(Closed) How old were you/will you be when you purchase(d) your first home?

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  • poll: How old were you/will you be when you purchase(d) your first home?
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    I am 26, Darling Husband is 27, we live in the DC Metropolitan area, and we aren’t sure we’re going to continue living in this area (DH is going to join the Army as an officer), so we don’t want to buy a house. Why buy a 30 year mortgage for the military to move us in 4-5 years? Bad idea. Instead, we’re just letting our $$ collect interest and compound into a nice sizeable chunk for when we DO get a permanent foot under us and decide to buy.

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    My Fiance bought a condo preconstruction when we first started dating.. I think he was 24 and I was 23. Its downtown Toronto, which would likely be considered a large city. We still live there.

    Technically I didn’t buy our first home, so the first home I bought is our second one.. which was when I was 26. Also, downtown and we’ll move in approximately a year from now.

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      Your age: 30
      Partner’s age: 42
      Housing area: large city, almost 600,000 people
      Do you still live in your first home?: yes! We were late bloomers…Just bought it last year. We both came from a very expensive city and moved to a more affordable city a couple years ago. So it took a while for us to get into a home but we’ll be there for a while!
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    I was single (OK, I was dating someone but not married status) when I purchased my first home at 28, it was a condo. I was sick of living in apartments and needed to move somewhere where I could have my cat legally, ha. I lived in it by myself the whole time for a little over 4 years before I sold it. I was lucky to have the money for a down payment from an account my parents had created when I was young.

    I sold it when I moved in with my boyfriend, who had his own twinhome. He bought that when he was 26 with an ex-GF. They broke up a couple years later, and he’s lived there by himself ever since.

    We will probably live in the twinhome another year or two before looking for something bigger when we start a family. It’s a ncie size, but we don’t have the room for a baby’s room without getting rid of the extra bedroom and office that we have now. Plus, by then, the house will be worth a lot more (a new hospital is being built a block away) so that will help with a down payment from the sale, as well as what I made off of mine that we put away for when the day comes.

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    • Your age 23 first home, 27 second home
    • Partner’s age same as above
    • Housing area (metro/large city, medium sized city, small city, rural) Rural, both homes.
    • Do you still live in your first home? No, we just sold it and bought our second home this past summer! It was a nightmare, and I will never move again. lol


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    My age: 25

    Partner’s age: 30, but his name wasn’t on the loan or title

    Housing area; Its a suburb, but I would call it “greater metro area” of a medium sized midwestern city.

    Do I still live there; yep.  This is probably our 10 to 15 year house.  Its big enough to start kids in, but it’s a bit small to be get us to teenagers. 

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    Age: 28

    Partner’s Age: 28

    Location: Small city (200,000 people), outside of city limits on 10 acres

    Living in it Still: Yes

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    • 29
    • Med sized city 
    • Never lived in the condo, it was purchased as an investment property 

    <br /><br /><br />


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    Me- 26


    Area – Big city (greater Los Angeles area)

    We closed on our house 4 months ago, so yeah, we’re still living there.

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    Darling Husband and I are mid 30s.  I bought my first place when I was 26, a condo, and sold it when he and I moved in together in 2012.  Then we bought our first house in July 2013!

    Location: Denver

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    • Your age 32
    • Partner’s age (if they were involved at the time) 31
    • Housing area (metro/large city, medium sized city, small city, rural) large suburb
    • Do you still live in your first home? yes

    <br /><br />

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    I was 21, partner 30. We came across a sweet deal that was cheaper then rent would have been. Both of us thankfully have great credit. And since i was a first time home buyer, i was able to take out my RSP’s with no penalty 🙂


    But home buying isnt always the answer…  50/50 can be better to be a renter. All depends on your situation. There are times i wish we didnt own and that our landlord could deal with issues 🙂

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    I bought a condo when I was 23 in a medium sized city (suburban chicago).  I was single at the time.  Lived there for about 4 years and then me and Darling Husband (27 and 31 at the time) bought a house in that same medium sized city.  We are currently renting out my condo.

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    1. I was 25

    2. He was 26

    3. Suburb near the middle of DFW metroplex

    4. We are still in our first house and plan to stay there for 10-20 years assuming our finances “behave” as we expect them to, lol. If they go up a lot, we may move up in size/location/fanciness. If they go down, well, we’ll see. 😛

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    • Your age – 20
    • Partner’s age – 35
    • Housing area – small town (~600ppl)
    • Do you still live in your first home? YES!

    We bought because it was WAY cheaper to pay my mortgage then to rent! We have put A LOT of money into it, updating the inside and outside and landscaping, but we can double our money now from when we bought!


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