(Closed) How often do/did you feel baby move?

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@angelicwink:  I’m almost 33 weeks and have been through this the whole pregnancy. I also have an anterior placenta, and I think I just have a very laid back baby. During the mid to late second trimester especially, he would have active days and not so active days that would always freak me out – probably because he got into a position where I couldn’t feel him as much. I’ve already had 2 NST’s done and even another ultrasound, and everytime everything is fine. 

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, every baby is so different when it comes to movement – they all have their own personality, even in the womb! I would tell you not to compare to others experiences, but I know it’s hard because I do it all the time.

Also, when I went to the hospital when I was around 26 weeks due to lack of movement, the OB said before 28 weeks there will still be days you don’t feel the baby as much because they’re still changing positions, etc.

Hope that helps – just know you’re not alone!

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I felt my baby move pretty consistently starting at 17w. I would always feel movements in the AM before I got out of bed, after I ate (especially something sugery), and in bed before I went to sleep.

Then, at 22w, I started feeling it much less. No longer at the expected times. I would even drink orange juice and lay on the couch trying to feel it and didn’t. I would feel random kicks throughout the day, but I was still freaked out.

Lucky, I had bought a doppler around 13w and was able to use it and hear the heartbeat which sounded strong, so I didn’t get too worried. I had a Dr appointment at 22w6d and the Dr said that it is still too early to worry about movement, because it can vary a lot based on baby’s position (they still have a lot of room to move around in there) and they are usually less active during growth spurts, which happen more often in the 2nd trimester. 

Now I’m 23w5d, and this weekend the movements have become more consistent again.

I think I just have a little stinker who likes to play tricks on mommy 🙂

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Oh, and just to add minor movements do count! They don’t always have to be strong. Even at this far along, I still have days where the movements feel more soft.

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My kiddo moved all the freaking time.  LOL now that he is a toddler he still moves all the darn time. Only time he is still is sleeping now days.

But yeah in utero, he moved constantly, some days it got so bad I had to rub my belly to try to sooth him which seemed to help a bit

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I thought I would chime in.  I am 24+3 weeks and also have an anterior placenta.  I started feeling baby more around 18 weeks and only in the last 2 weeks have I started to feel kicking.  And when I do feel it, it’s pretty light most of the time (could easily be missed).  Some days she’s more of a kicker than others.  I feel the hardest kicking in the evenings when I’m relaxing on the couch with hubby watching tv.  In a reclined position I feel her more.  And twice now my hubby has been able to feel her kicks – which is awesome. 

When I saw my doctor last week, she said not to focus too much on movement with my placenta and that there’s no point doing kick counts.  I’m trying to learn to be ok with not feeling her all the time (it’s harder said than done).

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Hey September  mama!

I notice that Beck has a HUGE, active day (which was Saturday) and then there are days of super quiet, super lazy baby. I also have the anterior placenta. My OB said as long as you’re feeling something every day, to not be worried. She said she doesn’t believe in kick counts. 

If you’re ever worried, Have a little coffee or eat something spicy, lay down on your left side for awhile and then you should feel a few taps!

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I’m 25 weeks tomorrow, and definitely have noticed baby has active days and quiet days, sometimes for a few days in a row. And I’m sure it’s even harder to pick up on some of those smaller movements with an anterior placenta. No need to worry, I know it’s hard though!! You might remember I posted a similar question in the September babies thread a few weeks ago 🙂

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I’m 22 weeks and there are definitely more active days than others. I started feeling her roll and flutter around 14 weeks, a couple times a week. Then kicks around 16 weeks. My husband felt her at 17 weeks. Since then I’ve had a few days I’ve felt nothing. The past week or two I’ve felt her every day. The past few days she’s been crazy at kicking! I feel at least 50 a day. Her “awake” sessions last 5-10 minutes. She’s kicking me atm actually. My placenta is on the right and kinda back, though, so it’s easy to feel.  Even now I wouldn’t be surprised if tomorrow I feel nothing except a bump or two. 

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Every pregnancy is different you could just have a mellow baby in there. The anterior placenta could have a lot to do with it. Dd was super active in there totally matches her larger then life personality. She’d also get hiccups a lot which was hilarious. I have friends who’ve told me their baby would be super active & then just relaxed for a few days so I think its totally normal. If you’re worried drink some caffeine or something spicy to get the baby moving. 

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35 weeks here and i have a very mellow baby too – i will sometimes get a portruding body part but no kicking like you would imagine. She basically adjusts and then is done moving until I eat again. The most reassuring thing I get is hiccups a couple times a day! And I do not have an anterior placneta!!  I have a girlfriend who you can see the outline of a foot through her stomach – her baby pushes out so hard!! but nothing like that happens for me.

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