(Closed) How old is too old to post pictures partying on Facebook?

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I think after college that kind of stuff is out of place. There are pictures of some of my professors on facebook partying (though to a lesser degree than what you described) and it kinda weirds me out. I would be terrified of a future boss seeing it (even though my profile is private, facebook likes to make it public every once in a while without my knowledge so you can’t be too sure).

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Busy bee
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I think that once you get to a certain age it’s not appropriate, but it’s different for everyone. There are so many ways to access that information now, that once pictures like that are made public they never go away and you run the risk of potential employers finding it. I would not be comfortable having pictures of me like that out there… in fact, I went through and ‘cleaned up’ my facebook a few years ago (I was 25 at the time) just in case.

I agree that it’s not worth the risks. I post pictures of vacations, parties, etc. but nothing with drinking or inappropriate behaviour. (But, it’s not like I’m up to anything inappropriate anyways!) 🙂

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I feel like now that facebook has opened itself up to “Adults”, they have had some kind of re-awakeing to their youth  or something. I have adult family members with young and grown children posting pictures and making statuses about getting wasted . Crazyness.

Once you have a child or a real job, its time to stop, IMO


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I don’t think there is such a thing as too old. Its either appropriate or inappropriate. Should anyone be posting pics of themselves getting wasted? No. My mom posting pics of her friends out dancing/drinking is not going to upset me. 

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I started working with students when I was twenty-one, and although I never had any partying pictures, I was very careful about what kind of information and photographs I put up on there. Because my students did look for me on Facebook, and yes, they did find me (this was in the olden days when you couldn’t set your page to super private). So I’ve been very aware of the fact that others can see what put on the internet for a while, and I’m always very careful and do my best to protect my information, especially when it comes to my personal life. Future employers, children, etc. don’t necessarily need to know everything about me from Facebook, and I try to keep it that way. 

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I don’t know if I would put a specific age on it, but it’s just a matter of being smart about what kind of information you’re broadcasting to the world in general.  Even in college I don’t think I let anything really bad get posted on there.  And then after school, once employers had started to catch on that they could take a look at what prospective or current employees were posting, I went back through the years and cleaned out pretty much any picture that was remotely questionable.  A few red-party-cup photos remain, but those are just photos of people standing together and smiling for the camera while holding their drinks, no lewd or otherwise unprofessional behavior.

I have no problem with people, whatever their age or stage of life, going out and partying and acting slightly moronic within reason.  Go do a kegstand as long as you’re not going to drive afterwards or expose your kid to it.  But it shows a serious lack of judgment when people actually post that stuff online.  What happens at the party should probably stay at the party.

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I don’t think it’s ever okay. You never know when those photos could resurface and cost you a job, adoption, relationship.

I never did anything really wild at parties but now looking back I realize how stupid it was of me to allow any drinking pictures to be posted online. It’s really never a good idea.

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@coffeegal85: All I’m saying is it is never ok. Its not Ok until you’re 21 because its Illegal and when you are 21 you should either be working or applying to grad school/jobs in which case it is still inappropriate. Its not like no one bats an eye when you’re 22 and then you’re 28 and people start freaking out.

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I agree with some of the other posters – once you have kids or a job where that would be a deal breaker, I would stop. You can still have fun, but really, do you have to share those pictures with everyone? 

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I just turned 26 I still post those kind of pictures. lol 

Then again so does everyone I know.

My Fiance and I attend a lot of raves and festivals.

My friend has his parents to all the raves he throws because they enjoy them and still party as well… they are 2 of my favorite people actually lol.

My facebook photos are friends only though so unless someone can hack my account they can’t see them and who friends their boss anyway?

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I am not sure of an age exactly but more so where you are at in life. I am in the process of deleting alot of photos off, some that are pretty old that include us drinking on vacations etc. And yes there are some wild and crazy nights on there too. However we are in the process of adopting and use networking to help us and I wouldn’t want an adoption counselor to see something and get the wrong impression. I personally feel people post way too much now and the only pictures I ever post now are of my dogs. I don’t even think I’ll post pictures of my children bc there are too many wack jobs out there that can access your information regardless of your privacy settings.

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I’m 23 and when I was 20 I stopped posting pictures of me drinking and partying. I guess I was over the whole drinking thing. I didn’t even go out for a drink for my 21st birthday….it just didn’t matter to me. I think everyone is different. My cousin is 24 and is a real estate agent. Hes constantly posting statuses all the time about getting wasted and partying and I think….will you ever grow up?! Maybe it’s just me because drinking and partying isn’t appealing to me anymore (I suffer horrible horrible hangovers!). I understand you can drink and have a good time, but is that all there is to talk about? About wanting to get wasted or how hung over you are? I’m just sooo lucky he does not post pictures because then I would have to hide them. I have friends who only work 6 months out of the year (the other 6 they collect unemployment) and during those 6 months they get completely wasted every single night (I am not overexaggerating) and then they proceed to post pictures of them daily being completely wasted and talk about how their life is so amazing. Because you get wasted every single day??? I can imagine drinking a couple times a week, but to get completely wasted and then talk about how you don’t remember what happened last night is a little much.  


I think there is a difference huge between you posting a picture of you drinking a glass of wine to you funneling beer or upside down drinking from a keg (I don’t know what that’s called. I always hated beer haha) 

@coffeegal85: oh I just read your comment haha similar to the last section of mine oops! great minds think alike!

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