(Closed) How tired were you in the first trimester?

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Bumble bee
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SUPER exhusted. I would come home from work just to sleep until after dinner, eat, then sleep until the morning. I am a teacher so now that I am on summer break I take afternoon naps. I am now 12 weeks and STILL dog tired!

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Worker bee

@Aquarius: I was SOOO tired. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I had heard a lot about fatigue but I really had no idea. The first few weeks (maybe starting around 6) I was just exhausted. Aside from my full-time job I had foolishly taken on a freelance project. Thank God that’s over, it was hell not being able to take a 2-hour nap every day, which is what I do now. Another time I’ve noticed bad fatigue is in the mornings. I used to pop right out of bed, but now I have to build in at least 20 minutes of lying down or sitting and watching TV before I can summon the strength to move on.

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Buzzing bee

I’m 30 weeks now, but nothing compares to my first tri fatigue.  I was lucky that I only vomitted 1x/week at most, but I had nausea very often.  I was very busy at work, so I probably did not rest as much as I *should’ve*.  I think I took naps about 2x during the work week, then was able to do a little more work afterwards (think maybe 5:30-7:30 nap or longer).  Then, I owuld need to allow PLENTY of time to rest up on the weekend.

You can do it if need be, but you may need hubs to step up big time on the other chores, so you can just concentrate on “baby cooking” and school.  You should have more energy in 2nd tri, but you might be distracted by nesting!

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Like the others, I was EXTREMELY exhausted in the first trimester but it got much better closer to the second trimester. I get tired here and there in the third trimester but not even close to the last two trimesters. During my 1st and 2nd trimesters though I had an hour commute (1 way). That took a lot out of me which I am sure would be the same if you are working hard and long hours.

Just be sure to take care of yourself. Get some sleep as much as you can. It will help you get through those stages.

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I just entered my 2nd trimester and only now is the exhaustion really setting in. The 1st trimester I only had to nap about 5 times. Each of those times, it was sudden, like one minute I was fine and the next I would do a face-plant on the couch and sleep for 2-3 hours. Once I had to nap at work because it hit me in the afternoon. Now that I am in my 2nd trimester, it is worse. The last few days I have been napping every afternoon. Last night I slept 11 hours and woke up exhausted this morning.

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Busy bee
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TIRED! I took a nap EVERY day in between school and work. i HAD to. or by the end of the day i would be asleep by 630/7 and not wake up till 7 the next day. Then, I didnt have morning sickness… I would get sick every afternoon while i was at work. I finally got over the tiredness then i developed hypoglocemia at the end of my 2nd trimester and was tired all the time all over again! Hopefully my next child won’t give me so much trouble lol and hopefully yours either! fingers crossed!

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I was doing data collection during my first trimester.  I was so tired that I could have napped while sitting at my desk entering data.  It’s a bone crushing tiredness, but the up side is that you can sleep anywhere at any time.  I’d often come home from work and sleep til morning (only getting up to pee a million times!)

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I’m at 9 weeks and have been fairly tired like the other ladies said.  I’ve been comparing it to that really drowsy state you have after a big lunch.  I nap more often and it seems like they last longer than (the rare) pre-pregancy nap.  I travel a lot for work and have made a few adjustments.  I used to be able to fit in a 3-4 hour drive first thing in the morning (to get to the other town/office around 9:00) but now I make the drive the afternoon before.  If your travel will include flying, definitely take advantage of that built-in nap time.  I think it can be done if you’re easy on yourself and allow for some modifications.

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Bumble bee
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2-3 hour naps on most days, usually from 3:30 until dinnertime. Hubby cooks most of the time now. Also, I’m rarely up at the crack of dawn like I used to be and am sound asleep by 10.

stlginkgo I’m in the middle of my 12th week and am a teacher too. Not on break yet though. Boo hoo.

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wow. i don’t know if i’m very lucky or if there’s something wrong with me! i’m 8 weeks and not tired at all. no naps. nothing.

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So tired. So, so tired.

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Bee Keeper

I was exhausted, but it came in waves.  I would wake up feeling tired, then I’d perk up after some breakfast.  Then I’d get tired right before lunch, then I’d perk up for lunch.  I’d hit an afternoon nap, then I’d perk up for dinner.  I usually went to bed at 6pm.  Basically my body only woke up for meals, then I had skull crushing exhaustion.  It was like being drugged, I just COULD NOT stay awake.  I was so glad when that passed!

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Busy bee
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I will ditto what Mighty said…I could have slept all day! If you have ever had mononucleiosis then it was a very similar type tired except it lasted the entire first trimester. The day I hit my second trimester it was like night and day and I felt great. Now in my third trimester, I am tired but its more like normal tired from just not sleeping well. 


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