How often to you bath πŸ›€ your dog???

posted 10 months ago in Pets
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    Helper bee
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    Well my dog loves jumping in the tub with me while I bathe so he gets a bath pretty often! I don’t shampoo him when I’m in the tub with him, though. I shampoo him once every couple weeks or whenever he goes to daycare (he sleeps in bed with me and I don’t want other dogs slobber in my bed). I use a natural oatmeal shampoo so it’s not drying.

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    Bumble bee

    We have 2 dogs with short hair. They might get a bath every 6mos. They don’t stink and they don’t have fleas. 

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    Busy bee

    We’ve had our German Shepherd/collie mix for a little over a year now and have never bathed him 🀐 He never seems to get dirty and he cleans himself really well. He has 2 different fluffy coats and he honestly looks and feels like a stuffed animal when you pet him. Lol

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    Bumble bee

    When it was just me and my one dog… monthly. But now that I have moved in with SO it is a waste of time in general bathing our three dogs. His are just not as well mannered. I hate it. I am a very clean person and it is so hard to keep up! I just instead retrict the rooms they can go into now with baby gates and lay down several old sheets on things since they wont stop jumping onto my couch. 

    We are looking into taking them somewhere because they are huge dogs besides my 40 lbs lab mix.

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    We bathe our Bernese Mounatin Dog pup monthly. It makes his coat really soft and we do enjoy our forest walks πŸ™‚ So he needs it!

    Having said that, he absolutely hates them and runs away as soon as the word ‘bath’ pops up.

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    when we got her she had no hair due to allergies and her medicated shampoo required a bath 2x per week for recovery then 1x per week for maintenance.

    slowly we transitioned to a non medicated shampoo but still we find that if we don’t bathe her frequently her skin gets worse. she gets a bath every 1.5 weeks on average I’d say.. I think its like humans where your skin gets used to being washed with a certain frequency and will get all greasy if you deviate. 

    we get compliments on her glossy coat all the time, so I don’t really see the downside. she obviously is used to baths so it’s not hars.. we have a walk in shower and she just trots in when called and takes a shower with one of us, lol.

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    Sugar bee
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    We only bathe probably once every 3 months or so, basically just when he statrts smelling. He stays pretty clean on his own somehow haha.

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    Bumble bee
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    When he smells, maybe once every 4 weeks.

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    I used to be a dog groomer, and it depends on the type of coat your dog has:

    Short smooth hair – Labrador, Boxer, Staffy etc – a few times a year to every month is absolutley fine, the natural oils in their coat keep them clean and washing too often can actually cause issues. Obviously if they roll in fox poo every week then definitely wash them but try a ntaural shampoo so it doesnt affect the coat and skin too much.

    Double coat – Husky, Pomernian, Golden retriever etc – if you don’t get your dogs coat trimmed and leave it natrual then probably 3 times a year is perfectly ok. The double cot is eaither an all year round shedding type, or one that has two big malts a year to go with the seasons. In either case its good to take them to a groomer who can wash down through all the layers of coat and then blast dry the coat to release any dead hairs, followed by special brushes to strip out the bulk of dead fur throughout. it really helps with malting and makes your dogs coat look super sleek. If you get your dog trimmed, e.g retriever legs and skirt can be trimmed into shape so they are not too long – due to the rate of growth about eveyr two months is probably ideal, and again all that blow drying and brushing out dead hair really helps the dogs coat breathe. Because of how a double coat helps keep the dog from getting  too wet in real life, washing it too often can affect the coat behaviour.

    Silky fur – Spaniels, Setters etc – Again some people leave the coat long and natural and others have it clipped shorter, but with either of these as the fur is more like human hair washing more reguraly like once a month to 2 weeks is ok for this type of coat. 

    Wire hair – Border Terriers, Daschund & Jack Russel (wire haired types) – like the silky hair, the coat structure is different to normak short haired dogs and double coats, so washing more often is ok. 

    Curly Coat – Poodles, Doodles etc – Due to the frequency of how often this coat is usually clipped, and the combination of tight curls, washing the coat will happen more regularly. It helps keep the curls from matting if you brush and blow dry them out after a wash and stops dirt from getting trapped in the curls. If you do blow dry at home, try to ‘fluff dry’ – use a slicker brush and where ever you direct the air, brush in every direction in short fast movements to fluff up the coat. It will stop matting and leave your dog looking extra fluffy and soft! Again, this can be done as regurlalry as every few weeks to months.

    All of the above said, if you dog has a skin condition, then bathing might have to be done every week to soothe the skin. 

    I have a miniature schanuzer and I try not to bathe him between his grooms so that his natural oils protect his coat and skin, and he is groomed eveyr 3 months. I make sure I brush him fully every couple of weeks to stop his coat from getting matted so we don’t have to cut any chunks out of it! If he’s totally filthy from a walk or has rolled in something smelly then its definitly bath time though! Sometimes you do more damage by over washing, but you can never brush too much!

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    doglovingwife :  Our baths definitely vary based on behavior.  The most recent was a couple of weeks ago when he got out of the yard and rolled in horse shit very thoroughly.  Skunks will result in the same.  In a perfect world, he’d probably get washed twice a year, spring and fall, as it helps with his shedding.  I used to use flea shampoo but that stuff is nasty smelling and we don’t actually have fleas in this area (high desert) so now he gets whatever random shampoo or body wash I find around the house.  Doesn’t seem to hurt him any.  When he’s muddy, he might get a quick hose off, but usually we just towel it off or let it dry and flake away (outside!)

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    I have 2 cavaliers that sleep in our bed so they get a bath once a fortnight πŸ™Š

    they get a cut every 8 weeks (shorn) in summer because it is so hot here and about every 10-12 weeks in the cooler months 

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    Bee Keeper

    doglovingwife :  Never heard of the every 6 months before, that seems so long between a bath?  We bathe our golden at least once or twice every 2 weeks.  He goes out a good bit, but he’s regularly brushed and doesn’t roll around in dirt or mud too often.  Obviously after those times he’s bathed.

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    Helper bee

    Never! My dog is a brat, and hates baths. However, in the summer she swims a lot in the pool so I just use that as her bath. In the winter, she would be miserable if I tried to bathe her, even if I dried her. She hates being cold, too. Other than swimming in the pool, she doesn’t really get dirty or go out more than just on walks or to run around in the yard, so she never really finds mud or dirt patches, etc, so I don’t really ever have to bathe her.

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    Bee Keeper

    doglovingwife :  I have an 85 pound lab/shepherd mix who is not a fan of baths. He also has orthopedic issues that make fighting him in the tub a little risky. We bathe him every few months or as he gets dirty/stinky. 

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