How often to you bath 🛀 your dog???

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    monthly : (17 votes)
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    2-5 months : (21 votes)
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    6 - 12 months : (5 votes)
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    After a muddy walk : (4 votes)
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    As and when they smell : (23 votes)
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    Never : (6 votes)
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    I have a lab and a rough coat collie. The collie we have to bathe every few weeks or whenever she’s dirty. Having such a long, thick coat kind of necessitates frequent baths. We use dog shampoo for her. Our lab we don’t ever give a proper bath but we do spray him with the hose sometimes, he loves it. We also have a Himalayan cat and we have to bath him sometimes too.

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    Bumble bee

    I have four dogs.  Two are basenjis, and they get bathed only when they’re truly starting to look dingy.  So, every several months.  They clean themselves like cats and have no doggy odor, so unless they actually get dirty, no baths.  One is a miniature australian shepherd.  She gets bathed every couple months (once again, when she gets dirty) and in between, I just spritz her with a leave-in colloidial oatmeal conditioner when I brush her out.  My bouvier des flandres puppy is going to require grooming every three to four months, so she will get bathed then and probably once in the interim.  I would say that if you keep it to once a month or less, your dog’s skin and coat will be fine.  Just use a high quality, skin soothing oatmeal or aloe shampoo so that it isn’t too harsh.  

    All I ask of other people is that they please bathe or leave-in condition their dogs often enough that my hands don’t smell like nasty dog after I pet them.  Doggy odor and greasy, dirty coats are the worst.  

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    I have a Pomeranian, and a Labrador Retriever. 

    Generally we bathe them every Sunday. They are both indoor dogs, and sleep in my bed lol 

    We have had not dealt with their coats having issues, if anything if we skip a week or two they both develop hot spots on thier bellies. Once we use their “Hot Spot” soap they clear up. The soap was reccomended by the vet, and has tea tree oils that help soothe their little spots 

    I groom both of my pups myself. The lab is low maintance, and after a the first year, I learned how to groom the Pomeranian myself (she is 5 now). 

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    Only when he needs it. I don’t do it routinely, because I did used to have a dog with skin problems who wasn’t supposed to be bathed often, so I am careful about that with my current dog as well.

    I’d guess it averages to every 2-4 months that he ends up smelling bad, or gets fleas, or has an allergic reaction to pollen and it needs to be rinsed off. 


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    We bathe after muddy walks. Our walks are always in the same general “nature”/forest places and our dog is very much an “off-trail” gal. She’s not one of those dogs that just trots out front (or behind) on the trail, she’s usually doing sprint-aps through the trees around me as I walk down the trail. 

    The muddier the ground, the muddier she gets. Plus in the hot weather she seeks out the mud pits to lie down and cool off. I gave up fighting it and now she just gets rinsed off in our bath tub if she comes home gross. In the summer this is probably ~2x a month but in the winter it’s much more. We live in a wet climate that isn’t quite cold enough for real snow so the ground just gets soggy and nasty. It’s not uncommon for her to get rinsed after each walk (2x a day) during particularly gross weeks. 

    These bathes are only rinses with plain water though. The only time we use shampoo is if she manages to find something dead to roll in – luckily that only happens every 3-6 months though. So “proper” bathes are pretty rare for her.

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    I’ve got a Cockapoo and a Maltese and they get a bath ever one to two weeks! They are both hypo allergenic and have hair instead of fur so they get greasy feeling and smelly quicker! They also get groomed once every two to three months.

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    After he decides to roll or romp in mud or every 3-6 months depending on his shedding level and his doggy smell. Where we live, we get like 4-5 months of cold, wet rain/snow…that ups that damp, wet dog smell.

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    Sugar bee

    My two corgis are bathe every 4-6 weeks, and before we go visit my in laws due to my FIL’s allergies or before a big event. Poor guys were bathe on Friday before our family pictures, and will be bathe on Tuesday before we leave for my in laws’ house on Wednesday before Thanksgiving, so about 2.5 weeks apart. They’re getting a de-shedding treatment and getting their undercoat blown out then too. Sometimes we’ll go for as long as they don’t smell like fish sauce. One of them doesn’t really know how to dog, so has never learned how to scoot. He also gets the occasional butt bath when the baby wipes aren’t cutting it.

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    I don’t bathe my dog. I use grooming wipes on the rare occasions he rolls in something smelly. Luckily he has the type of coat that doesn’t get greasy and dirt doesn’t stick. I brush him regularly.

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    dogs who go to the salon monthly are probably going to the groomer because their hair needs to be cut, those that don’t shed.

    our dog sheds, so he doesn’t need to go to the groomer.  Darling Husband usually gives him a bath when he starts to get stinky.  maybe a few times a year.

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    It varies.  Probably about every 4 weeks just for normal upkeep.  But they like to roll around in bird poop and dead animals and who knows what.  Sometimes they get multiple baths in one week.  They are both small, long haired dogs.  One is a super thick, double coat and the other is a thinner silkier coat.  They are both easy in terms of skin issues/sensitively thankfully.

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    Short haired lab mix here, and pretty much never. 

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    We take our girl for a bath as needed, which is usually once per month but sometimes more often. We bathe her ourselves at the “Laundromutt” (it’s a really cute place) and it’s actually really nice for bonding with her and hubby… plus she smells great afterwards! 


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    My dog has skin issues mostly due to seasonal environmental allergies. She gets bathed once a week up to twice a week if a really bad flare up. We use a antibacterial antifungal shampoo. Her ears are done twice a week. 

    With previous dogs that didn’t have specific issues/needs, it was about once a month with an oatmeal shampoo and conditioner.

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