How to deal with horrid morning sickness?

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secretlifeofbees :  

Good luck! I don’t think I’ll ever forget the misery of those first months.

This is about to get gross…

I would empty my bladder each time I would get sick so I had to get into a routine of running to the bathroom, peeing, and then throwing up. I told my coworker “I hope I stop peeing myself when throwing up after the baby comes” and my coworker said “Sansa.. you won’t be throwing up anymore after she comes”

It’s funny that someone had to actually remind me of that, I was so used to just randomly throwing up all the time that I forgot that it wasn’t going to be for the rest of my life.

I hope it passes quickly for you!

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Unisom is the main ingredient in declegis (which is safer than Zofran). It saved me – I still felt like shit, but I was at least able to get through the work day. (I had all day sickness through my second trimester, it was awful). I’d highly recommend you try unisom. 

And congrats! Also, don’t feel guilty! After months of stressing about not getting pregnant, I remember being curled up, naked, on my bathroom floor in between vomit sessions wondering WTF I did to myself. I texted my best friend who said when she was pregnant with her first, she wished she had never got pregnant. It is 100% okay to feel like death and complain about it. 

Also, who ever invented the term “morning sickness” was clearly an idiot. And clearly a man. 

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I took Unisom and b6 and it helped a lot. I still felt like shit and threw up once a day most days, but it became somewhat manageable compared to how it was before I started the meds. For me, weeks 9-10 were the absolute worst, and after 12 weeks I slowly started feeling better. 

Def drink the ginger tea!

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secretlifeofbees :  Good luck bee!  FWIW Your chances of miscarriage are a bit lower when you have strong morning sickness.  So.. silver linings?

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I had debilitating MS well into my second trimester. The only thing that helped me was peppermint. I’d carry around a pack of wintergreen Altoids to sniff and suck on, and eventually I picked some mint leaves from my mom’s garden, dried them out, and then stuffed them into a pouch which I’d sleep with at night…kinda weird, but it was the only thing that got me through. 

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Sea bands, freeze dried ginger capsules, taking vitamins at night, and preggie pop drops is how I survived. Hope your morning sickness passes soon!

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I’m having all-day nausea with my current pregnancy, and it sucks! Don’t feel bad about complaining; it’s entirely possible to appreciate a healthy pregnancy and love your baby while still hating what you have to go through! Sea Bands really help me, and I’m taking vitamin B6 as well. I’m pretty sure I feel lousy today because I forgot it last night! There are some teas you’re supposed to avoid during pregnancy, but ginger isn’t one of them – check with your doc. Hope you feel better soon!

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I was sick my entire first trimester until the symptoms magically subsided going into the second.  Like you I had all day sickness and I actually never once vomited, though I felt like I was on the verge of vomiting ALL the time.  I wish I had great advice but I don’t.  I had many food aversions and did find sour, like lemonade seemed to help at times.  Also vitamin B.  But still, nothing really was THE answer.

In your case you may want to follow up with your doctor.  Mine had recommended Diclegis but I never took it.

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secretlifeofbees :  I also had really bad nausea but only for about a month. Using preggie pops helped as did Dramamine-n. It’s a specific kind of Dramamine that is literally just ginger and a pharmacist who had just had a baby actually recommended it to me. Taking one at night helped stop my sickness in the morning and then taking another midday also really helped. 

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Girl I totally feel you! I am almost 18 weeks now, and only throwing up once in a while, but still gagging throughout the day. My OB prescribed me Bonjesta which is brand new to the market, and I took it for two months. I don’t think I could have kept working without it! I couldn’t even keep down water, let alone eat anything and was throwing up several times a day. I literally just stopped taking it because it was just harder for me to function and stay awake on an extended release antihistamine. BUT I definitely could not have made it through the last couple months without it! They warn you about how expensive it is but I used a coupon and after insurance it was $30.

I still felt just bad in general even on my medication but I didn’t take even one sick day so I feel pretty proud of myself. Now I am focused on starting to gain weight as my appetite slowly returns.

Wishing you the best, Bee, and hope you get some relief soon!

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I was sick all first trimester, mostly throwing up at night but nausea all day. I took prenatal vitamins at night and sometimes that would make me throw up. What I found helped me was eating crackers and sometimes drinking ginger ale. It helped sometimes but not all the time. Eventually though when I got to second trimester, nausea and throwing up went away so that was great. It should go away for you once you go to your second trimester. 

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secretlifeofbees :  Oh no! I also had severe morning sickness that finally subsided right around 4.5 months. I hope it gets better for you soon!!

The most important thing, more than eating, is keeping hydrated. I was prescribed Zofran but it didn’t work. I recommend drinking small sips of powerade and ginger tea throughout the day. I personally hated all smells so there was no deoderant, perfume, cologne, etc used while I was in the house. And my hubby cooked the most bland noodle broth you can imagine for me to drink for every meal – that worked to keep me somewhat alive.

Make sure you keep up with fluid intake. I landed in the hospital twice for dehydration so be careful. xoxo

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secretlifeofbees :  Diclegis was a lifesaver for me.  I tried Zofran as well, but it made me so constipated I couldn’t decide which was worse….but Diclegis was great!  Turned everything around for me.

I ate a lot of ginger candy, and also would squeeze a lemon into ice water if I felt a swell of nausea.  That pucker seemed to help take the edge off.  Otherwise, nothing until the Diclegis really helped.  I hope you find what works for you soon!

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Sorry you’re going through this bee. We want a second baby at some point and I’m already dreading the morning sickness. PPs had a lot of good advice. Something that really helped me was eating something bland like plain sourdough toast before getting out of bed. That reduced the amount of puking at least some of the time. I couldn’t keep down plain water and could ONLY drink sparkling water with a little lemonade in it. Also limiting exposure to triggering smells and foods and avoiding the kitchen and grocery store. I totally get the meat aversion. I couldn’t eat hamburger until my baby was 5 months old lol. Just do what you need to do to get through this, even if you only eat 3 foods for the first 20 weeks. 

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