(Closed) How the hell do I start running?

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Bumble bee
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Interested in this as well, marking to see the answers 🙂

Couch to 5K is supposed to be a good way to start, but I haven’t actually tried that yet.

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Start with the road, don’t put any expectations for time or distance on yourself, and do it one lampost at a time! Also, buy good running shoes. Every day, run more lamposts. run one, walk one. Then run two, walk on. Etc

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Couch to 5K! I just started with an app today – it was a walk-run mix, so much easier on the body than trying to jump right into a full run.

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I highly recommend Couch to 5K. I just started doing that this year; I still HATE running but its becoming more bearable.

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I have the “ease into 5 k” app and quite like it.  

If you’re literally going from sedentary though it might accelerate a little too fast for you.  if you google “couch to 5 k” you should get lots of great info. And invest in a good pair of proper running shoes from a store that actually analyzes your gait and pronate/supine. Your feet will thank you!  I also get blisters all the time so I like to put a little chafing gel in there and wear good socks. 

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I would definitely start running outside, the treadmill sucks! I hate running myself, but I think it’s best to set small goals for yourself (something like the couch to 5K would help with this) and slowly work your way up.

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@amallama:  Step 1: Invest in a good pair of running shoes. Go to a store that specializes in fitting them, and you’ll definitely get some guidance. 

Second, as other bees suggested, start slow. Even if it’s walking. Build yourself up to run for a minute, walk for 2 or 3. As you get into better shape, you can gradually decrease the walking as you up your running time. Pay attention to your body. You’re going to hurt like heck the first few weeks, but you’ll get there. 

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Sugar bee
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@amallama:  You can do it! try intervals at first walk for five minutes run for two minutes and gradually increase your running time you’ll be able to tell when you should increase because it’ll  start feeling easy peesy. Good Luck and go slow at first:)

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@amallama:  If you’re set on running, check out Zombies Run 5k. I’ve got serious knee issues and I’m managing week two of this programme.

Also, don’t rely on running alone. Every 1lb you weigh impacts exponentially on your lower body and back when you run, so it’s going to make things worse for your knees. I’ve started to find it easier because I’m doing a progressive strength programme and the strength in my legs has increased dramatically. I did a month of strength training before trying to run again.

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Couch to 5k seems to be the best way to do it but really you just need to get out there and try. Don’t push yourself too hard, start by doing a slow jog/walk combination and over time work up to jogging more than you walk etc… Running is definitely a process, and even those of us that run regularly and enjoy it lose it if we don’t run for a long time. Also I would run outside if weather permits, but thats because I hate the treadmill.

The other thing is SHOES SHOES SHOES make sure you are using the right shoes, in fact I would recommend getting fitted for a running shoe that will work well for you. Too many times people go out in whatever junk fitrness shoe they have around the house and they just create more issues for themselves such as shin splints and knee pain. 

Also remember you CAN do it! The hardest part about doing it is getting out there!

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@MissSapphire:  I’ve never heard of anyone else doing this, but this is what I do! The lamp post thing really works. I have a solid visual goal, and I can force myself to reach the next one, knowning I’ll be able to have a quick rest once I’m there. I highly recommend this, too!

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Busy bee
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I’m a TERRIBLE runner. I have always hated running, it’s boring and hard, I’ve always picked swimming or cycling over running. But I’m turning 30 next year and I want to have a half marathon under my belt so I signed up for one happening in September.


I have a training plan which is online and is pre-prepared taking into account my current (as was) fitness levels-practically zero. Also, my boyfriend signed up too so the both of us tell each other to get up off the sofa and run!


The plan started off  running for 15 minutes, 3 times a week. I hate treadmills so we run outdoors which has been challenging considering its the winter but as the spring comes things are getting a lot more comfortable!


One of the suggestions in the training plan if you couldn’t run the whole 15 mins, was to start by walking 2 mins, jogging 1min, repeated for the 15 minutes. This seemed like a pretty good way to get into it, because with every subsequent run you could increase the running time and decrease the walking time until you get to running the whole 15, then you’re on track to start increasing running times.


Im actually starting to enjoy it, I’ve got a motivational running soundtrack, my current route is really nice and with the days getting longer its so nice to start running when its light! The ‘trick’ is just to stick at it, and push yourself but not to the point where you can’t run for again for 3 weeks-little and often is the way forward-you won’t run 10k on your first run! I’m noting all of my runs down on the calendar in the kitchen with times and distances and approximate calories burned and it is brilliant seeing how much progress I’ve made in a couple of months which spurs me on to keep going!!

Start small and I’m sure you’ll see results in very little time 🙂 good luck!!!

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Sugar bee
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Couch to 5k graduate here! I can go out and easily run 5 miles now if I want (well maybe not today since I’m still kind of sick.) Its been about half a year since I started using the program. I do have asthma and was overweight when I started, now I’m -35lbs down and closing in on -40lbs! Its tough at first but 100% worth it! Also, I suggest you search youtube for runner’s stretches to prevent injuries (and do them every time you finish running!) I have weak knees and a weak hip. I have had 3 running injuries in 2 months, but once I started stretching, I haven’t had an injury since. Injuries can be discouraging so do everything you can to prevent them (stretch/listen to your body) including not running too much too soon!!!!


ETA: I couldn’t even run for 30 seconds when I started the program!



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The treadmill sucks. As a runner and past coach, I recommend LSD. Long Slow Distance. Start with a motivating playlist and just go for a jog. Take your time and get your body used to the motion. Then start to step it up gradually. But be sure to listen to your body, if your shins are hurting STOP and get on a bike instead. Also, go get yourself a good pair of shoes. I would believe you will need some with a lot of cushioning to start out.

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