(Closed) How quickly will I lose weight?

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You didn’t gain the weight (that is pretty invisible to me) overnight, nor should you attempt to lose it. 

You had an unhealthy life and apparently a apathetic attitude about health in general before you gained the weight. And now you are, supposedly, paying for it. Dont you think that by eating less than the minimum recommended weight, you are only continuing the cycle of unhealthy habits? You will lose your metabolism eventually, even if you never go back on depo. So why not practice healthy eating and exercising?

It really bugs me to see this post. You dont need internet strangers to give you attention and validation to know the answers. No one is going to support you eating 800 calories just to lose some pounds that we all cannot see.  

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I can barely tell any difference in your weight between pictures, which really makes me think that what you’re doing is a bad idea! You’re putting your health at risk for something other people can’t even really see.

Do you want to keep the weight off? Because how you’re going about this is basically assuring a bounce back!

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Did you buy that shirt in a bigger size for the second picture?  Man, I WISH all my clothes fit me exactly the same after a 30 pound weight gain…

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@OrchidsandCandles:  no nutritionist worth their salt will ever tell you that 800 calories a day is healthy. It’s called starvation, and while yes, you will lose muscle that way, you will also kill your metabolism which means that when you go back to eating “normally”, all the weight will come back. 

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I support you!  

I disagree with all these people who are saying you’re putting yourself into starvation mode and will lose muscle mass.  That common wisdom has been debunked by several studies I’ve read. 

They did a study of miltary soldiers where they tried to get them to lose muscle mass by cutting their calories down to 1000 per day, making them work out constantly, maintaining a 3000 per day calorie deficit, and deprived them of sleep.  They wanted to see how long it would take before they started to lose lean body mass.  They didn’t start losing muscle until after 6 to 8 weeks on this drastic program.  Understand, they were trying to find out how long it took for someone to enter starvation mode. 

You are not putting yourself at a 3000 calorie deficit per day. You are eating a healthy well balanced diet. You are exercising responsibily and not going over board.  As long as you pay attention to the cues your body gives you, there is no reason why you cannot go on a 800 calorie per day diet for a limited amount of time.  Your body is not going to start burning muscle…this is a fear tactic that diet industry wants us to believe. 

A lot of rules put out there, such as the minimum daily calories were actually lobbied for by the diet food industry. They know that if they keep people fat and keep them losing weight at a severly slow rate that they can keep them buying their products. 

So go for it!!!  I think you have a very good perspective on what you want to do!

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@OrchidsandCandles:  I didn’t say that you shouldn’t lose it. I am saying you should try to lose it in a healthy way if you want long term results.

And 1200 is a minimum for anyone to obtain necessary vitamins and support your exercise. http://www.livestrong.com/article/518807-negative-side-effects-of-eating-less-than-1-200-calories-a-day/

And if you didn’t want attention or validation, why did you post this? It’s not a terribly selfish thing to post here wanting people to either compliment you, agree with you, or support you. The majority of posters have that motivation. 

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@Loribeth:  Wait, so what you’re saying is your body won’t go into starvation mode at less than a thousand calories a day….for 6 to 8 weeks?

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you actually look great and i can’t believe you are 140lbs. maybe you feel bad because you’re eating really, really unhealthy foods?

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I don’t think you are 140. Looking at your pics and pervious posts, that pic is not from when you are 140.

I went from 110 to 140 and people were like “damn you got bigger” and we have similar shapes.


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I’m with the PPs that don’t see a difference. I stared at those 2 photos for 10 minutes and I’ve still yet to see the difference. 

800cal a day is just way, way too low. 

I lost 6lbs in less than 3 weeks just by changing my diet. I didn’t (and don’t) calorie count, I just make sure that the food I eat is real food. In other words I eat meat, tons of veg and fruit. I don’t starve myself or deprive myself of anything other than junk like pop, chips, chocolate etc. (dark chocolate is fine)

OP, it may do you good to measure yourself rather than weigh yourself. There were weeks where my scale didn’t budge but I lost inches. I care more about wearing jeans from 5 years ago than the number on the scale and you should too. 

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