(Closed) How old is too old for children to be running around the house butt naked?

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    I kinda feel like once they are out of diapers they sould not be naked. 

    no Ryme or Reason to it. * shrugs*

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    I think as long as there isnt company over, 6-7 or under it’s fine? My sister did as a child and grew out of it. It’s just what’s comfortable. 

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    I selected under 3.  I think once potty trained is a good cut off.  In fact, I really don’t think they should ever run around naked unless they’re going directly to the bath.

    Edit: I say this because for some reason, a lot of parents don’t seem to enforce it and then they end up fighting their kid later on to wear clothes especially when company is over.


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    @beekiss:  +1. Unless you’re in the bedroom or bathroom, there’s no reason to run around the house naked.

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    I voted 5, but before I read around the house playing games, and eating food.  Lol, I’d say being silly flipping about in the bedroom before getting dressed is what I was originally thinking.  I dont see a reason why a child who is old enough to dress and feed themselves independently should have to be naked playing games, say, downstairs in the playroom. 


    Haha, but there is a time and a place for ridiculousness, and if it’s a crazy fun time, why not get naked and play silly game in the playroom?  Haha can’t be a stick in the mud 24/7.  gotta let loose with the kids once Ina blue moon.


    otherwise, like 3 years old.

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    Running around in only diapers = OK

    Completely naked – why would they want to?

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    I wouldn’t want kids of any age to run around completely naked because I just feel it’s unhygienic. If they want to wear only underwear and nothing else, I’m fine with that until about age 7 or so, and maybe older if there are only children of one gender.

    I like the rule of “only in the bedroom or bathroom” for complete nudity.

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    I think once a child is around potty training age they are kind of learning that they do need to wear clothes. I don’t mean in any way that a child should be ashamed of his or her body, but children should be taught some basic modesty due to the types of people that could be out there, and because being naked is pretty inappropriate at certain times. I am a nanny, and the one seven year old girl I watch is completely unaware of what the word modesty means. She will undress in front of anyone (me, friends, strangers, etc.) She runs around the backyard naked if you don’t catch her in time, skinny dips, rips her clothes of at home. It actually kind of freaks me out because all of the girls I know around that age, and I myself at that age, were starting to get to the point that they didn’t want ANYONE to see them naked.

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    @Aquaria:  Running around naked actually makes potty training easier, and when babies.toddlers have a bad diaper rash, the best thing for it is open air, so that could be a good reason for it.


    I don’t really have an age cut off for when the kids can’t be naked around the house. I do think that it’s good for their privates to air out sometimes and my two year old hangs out naked from time to time.

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    My niece is 6. If she’s just around family and decides to be crazy and run around naked, I don’t think it’s a huge deal, but she is definitely told to go put her clothes on. I’m talking about a few minutes after bathtime being a hyper little person, not just hanging out naked. I voted 6. And when she is told to put her clothes on, it’s not so much a scolding as a, “Hey! Your booty is hanging out for the world to see! You better go get your PJ’s on because I don’t want to see it!” followed by a playful chase and her giggling and then getting dressed.

    If we’re talking about just being full-on naked while playing and eating snacks, pretty much never. Infants ought to have at least a diaper on if they are not in the midst of being changed.

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    @freshflowers:  Wait–do you mean with strangers there?

    Without strangers, and depending on the outlook of the family, there is no age that is too old. There’s nothing wrong with nudity. Nude parents are fine and why should the children have to wear clothes?

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    I’d say 7 and under.

    I was a naked kid. I was always naked. Always. I never had arguments with my parents to wear clothes, because I knew when it was appropriate to not be naked. I’d even play outside stark ass naked. We lived in rurual california, our nearest neighbor was five miles away. No one ever saw me except maybe the mailman when I was playing in the mud. 

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    I think 9 is a good cut-off. By then they’re half way through elementary school… But I think 99% of kids are going to be uncomfortable with running around naked before that!

    I think whenever a kid starts to be aware of their own body, they’ll stop running around naked. Just as long as they understand that nudity isn’t apporpriate around guests.

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