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@missfrillycoat:  I get what you mean about the weight being different since you’re taller. I once had a boss who was 6′ tall, and I couldn’t believe it when she told me she was wearing L clothes, I could have swear she was a small, but when I thought about it, it was simply logical she would be bigger than a small, otherwise she would have been way too skinny, at a large she was simply being proportionate, and even like that she was pretty slim!

But I, being a 5’5”, wearing L clothes, I simply look like a cube hahaha.

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@missfrillycoat:  I lost nearly 50kgs over 4 years ago, I kept it off for 2 and a half years and then slowly gained it all back, i stress eat and had a lot of changes in my life at the time… Everyone loves to remind me how good I looked back then… It’s like YES I KNOW! I’m back on diet (well healthy eating) and its starting to work its magic… but i know exactly how you feel

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@missfrillycoat:  I am. Thank you. Hugs back! I’m stronger for having gone through, and you are and will be too! Not to get all Kelly Clarkson, but…What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger!!

And there’s aaaaalways bee support!

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@missfrillycoat:  I think the hardest thing was not really being able to relate to my Mom, or use her as role model for my own body image. I’m just built differently. She just wanted me to feel good about myself and wasn’t sure how to help me get there. Its funny, because my mom is now about 20 pounds over weight. She is currenly…..wait for it….a size 4-6. That just will never be me ever, and I’m finally at a point where I’m okay with it. I’ll never maintain a size 6 unless I want to live on a diet. No thank you. Life is too short. Please pass the chocolate cake and I’ll rock my size 10, thank you(not that 10 is a big size at all, but I’m only 5′ tall). 

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@missfrillycoat:  I think you should be happy with yourself, but in addition to that if you really aren’t healthy I think you should lose weight.  Happy and overweight is still unhealthy, as hard as that can be to hear.  It CAN be done, and -40 lbs in 4ish-5 months isn’t unheard of, it is actually pretty normal, especially if you are truly only eating as many calories as you need (use myfitnesspal or an equivalent site/app and log everything), and start working out, you’ll start to feel better even if you only lose 5 lbs and working out is amazing for your overall health both mentally and physically.  

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@missfrillycoat:  I hate this!! So frustrating 🙁 Perhaps it’s the “new year new you” (man, I hate that phrase… I like the me I’ve got, thankyou very much!) thing… It’s February now, and everyone who started out with great enthusiasm in a bid to look better without seeing the bigger picture is starting to fall off the wagon. Cue increased criticism of everyone else’s body instead of their own. Quite apart from that, if it’s not a seasonal thing… It sounds like these comments are based on the idea that the only reason to ever lose weight is to look more “perfect”. I’d honestly answer… “You think i just want to look ‘so much better’? I’m getting healthier by the day, and I feel badass and proud, and I love it!”.

I speak from a bit of experience. Not the same, but similar. I started out at 5’4″, 120ish lbs. I thought I was huge. I dieted. I binged. I began to hate my body. I dieted and binged my way up to 212lbs and binge eating disorder. No amount of body hate EVER made me healthier, or smaller. One day at the end of 2012 I gave up the idea that I’d ever be the size I was. I focused on how what I ate made me feel. Sugar made me irritable and depressed, and gave me heartburn and crazy hunger. I cut it back out of respect for my body. I started eating exactly what I wanted, when I was hungry. I slept better. I reprioritised my life in other ways and set boundaries with people where I should have done long ago. And I lost 28lbs. Only through respecting my body, though, never through hating it! 

This has turned into quite the long post, but I just wanted to share my experience with body hatred / respect and where it got me.

As for what it boils down to: you’re badass for doing this, and keep it up! Try to take the perspective that you’re fortunate to really understand what “lifestyle change” really means. And that you can go on to do anything positive you want! A triathlon, a 5k, snowboarding, powerlifting, dance, rock climbing… Anything! Because you love and respect your body and everything it’s capable of. Meanwhile all those people who are so concerned about “looking so much better” will still be spinning their wheels with the latest diet or whatever. While you’re out living the best life you can in a body that loves you back.

Keep your head up. I may not know you, but what you’ve expressed here and what you’re achieving makes me feel proud of you, and I sincerely hope you don’t mind my saying so 🙂

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I have been eating much more cleanly for the last 6 months – I eat at least 3 square meals every day but what I’m generally not eating is flour, grains, soy, sugar, (unless from fruit), dairy and I limit my booze.  I eat a ton of veggies, fruit, nuts and some meat/eggs.

Prior to cleaning up my diet I was dealing with a hip injury from running and seeing a physio therapist 2X/week.  Now I see him every 2 -3 weeks and he is amazed at how much better my hip is.

People compliment me about the weight loss (I’m little -5’2″- so 17lbs equates to 2 dress sizes) but I always make a point of explaining how much better I feel since that’s the most important thing to me. Even if I hadn’t lost weight I’d be eating cleaner, it’s just better.

Good luck and feel well! Try to ignore the obnoxious comments.



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@missfrillycoat:  I struggled with being overweight my whole life. Over the past year I went from weighing 178 lbs to 148 lbs. I’m 5 foot 6 and finally at a normal BMI. You should never let anyone dictate how you feel. The only reason you think you’re being sensitive is because YOU’RE not happy with what you see in the mirror. The most amazing thing about eating right and working out is how positive you feel about your body. I’m not at my goal weight but the way I feel about myself is worth way more than a brownie. You have to remind yourself that this isn’t about getting skinny, it’s about being healthy. Don’t listen to other people. Listen to your heart and think about how great it will feel to be healthy and active and sexy! 

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