How to deal with an office full of Trump supporters when you aren't one

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I can’t help with this one much. I just can’t imagine how horrible it must be to work in a place like that and I’m glad you’re leaving eventually. I would just tune it out, channel my hatred of Trump with silly memes at my desk to show that I have free speech too (and giggle when they get pissed) or switch jobs, or I may snap and yell at everyone before switching jobs.

Virtually everyone at my job is against Trump, approx. 200 people. At our annual office-wide meeting the bosses expressed their concerns of a Trump presidency with everyone and the effect it will have on architecture and their diverse staff, many people had Bernie pins and stickers at their desks during the primaries and I still have my Bernie water bottle. We feel free to talk about our country going downhill and the last stupid thing Trump did. . It’s good to NOT live in an alternate fact world. So I say all that to bring me to this point: come to a liberal state!

(Disclaimer: for voting purposes it’s best for liberals to stay in red states because we need you there! But it’s gonna be a long 4 years so… depends on your resilience) 

P.S: You should put this at your desk, it’s subtle:

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Headphones and a firm “I will not entertain politics talk” face. I work in Investment management–there’s tons of trump cheerleaders here. 

I make it known that I’m a disinterested audience. When my colleague or staff comes by to “talk shop” about the dismantling of Dodd-Frank, I give the most neutral face and cut him/her off at a good time (about 2-3 minutes or so of tirade) and change the topic to the work at hand. I’ve had to remind staff of deadlines, ask colleagues of their weekend plans, heck at one point I pretended my phone was ringing and motioned for them to come back later. I’ve had to be creative but i love my office door and how far I am from the other offices to a point where I can barely here these talks. If all else fails I usually close my door (last resort, I have an open door policy). 

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radem :  turn in work with errors and then claim they are just alternative facts

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radem :  I live in a very very blue city but for some reason there T supporters at my work. Honestly all I hear them talk about Melania’s outfits. I think they voted for best dressed, seriously. If they don’t like someone like Michelle Obama or recently Meryl Streep they say they can’t believe how bad they dress or “their stylist should be fired”. It’s so weird and ignorant. 

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radem :  I’m in the same boat! My office is a small setting and my fiance is military also. But my coworkers are constantly talking about Trump and how great he is, which is fine because I believe everyone has a right to their opinions but it does get super uncomfortable as I am minority as well. I put in my headphones and don’t react to anything they say. Sometimes I feel as though they’re looking for a reaction since I’m not from the area and relocated because of the military. Don’t give them the satisfaction! 

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radem :  I work in the construction industry and many, many of the guys there voted for Trump. The day after the election when I walked in it was like some grotesque celebration. I had not hidden the fact that I find Donald Trump to be repugnant and someone tried to tease me about it. The first few times I played along, but after repeatedly ignoring my requests for him to stop–and I clapped the fuck back. I made sure that by the time our interaction was done he understood that I had my facts, I had sound reasoning, and I would gleefully tear apart every single “alternative fact” he tossed my way while relating it back to his hypocritical life. For me and my personality, I don’t mind calling people out when they are repeating inaccuracies or outright lies. I don’t mind calling out things when they just aren’t right, so yes, I’m kind of the righteous office bitch, but we don’t have to talk about politics. I don’t chase people down, but if it’s directly in front of me or in my office, I will speak up. 9/10 times the Trump supporters at my work resort to claiming I’m “attacking” them by asking them to provide sources or reasoning behind their claims, which always just makes me chuckle because the people who claim to abhor “safe spaces” and “political correctedness” are the first ones to cry foul in a debate. 

For you, if you feel like you don’t want it to be a massive argument or confrontation, I would post something in your office/cubicle that kind of lets everyone know without saying it that you don’t support him. If they have tact, they’ll avoid talking about it near you or won’t drag you into the conversation.

It’s good you’re leaving and just remember, all of these Trump supporters who are happily championing every racist, backwards, fucked up EO or policy he is presenting are the ones who history will not be kind to. They are going to be the ones with egg on their face when this eventually goes to shit. 

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