(Closed) How sick is sick enough to stay home?

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Sugar bee
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I don’t get sick days as I’m a temporary employee of a stage agency, but since I work in a cubicle-land with low dividers, I would be careful to not come to work if I knew I would be spewing germs everywhere– if I have a bad cough, or the kind of cold that makes you sneeze constantly, or if I have a fever and know I just can’t function. My job is very sedentary, so I can do it if I feel crappy, to a point.

If I was really sick, I’d rather rest for a day and lose the $110 and not get sicker by not letting myself rest, or infect my colleagues!

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Helper bee
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My company only gives 3 sick days per year. So I have to be pretty sick. Sucks. Wish we got 6 days!!!

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Bumble bee
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Im home today with some intestinal issues lol.  I dont feel that awful most of the time, but I work on the third floor and the ladies room is on the 7th floor… I cant wait that much time when things get going lol.  I pretty much only stay home if I have a fever or stomach issue of some kind.  If I have a little cold I just work through it.  I get six paid days as well.

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Sugar bee

If I have fever

If I had diarrhea

If overall I don’t feel like leaving my bed that morning because I’m too weak and I know I just won’t be efficient at work.

But whenever I suspect a viral infection I will consider staying home, or at least take extra precautions at work not to contaminate everybody. I honestly hate it when people look zombie sick and still come to work, I become paranoid because I don’t want to catch it.


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Bumble bee
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I have no paid time off. If I’m contagious, I do call off. Also, if I can’t give my job a good percentage, then I call off (like if I will need to keep running to the bathroom, etc). As someone with chronic health issues and pain, I can work through a lot. On a bad day, if I’m not contagious but can still do my job well, I may need to have my husband help me shower and get ready. I had a bad cold over the weekend (but luckily dind’t have to work) – I kept sneezing and coughing. While I could likely have done my job, that’s just annoying and I wouldn’t be able to be the best teacher. 

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Honey Beekeeper
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I go home when I’m miserable or if I have something contagious (though I mostly get sick when everyone else is sick but people don’t catch stuff from me often). I have a lot of sick leave that never expires though so it’s easier for me to do.

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Buzzing bee
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I accumulate “sick time” HOWEVER in order to even use my sick time we have to use up three days of PTO which is utter and complete bullshit because why have the sick time if we can’t use it and most viruses last around three days. They know they’re screwing us over. So if I’m really really sick (fever, anything contagious I could give to patients) then I stay home. 

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Helper bee
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I  can’t remember the  last time I was sick or took a sick day. I  use my sick/personal time to leave work early if need be.  like next Mon, I have to leave an hour early to go to the dentist.

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Helper bee
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I accrue 10 hours of paid sick time each month. I stay home sick when I have migraines, a cold, or he flu. I am home sick right now with a cold – I’m very dizzy and full of snot. I don’t want to sit at my desk blowing my nose and hacking all day. It’s not fair to my co-workers

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Bumble bee
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I have to be pretty darn sick.  We don’t have a ton of slack in our workforce.  When someone is out sick, the others have to pick up the slack.  I work with someone is who constantly taking “mental health” days and it drives me crazy.  She never has to catch up on her work because I have to do it when she’s done.  So, I try to be considerate – I’m there unless I’m contagious with something debilitating.

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Honey Beekeeper
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My line is, if I can’t focus and do a good job, then I stay home.  If I have a fever, I’m home.  If I’m contagious, I’m home.  If it’s just a headache, I dim the lights and power through.

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Busy bee
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I won’t go to class if…

(1) I have anything contagious. I think it’s inconsiderate to go in when you could get someone else sick. 

(2) I have a migraine. I can’t focus if I’m light sensitive, and the medication I need to take for a migraine knocks me out for the rest of the day. 

(3) If I’m throwing up. 

I do, occasionally take a mental health day if I’ve become really frayed and exhausted because I know I won’t be productive or attentive in that state. I try not to do that too often, though. 

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Bee Keeper

If I strongly want to stay home, I’m staying home, end of. I don’t have to justify it to myself. Normally I’m in the mood to be productive but sometimes I’m not even sick bodily, I just need a mental health day (e.g., right after something really shitty happened, and I’m not my emotional self). I feel no guilt about this.

I don’t get ill very often so I don’t overuse my sick days. 

If you are getting ill so often you’re out of sick days (and it’s not because your employer is a monster about them either) then that suggests serious chronic health issues that really need to be addressed. 

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Bumble bee
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I get 10 hours of sick time per month. I stay home if I have a migraine, or really sick where I can’t get out of bed.

My boss NEVER takes a sick day which makes all of us feel like shit when we do take a sick day. It annoys that crap out of me because people will come in hacking their brains out.

I really wish I could tell my boss I need a mental health day every once in a while. I work for a non profit and sometimes it gets depressing thinking about the children we help and I just need a day. Unforunately I have to lie to my boss and just tell her I have a migraine when really I need a mental health day.

That’s one of things I look forward to with going back to school and changing my career a bit. I want to have more flexibility where I can flex my time so that I can telework or leave early when I want to. 

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