(Closed) How to deal with an office full of Trump supporters when you aren't one

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Girl. I feel you. 

I live in rural Indiana and it has been a painful experience in my workplace. My FEMALE boss even went so far as to say that a “woman has no place in the White House.” I worked the day after the election and I had to work the day of his inauguration. I did speak up on one occasion when my coworkers were openly degrading Michelle Obama and I made them all feel like assholes. I’ve actually started to research other jobs in my area just to get away from their ignorance.

I try to remind myself that they will all look like idiots when he gets impeached or does something so revolting that even they couldn’t support him. Good luck bee. 

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Buzzing Beekeeper

Noise canceling headphones. If you cannot wear literal ones then plug your ears with a virtual set.

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Helper bee

If there are any authorities above that boss, neutrally state that you feel political talk is taking up work hours and you’d like your work life to remain focused in the professional realm. You might even try that with your political boss if there is no other option, but otherwise you may have to clench your jaw and bear it.

My FI’s sister is the only Trump fan in his progressive family who, not coincidentally, has a huge victim complex, and we were all put on a strict no-politics policy at the holidays, to everyone’s relief. That’s probably your best approach. However, I’m personally from a hugely conservative area and whenever my family starts acting like they know more about gun control than families who lost children to gun violence, or giving alternative facts with no citations, etc etc etc, I’ve started making no pretense about standing up immediately and going into any other room. This is unprofessional and blows your cover, but keeps your sanity intact if all else fails.

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My mom is a nurse in an expensive part of a red portion in a very blue state. She is surrounded by Trump supporters and she has known some of them for 15-20 years, she can’t believe the lengths they go to speak down to her for being on the wrong side. She’s not even a democrat. 

Im sorry you’re going trough that. 

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Busy bee

I work in Manhattan, but for an extremely conservative media company. It’s…unpleasant. I know there are many on my side around, but I’m not sure on exactly who feels like I do (firmly on team fuck Trump). 

Luckily, my coworkers aren’t too political so it doesn’t come up much, but when it does, I try to participate in a neutral, fact-oriented manner, correcting misconceptions and clearing up biased rhetoric (ex: the difference between Obama’s and Trump’s “Muslim ban”).

I also try to be involved, calling my reps and donating to PP and the ACLU. 

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Our situations are almost identical. After trump won, one of my coworkers came in with his hands up saying “thank God” and cheering. This is a 60 something year old man btw. Then he felt the need to come and talk to me about it. I made it clear that I wasn’t happy and just flat out told him “I don’t want to talk about it.” He apologized after because I was clearly irotated and work isn’t the time or place to talk politics. Now I just have to hear him yell “Trump nation!” whenever Trump does something stupid. I also constantly have to hear everyone justifying his actions and not being educated on what he’s actually doing. It’s frustrating but I just tune them out or get up and walk away from my desk. At least there’s an end in sight with the people your currently work with! 

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I have a Trump supporter boss too. She is American but works in Canada where I live. She constantly repeats his “alternative facts” and even though I know he is full of shit and I have researched the real facts, I cannot say anything cause it would be challenging my boss.

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I live with trump supporters: ignore it, change the subject, the workplace isn’t for politics….like you said you’ll be gone soon enough. You don’t want people to treat you differently based on your political views so it’s best in a mainly conservative setting to not say anything, especially since it’s a small company (righ?) Otherwise I can’t imagine that a large corporation would allow politics and religion discussed so openly

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Busy bee

Like previous posters have mentioned, work is sooo not the place for talking about religion or politics. I know a lot of small companies can be pretty laissez-faire about things like this in reality, though. I think the best way to deal with this crappy situation is simply by being professional yourself–not participating in the discussion, and politely hedging or changing the subject to something else if a coworker or supervisor tries to engage you about it. Like someone else said, noise canceling headphones are your friend.

I’ve been in a similar boat before, so I feel you. I found that being sort of politely and neutrally unresponsive in the face of such wildly inappropriate discussions eventually meant that the offenders stopped trying to engage me about x issue! The rest of the time, I just turned on my soothing nature sounds and ignored them. Instant serenity!

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Well. I don’t have good advice because I ran out of patience with misleading lies and conspiracy theories taken from Facebook memes originating in Macedonia about 6 months ago. 

The last thing I said to someone I have to interact with (but I don’t work with them) was, “I’ve shown you the facts several times. Is there a reason you’re lying to everyone?” 

I don’t recommend this at work. Obviously. 🙂 

But in general, even though it’s uncomfortable I do recommend calling others out, otherwise we have a nation of alternative facts and that could be very dangerous.

I used to just change the subject and even ask them to stop but I’ve given up. If they want to talk about it I’m happy to talk about Yemen Gate and how Trump already got a Navy Seal killed through incompetence, after all of his screeching about Benghazi.

Hang in there bee. Maybe you need a countdown calendar:-) 

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radem :  I knew a boss like that too. She was a narrow minded individual without a clue that anyone else has a right to a different opinion.  She actually sent out these biased left leaning liberal “articles”, supporting her own views, for her employees to read and initial! One of her employees got fed up and copied one of the articles and mailed it anonymously to her bosses boss. That ended that, the articles stopped! Hahaha. Maybe you could do something similar?

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ugh, i’m right there with you.

i’m a hair stylist and a few of the girls i work with are trump supporters and my shop is located in the land of consertvative a-holes, so i hear comments from customers and my co-workers. we’re not even supposed to discuss that stuff, but apparently some people don’t care. i try to change the subject if it comes up, but some people don’t get the hint.

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They’re practicing free speech by praising a brainless show pony at work, so you post a picture of Trump with a big red “NO” circle on your door/computer/desk.

Me?  I’d change jobs.  

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Headphones or ear plugs. It’s really all you can do. One of my coworkers is a hard-core consipircy theorist, and when she goes off I just put in my headphones and ignore 🙂

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