How old were you when you first noticed signs of ageing?

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Helper bee
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My boobs have never been perky so no comment there. I’m turning 29 this year and I’ve noticed my skin looks “duller” than my early 20s. My hair has been greying since I was 20, and it’s now pretty noticable especially around my hairline in between my dyeing sessions. I’ve always had a strict skincare regimen so I’ve been amping up the moisturizer to help combat the dullness. No wrinkles yet, my face is rather chubby and fat tends to hide wrinkles.

One thing I have noticed is my energy levels are definitely lower. I used to stay up until 3-4am on weekends, now I’m lucky to make it until 1am without passing out.

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mimivac :  Congrats on beating cancer! 

And yes, I also do the whole skin care routine and anti-aging routine. I think it’s nice to tell myself I’m doing it for myself and my wellness, not so I can adhere to society’s standards of beauty. 

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ariesscientist :  I’m 42. When I did the 10 years ago vs now challenge recently, I can say not a lot has changed…

Apart from the gray hair.

Part of it’s genetics. My mom continued to look like she was in her 30’s well into her 50’s. 

The other part is the sun. I live in the PNW and it’s overcast a lot. When I do go out, I tend to wear hats and sunscreen. More than anything, sun damage is what tends to make people look older. 

And water. I drink a ton. I carry around a 36 oz hydroflask and drink all day. I usually refill it at least once a day, too. 


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Busy bee
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At 23 when my ex told me my forehead wrinkles were cute. 😱🤦‍♀️

I have a strict skincare regime now & always get IDd at 30.

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i whole heartedly believe its really genetics. im 32. my husband is 36 and our friends are anywhere from 30-40 and every single one of us is different. i havent seen any signs of aging yet. my best friend is a month younger than me and shes been seeing gray hair for a couple of years now. my husbands best friend is 36 and almost fully bald but what little hair he has left is gray. my husband is starting to get a couple of gray hairs here and there. none of my female friends have any form of wrinkles yet except one who is 37 has some crows feet popping in. i still get carded every where.

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Helper bee

In my 20s, but now less so in my 30s actually. I wasn’t sleeping a lot in my 20s and it really took a toll. University full time and then working after school until 1am, then doing homework until it was time to go back to school. I super regret working as much as I did during university. I sleep more now and feel like the aging has slowed down.

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Bumble bee

ariesscientist :  when I was 21, I noticed that after going out to the bars, I’d wake up with very fine lines. A full night’s sleep and lots of water helped me wake up without fine lines. However, now that I’m older, it takes more for the lines to go away — lots of hydration, hydrating face masks, sheet masks, etc. 

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Buzzing bee

Well I’m not like most of the blessed Bees here, I’m in my early 30’s and definitely look every bit my age– possibly even older. Part of that is due to genetics, my parents have aged well, but they still aged.. and I see some hereditary lines and wrinkles between my mom and I.

I also grew up in a very warm climate, spending a lot of time on the beach in the sun. A LOT. So, combine that with a teenage obsession with the tanning bed and I seriously now regret it. I started noticing some pretty deep forehead wrinkles around my late 20’s, and started getting serious about my skincare during that time.

I’ve done laser treatments, Botox, microdermabrasion, Retin-A, anti aging facials– creams and oils, etc. All of those have helped (except I’m breastfeeding now, so no Botox or Retin-A, sadly). I do feel like all the steps I have taken the past 4-5 years to reverse some damage have improved– but I can tell a definite difference in the quality of my skin overall as I get older. It looks less supple, and drier in certain spots. 

Younger Bees… take care of your skin!! 

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A lot of it is genetic. Staying out of the sun and not smoking, getting enough sleep, hydration and good nutrition can only do so much. If your mum had undereye bags or sagging skin, the odds are good you will, too. You may be able to hold it off longer than others, but many times a parent is a window into the future.

That said, I have never been particularly concerned about it. So many people say they look so much younger than their age, but most of my friends and I look pretty good. I think people just retain a really outdated version of what 40 is supposed to look like. Not everyone cuts their hair, gets a perm, switches to polyester slacks and sensible shoes at 40! I am convinced that most people look like us at our age, so is it really exceptional anymore?

But I am starting to get some grey, and I will not color. My hair is a deep auburn naturally, and IMO no box or salon can compare, so I have let the grey come in. I feel no need for people to think I’m ten years younger, and while I always strive to look GOOD, looking young or “hot” has just never been appealing to me. I prefer people being attracted to me because of what I have to offer, not because I look like a MILF. I feel no need to compete with my teenaged daughter, or to be mistaken for her, for that matter. I am proud of my age, my accomplishments, my career, my family and my children. And I’d rather have all those things and look my age than not have them and try to chase the elusive and impossible-to-capture look of youth.

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I’m turning 29 this year and I can’t tell whether I look it or not. Part of it is that eye bags and dark circles run in my family so I’ve had dark circles since I was like 9. But I haven’t noticed that they’ve gotten worse so I guess that’s good. I have had a small fine line in my forehead since I was like 20 or so but once I noticed it I started wearing sunscreen and using anti-aging products and it seems to have gotten better. Or at least it hasn’t gotten worse in 8 years. I got my first white hair at like 26. I plucked it and then dyed my hair and miraculously it never resurfaced…??? I’m not gonna question it.

I have noticed that my hair has thinned out some. I was really worried about it but then I did some research and realized that dieting/losing weight can make your hair thin and I’ve been dieting for the better part of 6 years now.

My opinion is that you should get a good skincare regimen going (I use a vitamin C serum in the morning and retinol at night and I notice the difference when I don’t use them), use sunscreen, wear sunglasses to avoid squinting, take a good multivitamin, drink a lot of water (I drink at least 100 ounces a day), and don’t smoke. Once you’ve done that, you’ve done the best you can do so don’t worry about it.

ETA: Also, try to eat well. I notice that my face looks worse when I eat like crap.

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echomomm :  i guess I’m wondering why one can’t have the job, family, etc and still look like “hot”? Is it really an either/or thing?


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Busy bee
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I want proof from all these ppl saying they are 35+ and have shown no (or very little) signs of aging lol

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Sugar bee
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I’m 30. I have gained weight since my late teens/20s, but I don’t think I have any obvious signs of aging. People still assume I’m early/mid 20s. I’m a color guard instructor, and my students were talking about doing cartwheels and roundoffs. I can definitely attest that doing cartwheels at 30 is definitely not like riding a bike. I regretted it the next day. 

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