(Closed) How sick do you have to be to stay home?

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@Creiddylad:  Going to work when you’re sick, is really inconsiderate.  I understand you need the money, but dragging your virus all over the place for everyone else to catch is just bad.  If I have a fever, I stay home, if I feel bad, I stay home….you have to take care of yourself….otherwise it takes three times a long to get over it.

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99% of the time I am in an entire office by myself. So, I have to be throwing up in order to not come in. I just make sure to Lysol everything everyday before I leave.

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Thankfully I work in a very flexible environment.  If I don’t feel good, I work from home so I don’t spread germs.  I don’t actually take a day off unless I am deathly ill and cannot get out of bed (as we don’t have ‘sick’ days — a day off for sickness comes out of vacation).

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Health is more important than money! Take care of yourself and others.

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I am really bad at pushing myself until I can’t push anymore.  Even though I do get leave from work, I tend to go in unless I have a fever or I can’t speak.  I have been at work with shingles (non-contagious)  the first day I had Mono (I had no idea at the time, and I was the only one scheduled)  and probably various other things.  And then, because I push, I land myself flat on my back for a week.  I’m starting to get better at realizing I’m sick and need to stay home. 

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I have to be practically dead, it’s not easy for me to call in if I wake up feeling unwell.  It’s a big scramble to get shifts filled last minute.

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Not that sick. I’m a baby. And my boss is really understanding. Luckily, I very rarely even get slightly sick, so it’s not really an issue. I think I took 1 sick day last year and it was because I had an infected tear duct and couldn’t see out of one of my eyes.

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I don’t get too sick very often, so I just come in and keep to myself. I feel guilty taking a sick day when I just looked and acted fine the day before. I shouldn’t, because nobody cares and everyone else takes sick days, but I do. Anyway I took one for the first time ever a few months ago because I was just super run down and tired and headachy and had been for about 2 weeks. I’m going to make myself do that in the future when I feel like I need it. So not every time I have a cold, but when I’m really feeling crappy. 

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@Creiddylad:  I think it just depends on a few things.

1. Are you contagious? If it’s the flu or a virus you will spread easily, then I would consider staying home. Do you work in close contact with others? That would make a difference. If you work by yourself in front of a computer, I would probably go. If you work with lots of clients or co-workers, it would suck to infect them.

2. Are you so sick you can’t function/do your work? If it’s a head cold or stuffy nose, I wouldn’t take a sick day. If I had to stay home, I would work from home. If you are throwing up every 30 minutes, then by all means, don’t leave the house.

Personally, since starting work full time (about 4 years) I have never (knock on wood) taken a sick day. I have had occasional colds and coughs, but nothing major. I don’t believe in “mental health” days like some of my co-workers either. I manage my health well by eating healthy, exercising and getting sleep. Fortunately, I generally stay healthy. One time I wasn’t feel very good and had to leave early, but I worked from home.

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I don’t come in if I have a migraine, can’t deal with light, and am puking all over the place. Otherwise, I come in. I work in NYC where it’s cutthroat and people come in sick all the time. It’s frowned upon to call in sick so you hear coughing, sniffling, etc.. Kinda gross.

Also, I’m no doctor, so correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe you are usually your most contagious in the first day or two of your ailment.

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@Pinkmoon:  This is me as well… I have suffered through entire days feeling like crap just because I didn’t want to go home and feel guilty. 🙁  I went home one day early last year and it was because I had a fever and was coughing and felt yuck all over.  It was a good call!

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I need to be throwing up and therefore, physically incapable of getting to the office. We only get 20 hours of sick time before our review is affected so most people come in with colds and coughs.

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I don’t really get sick ever, the last time I took some sick days it was just because I wanted to stay home (maybe 2 years ago?).  I did take one once because I was exhausted (super late/delayed flight in from Vegas lol).  I figured I earn sick days, so I should be entitled to use some of them (not abuse, obviously) just as others do who are actually sick.  So I’d have to probably have done something else to call in sick or have a terrible migraine.

If I did ever have the flu though or felt so bad that I wouldn’t really be getting much accomplished at work I would call in.  I work mainly on my own, but do have some interaction with my coworkers.  My job doesn’t really care if you take sick days, but I’ve had other jobs that would just rather you work than call in sick for any reason (retail) and those places are horrible.

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I have to be pretty darn sick, throwing up or about to pass out sick, to not come in.  I don’t get sick days so I’m not staying home on my own time. 

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