(Closed) How soon does a UTI need to be treated? (May be some TMI)

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Drink lots of water and cranberry juice. I say try to be seen right away, maybe urgent care? It’s better to be safe than sorry, and you may need to be treated with antibiotics. Good luck! 🙂

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If it were me, I would be heading to the clinic just because I hate the feeling of a UTI and it will only get worse.  If you absolutely have to wait, drink a lot of pure cranberry juice which can help a little bit and take some tylenol.  I think there can be some bad consequences for allowing a UTI to run rampant, but I don’t think a day and a half would make that much of a difference other than your discomfort.

ETA: I get these often as I was born with a small urinary tract and need to have operations every so often to try and avoid them.  I have definitely gone to the emergency room before, told them I’m 99% sure I have a UTI, can they give me a urine test, some antibiotics and some pain medication and I’ll be on my way!

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I would suggest you go to an urgent care clinic today.  If you do have an infection they’ll be able to let you know within 10 minutes and they’ll give you a prescription you can start taking today.  Don’t wait – if it is a UTI, it can get worse rapidly, in terms of the infection spreading and in terms of the amount of pain.  It may end up hurting like a mothereffer by tonight or tomorrow.

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Dr. Google says you should be fine until Monday-blood in the urine can be a symptom of a UTI.  But it can also be a kidney infection, but if that was the case you would likely already be in the hospital because the pain is excruciating.

But I think you can buy Pyridium (sp?) over the counter.  It makes your pee orange and helps with the pain.  Good luck:)

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no reason to be ashamed 🙂

while it should be treated asap, it wouldnt be the worst thing if you waited until monday. i have always gone to the walk-in, mostly because i don’t have a primary physician.  but you can get an over-the-counter med called uristat that will help relieve a lot of the discomfort. it’s usually in the tampon aisle.

from experience, though, don’t take it the day that you have your appointment at the doctors.  it might affect the results of the urine test they administer.  but it will definitely help get you through the weekend.

also, uristat does turn your pee bright orange. so don’t let that alarm you! good luck!


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I would go to a walk-in clinic.  I had a UTI turn into a kidney infection once because I waited a few days for the appointment, and that sucked even worse.  In the meantime, hit up your nearest pharmacy for AZO Standard.  It’ll be in the feminine care aisle.  It gets rid of the symptoms of UTIs, but doesn’t treat it, so you’ll still need to go to the doctor for the antibiotic.  It’s seriously the best thing ever.  It’s about $7 if I remember correct.  And just to warn you, it turns your pee bright orange.  I didn’t know that the first time my doctor told me about it, and I was freaking out. haha. I personally see no difference in my UTI symptoms with increased water or cranberry juice, so I always go with Azo.

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Oh I’m sorry – UTIs are so uncomfortable. If you can hang in there until Monday I think you’ll be fine but sometimes it will be too painful to wait and then I’d suggest going to an urgent care place.

Here are some things to do to help you wait until Monday

– There is an over the counter med called Cystex and it will help the pain and symptoms

– Buy 100% cranberry juice. The 100% part is important. It is hard to drink because it is bitter but drink as much as you possibly can. It will form a coating on your bladder that will numb the pain and also prevents the bacteria from hanging on there. It will help I promise!

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Oh yeah I concur about Uristat.  I keep some on hand at home just in case because on the couple of occasions when I have gotten a UTI, the pain was really bad almost from the beginning.

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I’d go to a doctor ASAP. I just got over a kidney infection from an untreated UTI and it really, really sucked.

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ASAP.  The longer you wait, the more chance of it traveling to the kidneys and you getting a kidney infection.  If you can’t get an appointment right away, then I suggest buying cystex and cranberry juice.  It works wonder.

PS – no need to feel uncomfortable.  UTIs are so common in women!  I’ve had at least three thus far.  It SUCKS (the first one I had a kidney infection because I didn’t know I had a UTI), but it’s not that horrible.

PPS – I suggest drinking a small glass of cranberry juice right before bed.  It’ll sit in your bladder overnight and help relieve any discomfort/pain with your first morning urine.

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You need to go to the doctor.  Cranberry juice and cystex can make the discomfort go away but the infection does not go away on its own.

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