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I am not familar with either of these sites, but I do have an experience with Janet at http://www.mybigfatbeautifulwedding.com  she does custom dresses and she is based in the US–Michigan. She has her own line and she really is through as far as explaining everything and how replica’s work. 

Since most dresses are made in China these days, it’s not really anything to be afraid of, just picking the right manufacturer and really one that communicates well with you is the trick.  I personally would email them and call them and talk to them.  How do they respond to your questions?

I am wondering about the Lindy bridal as I couldn’t pull up the website.  But the Modagrabber doesn’t appear to have a phone number?  Maybe I didn’t spend enough time on the website.  But I am always leary of any replica website that only posts pictures of designer dresses and passing them off as the one you will get.  I think that’s illegal.  You should at least see their work so that you can determine the quality.

Best of Luck!




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I have never heard of the two you listed…but I did have my dress made from a china dressmaker. I bought mine off of tidebuy.com they were wonderful. Its only takes 18 days to make the dress and another 5-8 days to ship it (free) enless you want it faster then you can pay the express shipping and that will take 2-4 days. Their customer service is amazing. They email you back within 24 hours. They speak english very well! You can also pay with paypal…which is good cus you have the secerity of them backing your purchase! I was super happy with them. I am actually ordering my bm dresses from there too! They have thousands of dresses to chose from and they also can custome make one if they do not have it on the site!

Here is my dress I got:

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I have threads about my experience:

My BAD experience

My good/informative china replica experience

Some things you should make sure you check out before buying anywhere:

*if there is a website, always check feedback OFF site, and get a feel of its them doing fake reviews, or really honest opinions.

*If ebay, make sure they have 98%+ on their feedback, and that those positives are not “soft” positives. Also that they are for dresses, not little crappy fillers to look really great. Read every negitive and neutral. There shouldnt be too many, but it can show you a different story. (“soft” Positive is something like “nice dress, will work, slow shipping but cheap” “great for its price” that means they didnt have huge standards. Happy brides are enthusisastic)

*When communicating always be simple, articulate, and to the point. But if there is a problem or you could come across negitivly, lighten it with thank yous, and light hearted incerts. You have to realize you are talking to someone who possible doesnt speak any english and is using a translation site. You dont want to come across as rude (VERY bad to them) but you need to let them know your points and that you are expecting exactly what you paid for.

*Ask for photos of their past work, and if they have made your style, or close to, ask to see those ones. If you can ask to see the details.

*If you have some time, ask to get samples of their fabric.

*Communicate ALL details, and keep the emails, BEFORE paying. That way you have records, and you can make sure its all smoothed out before production

*See if they will send photos to proof. Not all will if on a tight time limit, but if you have a little time its worth it. Make sure all worrysome aspects are included. Tell them not to send until you Okay it, and make sure ANY conserns are addressed before okaying it.

*If getting a copy not listed or a design you created, send ALOT of photos of the things that are important to you, and ask if they can come close

* Beading and lace are two of the hardest things to replicate, so ask for pics, and what kind of beading they use. I asked for very little seqins, but thats my personal taste.

*All that communicating serves another purpose, how well/quickly they get back to you, and how well they understand what you want through the language barrier. 

*KEEP communicating. Ask little questions, and be nice, but to the point. Just to make sure they are still communicating, and not ignoring your order

*Pay with Paypal, using your credit card. You have two ways of saving a bad purchase, but even then not always in your favor. Paypal only gives you 45 days from PAYING not sending. And if they deny your claim you can go to your credit company. Problem is occasionally because paypal denied you they will ban you from paypal.

*Lastly, if all goes well and you did your research, realize it will not be exact. It may be not as high quality (especially if you want a replica of a HIGH end dress) There may need to be minor alterations, but you should get a beautiful dress, within your budget, that you will look beautiful in. Some brides are even more satisfied with the customization that the original.

Sorry so long. Just wanted to let you know as much as you can, from a bride who didnt take all the advice and had a few  worrysome mistakes. But now I have a beautiful china replica dress I am VERY excited about.

Some good resources are:

adw2cshe is a VERY good bee to talk to, and has helpped alot of brides.

The best thread I have come across of others experiences with very well known replica makers

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Hi!!! I don’t know anything about Lindy or modagrabber.com. I hope they have quality work and you have done your research. I ordered three dresses from china after doing a ton of research.

One company was my worst nightmare. If you have time to read through my review and look at the pics then that would great. If not then scroll to the bottom to look at their work. For me.

Jeff Liu/Aprils Bridal- CHINA DRESS- is in


One company was heaven sent. I had no troubles and speak very highly of them in detail.

My Dressilyme CHINA dress is ready!!!!

My Dressilyme CHINA dress is ready!!!! Part 2


Other than my company there were quite a few dealers I thought about going with. They do great work and good reviews from other customers.


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Millys Bridal
Jasmines bridal


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Duosheng smtweddingstore on Ebay


At the end of the day I read through these reviews on this other site. They seemed to have plenty of information. I am not 100% sure I agree with some of the dealers on here anymore for various reasons. However, you can tell by the work what you feel.


I think all in all it depends on the style of dress you are going for as well. Many people that love lace gowns go with a particular seller. Its based on their quality in material.

Not all have the same quality fabric.

For example, my first disaster dress had horrible material and workmanship for me but for others they seem to produce a good quality dress. This could be due to the style or do to their representation of the dress.

Also, with some sites its a great idea to ask them for samples of a particular dress.

I would say that for dressilyme, they gave me great quality pics of their work they used based on a design. I later decided to give them my pic to work from because I trusted their craftsmanship and loved their price.

So with any company, please ask them to provide you a sample (stock photo) of work that they have already produced. If they are good at what they do, then they wil be able to offer you a picture of the dress you request.


Good luck with your China dress shopping. If you ever have a question please shoot me a message. I will always answer. ^_^

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Gorgeous! Can’t wait to see your results.

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niether one of them will probably do embroidery.  I have never seen any chinese dress with embroidery right onto the dress.  most will simply get a lace piece or lace applique and bead it and sew it onto the dress.  I have reviewed a couple of chinese dress makers that I had experience with.  I think you have some good advice here. 

Bottom line is.. If you want your dress to look EXACTLY like the one you tried, you will be disappointed.  If you are willing to let some things slide for a lower price, you can get a great deal. 

Since it is very fitted, you will probably have to get it altered even if you order it in custom sizing.  i would suggest you order a standard size and alter from there since it will be far more likely that you could mess up the measurements and get it way off if you send them measurements. 

good luck.  Keep an open mind. 

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You might want to keep an eye on this thread about a store that sells samples.  I stumbled upon the place in July and a bunch of Bees have gotten dresses from them.  We had a 700+ post thread on the dress forum before the mods asked us to move over the Classifieds. 

Here’s the thread: http://classifieds.weddingbee.com/topic/the-sample-gown-gold-mine

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