(Closed) How often does your SO call you beautiful?

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  • poll: Does your SO compliment you often?

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    The poll I’d like to see is how much more often than he already does do you want your SO to say it?

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    To be super honest, my Fiance says it prettymuch daily, and texts it too. But to me, it doesn’t seem like he means it sometimes- and that would count more to me. I hate to say that because it is sweet that he compliments me all the time.. I’m kinda in the same boat where I was extremely skinny when we got together over 5 years ago, and I’ve went from 5 ft 4 105 to about 135 (definitely chunky for my frame!). Anyway, im sorry you feel that way. That was a great reply and so true about thinking about the love languages like that and trying to cater more to his style to see if thst helps 🙂 good luck to you 

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    I am sorry you are going through this. You’ve communicated your feelings. What else is there to do?

    I was with someone who didn’t believe in saying “I love you.” His explanation had to do with not wanting to be needy or something. As part of that, he also rarely said nice things about my appearance. As a matter of fact, he never really said anything to me to acknowledge or make me feel like the beautiful, bright, funny, interesting, awesome person I am. It’s not that he didn’t feel that way about me, he just wanted to control me by making me feel small and undesirable. And make me feel that whatever I did was not really enough to make him happy enough to say nice things. He withheld affection as a way to manipulate me.

    I don’t know if that’s what is happening with your husband. But he is being a jerk and I wish I had better advice. 

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    Yes. My SO does compliment me & call me beautiful pretty much every single day! 

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    My husband never fails to call me beautiful at least once a day. I don’t respond to his compliment to well, because I’ve always had self image issues. But lately, I’ve been trying to be more positive whenever he compliments me and say thank you. 

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    Well, I feel left out after reading all these posts! I can’t remember the last time he said that I look beautiful or am pretty, or anything nice about who I am. But if I put on an outfit he likes to go out together, he seems happy. 

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    My fiancé makes a point to say things like this because he knows verbal affirmation is important to me. When I walk into the room he often says “hello beautiful/gorgeous/lovely” and it makes me happy. He also comes up to me some mornings while I’m doing my makeup to comment on the colors I’m using etc. He’s naturally sensitive though, so I think it comes naturally to him. 

    I don’t know how much you’ve communicated to your mister about this since posting, but I hope he sincerely takes what you’re saying to heart, and works on his habits so he can become more vocally appreciative of you. It’s obvious that these are things you need to hear in your marriage, and that makes it important. 

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    In ten 10 years I have had MAYBE 10 actual verbal compliments on my appearance. DH is very uncomfortable with flowery words. He wasn’t raised that way (either was I) I get other things though, if I’m dressed up and we’re going out i’ll get eyebrow waggling, seductive winks from the other side of the room at a crowded party, a wolf whistle if I walk by him (this one is usually private), he’ll wrap his arms around me and breathe deep and sigh contentedly. I’ve got “I’m so lucky” if someone compliments me to DH and “she’s the hot little number of our operation”, also “two very enthusiastic thumbs up!!” if I ask if he likes an outfit lol. Not exactly Shakespear. I asked him once early on if he thought I was pretty (thanks PMS) and he said (very sincerely) “You know do. You’re beautiful in every way. I just don’t always say what I’m thinking. But please know I do.”

    So I actually love these acts sooo much more than the usual compliments. Those make me awkward too. You may just have to adjust your thinking, if you want to continue to feel positive in your relationship. Otherwise repeated discussions are in order and leading by example. It depends on how important these words really are to you. 

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    My partner is Spanish…and spaniards love to flatter people :-p 

    Calling someone beautiful is often a pet name in Spain…even amongst friends. His friends (both male and female) if they see me say ‘hello beautiful. How are you?’….which made me feel uncomfortable at first but now I’m used to it. 

    Sometimes as we are watching TV he looks at me and when I look back at him he says ‘how beautiful my girl is!’….Spaniards :-p

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    Every day. Usually multiple times a day. Every morning I get a “Good Morning Beautiful” usually followed by a cup of tea. If he’s feeling frisky it’s always a “hey sexy”. He uses descriptive words all the time and I absolutely love it

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    Not often, which I like. I can tell when he sees me, he gets smiley for seemingly no reason. Other times he’ll just look at me and say, “You’re pretty.” 😝 I don’t like superficial compliments, but it’s okay once a week or so.

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