How old were you when you first noticed signs of ageing?

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ariesscientist :  I would highly recommend drinking more water, I can totally tell the difference in my face when I’m dehydrated, which is rare but happens after a night out or whatever. I take a multivitamin as well as hair, nails and skin vitamin which has biotin and collagen (recommended by a bee!) and I do think it helps.

You can find a good antiaging moisturizer for oily skin as well. 


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I’m 32, I noticed my first grey hair at 22. For ten years I’ve been going grey and it’s getting more and more noticeable. Especially recently I’ve got a group of greys together in my fringe and I hate it. Having good hair was always my confidence booster. I dyed it for a while when it first started and gave up when I realised that nobody but me cared. Now I’m contemplating dying again. 

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My hair started going grey pretty early.. maybe in my early 30s?  I don’t remember exactly because I’ve colored it since my 20s.  

I noticed a difference in my skin in my mid-30s.  Mainly that I needed to step up to more intense skincare.  I’ve taken really good care of my skin since my teens. My mom was a heavy smoker and a sun-worshiper and she was really badly wrinkled, so I’ve always been paranoid abut that.  My skin still looks pretty young (younger than my actual age, other than my hands. When I look at my hands I can see a difference in the skin from 10 years ago, sadly.)

Over the past year or so, I’ve started noticing the beginnings of little crow’s feet, but I’m in my 40s so I guess that’s not too atypical.   

My metabolism also started changing in my mid 30s, which really sucks.  It’s definitely harder to lose weight and kleep it off than it used to be. Plus, some forms of exercise just aren’t an option anymore due to various injuries I’ve had over the years.

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I’m 25 and recently I’ve started to notice signs that I’m not, you know, 16 anymore. Just easier to gain weight, some very light crinkling around my eyes, my boobs aren’t as perky as when I was a teenager. If I look really close in the mirror I can see faint wrinkles in my forehead. I try not to let it bother me, I hate how women are made to feel like aging isn’t a natural part of life and we should try to look as young as possible. 

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My state is supposed to ID if you look under 30. I’m 24 and have only been IDed a few times ever, usually if the waiter asks the entire table.

My boobs are now in the rib cage range.

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ariesscientist :   I’m 44. In my late 30s I noticed the skin on my forearms arms changing texture. I developed one small line between my brows. 

This near I noticed my upper eyelids are looser. And I think my.upper lip is a little less full. None of it is concerning me, though. The main thing I notice is the change in energy levels 30 to mid 40s 


I had a TCA peel in my 30s. It made a world of difference in aging. 

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I think around 29 I started noticing slight differences in my skin. Not quite wrinkles, but the beginnings of them. I’m 33 now though and it doesn’t seem worse than at 29, and I’m a lot more diligent with skincare now.

Hangovers and lack of sleep also started hitting me a lot harder around then as well – which just gets worse as the years go on!  

But suffering from anxiety, endo, and IBS while doing your masters is going to take its toll on anyone! Definitely drink lots of water and focus on diet, sleep and stress management. I can age 5 years overnight when I’m going through a stressed out period when I’m not looking after myself. 

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I am turning 29 next week and in the past year I have noticed little signs of ageing in my face.  Mostly that I look tired more often and some fine lines are showing up around my eyes.  Overall, this does not bother me but has me looking to preventative measures.  I am currently pregnant and have been taking prenatal vitamins and probiotics.  I haven’t gotten sick all year, so I definitely plan to keep those in my routine.  

Also, I do not get asked for my ID nearly as much as I did a couple years ago. 

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37. Many people tell me I could pass for 25-29, I still get carded, etc. So…….no major signs yet 🤷🏻‍♀️

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I know this isn’t the purpose of the thread but I just wanted to say to remember that any signs of age mean that you’ve been given the gift of growing older. Some people aren’t given that time. I always try to remember that when talking about aging. 

I think our society is very turned off by the thought of women aging and that makes me sad. It’s not a bad thing. It should be embraced. 

With that being said, I’m only 26 but my boobs feel like they’re to my knees haha! I have always been very ahem* large chested so my boobs have never been perky. 

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Totally agree with the above sentiment! Aging is a gift fully and I am very grateful to do so.

That said, I do understand the spark of fear/sadness that comes with it. I love life and admit I cried irrationally (and briefly) when I found my first white hair this year at 26. It’s a subtle reminder that our bodies are rentals. So I get why there are negative emotions surrounding aging outside just looks.

Other than that, I definitely look older than I did at 20, mostly due to weight gain. My biggest sign has been that hangovers no longer feel like a mild morning inconvenience. I require like a 2 day recovery period now, haha.

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I’m 31, and with makeup on, I don’t look more “aged” than I did at 23. The two things I notice when I go without (and that no one else would), are my veins showing a tad more in the tops of my hands, and the lines around my eyes/mouth being a tad more defined than they used to be. 

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First gray hairs at 21. Now at 31, started noticing the eye/mouth lines as stated above. My body has also started changing over the last year or so. I am around the same weight I was throughout my mid to late 20s, but my body is carrying the weight differently. I have started to notice a belly pouch/muffin type effect going on when previously I always had a flat stomach. I don’t know if this actually has anything to do with getting older or not.

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“I think our society is very turned off by the thought of women aging and that makes me sad. It’s not a bad thing. It should be embraced.”

I totally agree with you and yet I slather on a regimen of serums, moisturizers, and facial oils every day. I’m 44 and can definitely tell I am no longer in my 20’s. My face is relatively smooth when I am eating well, rested, and adhearing to my skin care reigmen (which I really love), but it is a lot easier to look tired now. One thing that has really bummed me out is my once thick and shiny hair is now thin and tangled. However on the whole, I feel that I generally look young and vibrant and, being a cancer survivor, I’m just glad to still be here.

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I’m 33 and get asked for ID every time I order alcohol.  Also they look at my ID and say I look 10 years younger.  I’ve been told I look young my whole life – back then I hated it. Here you can drink at 18.

Maybe drink more water – 3 litres and take a good multi vitamin 

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