forward to for certain years.  The other years they would do smaller, family/close friends affairs.

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    Probably for 1, 5, 10, 13, 16, and 18. Then sleepovers for the rest. Every year seems excessive, but why not give my kid a big party every few years?

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    I think it will also depend on your childs personality. I’ve always disliked being the center of attention, so I never really wanted big parties and would rather have a small family function.

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    We do both. My son’s 15th birthday was yesterday and I’m pretty sure he’s had some kind of party every single year so far. 

    Yesterday, we did a big family Cinco de Mayo lunch at a local mexican restaurant, complete with cake and presents. We went home and chilled for about an hour and then went to my baby sister’s graduation party and had dinner there. When that was over, we took baby boy shopping with his birthday money. Then we all met up at the bowling alley and took him bowling. By the time we got home, everyone was whooped.

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    I typically had 2 birthday parties from the ages of 6-10 – one “friend” party and one “family” party. My friend parties were typically small (3-7 friends), and just included pizza, ice cream and cake, and a few crafts — more like a typical slumber party with a few birthday-related elements thrown in.

    Almost all of my parties were at my parents’ house, though. Two exceptions: I had one “friend” party at a bowling alley when I was 8, and my 13th birthday was the largest (we stayed at a local hotel with a pool). After I turned 12, I only had two parties (13th and 16th), and both were only “friend” parties.

    We would have cake and ice cream at my parents’ house on my actual birthday as a teenager, but it was strictly immediate family with 1-2 gifts.

    We don’t have kids yet, but I will plan to do at least a small party for every birthday. DH and I were both raised in families where most parties are thrown at home and are low-key. Honestly, I think both of our families did them more as an excuse to get the family together and enjoy one another’s company than exclusively to celebrate our birthdays.

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    I don’t have children, but my husband and I absolutely love throwing parties and I can’t wait to do it for my future kids.  I threw my own carnival themed 25th birthday party last summer lol.  Anyway, as long as my children are happy with having parties, I will definitely try to do a big one each year.  


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    I voted every year from 1-8 because for a child in elementary school I will throw the type of party that child wants that year (I mean like themed, not like let’s go to Disney World with my whole class lol). I remember when I was a pre teen I would have sleepovers and things like that, and then when I became a teenager my friends would all just plan get togethers like dinner out. 

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