(Closed) how old were you when you met your FI?

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Helper bee
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We met when we were both 28. We got married at 31.

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Busy bee
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Yikes, I feel like we were so young!  I was 15, and he was 17.  We met in high school, he was the captain of the swim team and I was dating a guy on the swim team (his best friend at the time).  We didn’t start dating until I was 19 and he was 21.  By the time we’re married we’ll be 26 and 28.  I think we just got REALLY lucky that our paths crossed so early.

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Worker bee
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Like others have said, don’t worry about being unable to meet someone if things don’t work out!!  I know I felt the same way.  I broke up with my exbf when I was 28 and felt like coming up to 30, I would be doomed for singledom forever since most guys I knew were already taken, not wanting a relationship or.. well.. there would just never have anything happen.

I met my Fiance when I was 29 (a month before my birthday) and we got engaged a year later .. I never thought I would meet anyone like him this late in life and wouldn’t have changed a thing.  My age meant I knew what I wanted, I wouldn’t settle for less (no, I’m not saying any younger brides are!!), I knew what I wanted from life and felt more comfortable in my skin.  Sometimes you meet The One early in life.. othertimes you meet them late. 

Don’t worry about age – it’s just a number.

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Blushing bee
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Don’t give up girl! Like wulfin said, age is just a number! 

In my 20’s i thought I was doomed to be casually dating and would never find anyone special b/c of the weirdos I kept attracting.  but then i met my “boo” when i was 26, he was 27 (BTW..we met when i wasn’t looking for anyone–funny how that happens).  We will be 32 & 33 when we marry next year.  I’m so glad I’m getting married in my 30’s.  I know have absolutely NO doubt he is the one.  I’m so much wiser , I know what i want, and am ready to settle down now. 

I hope it works out for you!

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Worker bee
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I met Fiance when I in my 20’s but we started dating when I was 30 and he was 23 (yes he is 7 years younger than me). I wasn’t looking for a boyfriend or anything when we first started hanging out. Look how that turned out!

I am 35 now and he is 28. Like most of the other bee’s advice, don’t let age deter you.

It only gets better the older we all get.

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Blushing bee
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I personally met my Fiance the summer after I graduated college (so I think I was 21). But I will tell you that my 2 grandmothers met and married their husbands not too long ago and are amazingly happy. One grandmother was a widow and met her man online when she was about 68. They married and are happier than ever. My other grandmother never settled for anything less than amazing and she said she’s perfectly happy with that. She met her husband at the assisted living facility she moved into at age 72. I’m assuming you don’t want to wait that long but just goes to show you that there’s no rush to true happiness Smile

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I met my Fiance when I was 31 and he was 34.

Whether you work it out with your Fiance or split up, don’t lose hope. I broke up with a boyfriend in my late 20s that I had hoped to make a future with. While it was tough at the time, I look back and know that it was for the best. It wasn’t easy but things have a tendency to work out for the best in the end and I hope they do for you as well.


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you really have to sit and think what is right for you.  I can only speak from my personal experience, and honestly I don’t know what has been going on since I haven’t read your prior posts (which I will right after I post this). 

I married at 19 (2 months pregnant) to a person who at the time I thought was perfect.  At the time I thought it was the right thing to do, and my dad was really pushing it since he didn’t want me to be a single mother.  Hindsight is 20/20 of course, if i could go back in time I would have never married him but I thought oh well I love him, it’ll all work itself out, but it didn’t.  we divorced. 2 kids, 8 years later.  It took so long because I also thought i’m older, it won’t be easy, who’s gonna want a single mom in her 30’s etc.  But then I met Fiance.

I met Jimmy when I had just turned 29, he was 27.  I had been seperated for a little over a year. He and my ex husband are like night and day.  I know now what it is to be in love, what being a wife is.  If I knew then what I know now I def wouldn’t have let it go on for so long.  We were happy for 2 years, miserable for 6.  You know yourself best, if you are already thinking that this might not work, you should sit and think hard.  like others have said, maybe it’s better to walk away before it gets worse.  you’ll be fine either way, us women tend to roll with the punches.  Either way, there is hope for the single girls.  When I least expected it and 1.5 years, a few idiots later, I met the man of my dreams. Good luck!

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Bumble bee
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I was 37 when we met. I am now 44, and will be 45 when we get married.

If you are bummed about being 30, plan a nice trip for yourself with a girlfriend. If you can’t afford that ,maybe a spa day? Spend time WITHOUT him and remind yourself that you are a whole person with or without a ring.


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Helper bee
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we’ll we’re a bizarre case we met online when we were 13…stayed in touch all through HS and college….finally met face to face last year, fell in love and en route to marriage =)

but like i said…we’re bizarre

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Bumble bee
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Thirty seems so young to be worried about being old (if that makes sense!).  Although my Fiance and I met when we were twelve, we lost touch after high school and did not see each other again for more than twenty years.  When we reconnected we were both divorced and in our early 40s.  He was well worth the wait.

It is NEVER too late to find THE ONE.   A few years ago, my cousin, who was 36 and had a few long-term relationships that had ended badly, met a guy, married him at 37 and by 40 she was pregnant with their THIRD child.  I know she feels he was worth the wait too…and is VERY grateful that the relationships that weren’t quite right didn’t work out.

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: August 2011

My Fiance and I was actually 18 when we meet,  but we both went our own ways. Than we found each other again, both was 30 and is now engaged 7yrs later.  So when ever you find the ONE or if he is the one age is not going to matter. 🙂

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Busy bee
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I was 29, he was almost turning 29 (we’re 4 months apart).  My friend who is about to get engaged (hopefully any time now!) was 33, and so was he (they’re both now 35).

I know what you’re feeling, since I had that feeling before meeting Fiance, specially approaching my 30’s with my baby brother marrying before me!  But I really do think that you just have to give it time.  It really only takes a day for your whole life to change — one day you’re single, the next you met the love of your life (even if you don’t know it then yet!).

I met Fiance at a karaoke bar, of all things, when I was in a bad mood, bad hair day and bloated.  I was about to leave too since I was so miserable!  Who would have thought?

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Buzzing bee
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14! and i’ve been obsessed with him ever since lol

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: August 2010

I have previously been in two serious and longlasting relationships in my life and I was devistated when the last one ended — I was 28 at that time. While I tried not to think about it too much and just work on getting my feet back on the ground and be happy and enjoy life by myself, I couldn’t help but worry and wonder about whether I’d ever find myself someone new I would want to share my life with. Color me surprised when, just 6 months later (1 month after I turned 29) I met someone with whome it clicked so well that I pretty much moved in with him right after our first date (didn’t make it an official move untill 7 months later, but in reality there was just one week in between our first date and the day I got my own pillow, toothbrush and room in his closet for my clothing;-))!!
My Fiance is a little older then I am (he’s 44) and has been married for several years, he had been divorced for around 3 years when we met. He had never ever thought he’d find/want someone new to share his life with after his divorce, even bought a tiny house that’d be perfect for himself but too small for two (and don’t we know it! heh) cause he was 100% sure there would never ever be someone in his life again. And now look; we have been together for little over 3 years now, and are getting married in August!!

I can’t nor should not will give you any advice on what to do except to listen to your heart and reason and try to do what feels best. And to reassure you that, even if things don’t work out now, there will be plenty of oppertunity in the years to come to have all the pieces of the puzzle fall in place after all. Bestest of luck!

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