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snowflake8:  Well….just look at how many women on the bee “feel different” or “feel pregnant” or have “NO sign of AF” (until it shows up) or have soooo many symptoms…..and then aren’t pregnant. It’s really not a good indicator, especially since the hormonal shift after ovulation can cause many symptoms.

To answer your question, I noticed “symptom”s the three cycles I wasn’t pregnant and I also had symptoms the month I was pregnant. But the biggest symptom was a late period and that was when I was pretty sure I was pregnant, which a test confirmed. I was just over 4 weeks along (from last menstrual period). Best of luck to you.

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It’s really not possible to have symptoms that early, if you did indeed get pregnant this cycle.  implantation doesn’t even happen until at least 6dpo, and since it doesn’t sound like you are confirming ovulation with either temping or an ultrasound, you don’t know if you in fact ovulated when you think you did.  the symptoms of the luteal phase are exactly the same as early pregnancy, because they are caused by the same hormone, progesterone.  Also, tracking only the length of your cycle is fairly unreliable in terms of pinpointing ovulation.  If this isn’t your month, I would recommend reading up on your cycle (Taking Charge of Your Fertility is a great choice). 

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Well, I went to the dr. to help figure out why I was not getting pregnant… while I was pregnant. Clearly, I had no clue. But like the PP said, it is SO easy to notice “symptoms” that aren’t there when you want to be pregnant. Obviously, no one here can say whether you are or are not, and hopefully you know your body better than anyone else, but still the mind can interpret things very differently when you are TTC. Good luck to you, but there is just no way of knowing until you can use a pregnancy test. 

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I’m heading into my 3rd cycle of actively ttc but we’ve been NTNP for 5 months.  since we’ve been ttc, i’ve noticed new things my body does that I swear it has never done before and I kept a log of symptoms I was sure meant that I was pregnant. I kept thinking that  since we had such good timing (and also had sex everyday) that there was no way we missed ovulation. Last month my period was 4 days late and i was sure i had to be knocked up but then it came and it was onto cycle 3.I learned that even with perfect timing, healthy couples only have a 20-40% chance of conceiving each month, depending on your age. The first two months were discouraging and I realize that there’s a very real chance i’m only at the beginning of a very long journey. That said, knowing how long it can take sort of takes the pressure off because otherwise i’d spend every month thinking there was something wrong with me which is an awful feeling.  

All that said, this is an exciting time and you should feel excited. Have fun with your husband! There are people who get pregnant on the first cycle, so why not you? Just remember that if this month does not end with you getting a positive pregnancy test, it’s totally normal and next cycle is around the corner. Keep your expectations low but your hopes high and enjoy yourselves.

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The cycle I was pregnant?  4w (14 dpo) after getting a positive at 3w3d (10 dpo).  Most of the other 7 cycles I wasn’t pregnant?  Various times between 3-12 DPO.  Lol. It is so hard not to symptom spot when you want it so badly! 

So yes, I think it’s too early for you to have real symptoms, but that doesnt mean it can’t happen this month either. Best of luck to you!

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Definitely 100% WAY to early for those “symptoms.”  This same ridiculousness comes up over and over on these boards.  No, you will NOT notice REAL symptoms just days after sex!  Sorry if this is harsh, but come on, common sense please!   Implantation has not happened.  Pregnancy hormones are produced AFTER implantation.  There are no exceptions to this.  

Also, many pregnancy symptoms are the exact same symptoms you get for a period.  Before you say they aren’t, consider the possibility that perhaps you just didn’t notice them as much when you weren’t scrutinizing your body so closely.  Keep poking your boobs to see if they “hurt” then the poking is going to make them hurt!

Ive been pregnant 4 times and only had symptoms AFTER my missed period.  This seems to be the far more common scenario.

I wish you luck.  But this symptom spotting will drive you nuts if you let it!

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The cycle I wasn’t pregnant, I had many symptoms. Nausea, late period, tiredness, sore boobs, hungriness.

The cycle I was pregnant, the only symptom I had was a lower backache from around 10dpo. I didn’t have a hunch AT ALL – I just took a test as a precaution so I could take some cold medication  (I couldn’t – lol).

You’re unlikely to have symptoms this early as [hopefully!!] implantation is still taking place, but there’s every chance that you could be pregnant! Let us know how you go!

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It’s psychosomatic. Even if you do happen to get pregnant, these symptoms this early are still pychosomatic because as PPs have pointed out, you would not even be producing the hormones that cause them yet. I’ve been pregnant a few times and never noticed any symptoms until well after my missed period — mainly because I wasn’t trying to get pregnant, so wasn’t scrutinizing myself for symptoms every time I had sex, and didn’t have Google up in front of me listing out every possible obvious and obscure symptom.

Eventually you’ll be right and will probably tell everyone “I knew it, it just felt different” forgetting all about all the times that it felt just as different and was nothing. It’s like when someone “has a feeling” not to get on a plane. If the plane crashes, they tell everyone about how psychic they are. But if the plane doesn’t crash, they forget about it and go on about their business. Nobody ever hears about all the times people weren’t psychic. Same thing here. If you’re a symptom-spotter, you’re going to spot symptoms every month, and at some point — most likely —  you’ll be right. Best wishes!

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wineplease:  amen.

OP,  there is literally no way those are pregnancy symptoms yet. Even if this your month, your body isn’t even pregnant yet. I would *really* strongly recommend spending time learning how this works instead of obsessing over “symptoms “.

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Congrats on starting to ttc. This can definitely be an exciting time. 

I agree with what everyone has said here. It’s way too early to feel any symptoms. I’ve been pregnant three times (2 losses) and never felt any symptoms until a few days after a missed period. It can seem exciting at first to symptom spot, but I think 1. It makes you think way too much about ttc and makes the tww drag on and 2. It can make a bfn that much more disheartening if this isn’t your month. 

I also second reading a little bit about implantation and the whole conception process as I think understanding how it all works and that you just can’t have pregnancy symptoms before you have pregnancy hormones really helped me not symptom spot when I first started ttc. 

All that being said, I really hope this IS your month and that your ttc journey is short and sweet. Enjoy this time with your husband and good luck!!

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all 3 times I knew I was pregnant about a week after ovulating. Good luck!

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I definitly started feling symptoms a week after ovulation. My husband kept making fun of me for symptom spotting but I had never felt the pinching cramp like that before. I also had some back pain and stuffy nose, but again those could be from a million diffiernt things. The cramping was unique though.

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I found this article very helpful!  Sounds like even with the “early detector” tests, you can still get a negative if it is too early, so in my mind – it makes most sense to have lots of fun while you’re ovulating – then don’t even consider taking a test until you are a few days past a missed period.

This way you won’t really need to take several tests.


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snowflake8:   I don’t think you can have symptoms until after implantation.  So if you have true pregnancy symptoms you should be able to get a positive test.  So approx. 7-14 DPO.

Sorry, it is too early for those to be pregnancy symptoms.

You know, I didn’t know I was pregnant until 8 weeks along.  I actually had some pregnancy symptoms but since I didn’t think I could be pregnant I wrote them off (and they weren’t consistent until after 8 weeks).  Since you are convinced you are pregnant, you are imagining every twinge is pregnancy related when it is probably not- because it’s too early.  The mind is a powerful thing.

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