How to deal with horrid morning sickness?

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The main thing is to keep in contact with your doctor. If you can’t drink water without being sick then you need to contact her/him. There is severe morning sickness which is called hyperemesis gravidarum. This may need more medication or occasionally (as the Duchess of Cambridge found), hospitalisation.

Take medical advice and feel free to ignore what I say next – it is only personal experience.

When I was pregnant I found the only way to keep morning sickness at bay was to eat frequently. I even had to get up at 3am every morning (the nausea woke me up)  to have milk and bread and honey. This would then last me until breakfast when I had eat to stop feeling sick again. I had to keep my glucose levels up and so it was no use having fruit and herb teas. Biscuits, and bread and honey did the trick. Weird and counter-intuitive, I know.

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I had severe morning sickness with my first that lasted the entire pregnancy and I have not as bad but still pretty horrible morning sickness with my second. What controls it is different for each pregnancy. With my first, Unisom and B6 would bring the throwing up to 7-10 times a day as opposed to 30-40 and I could only stomach about 3 foods and couldn’t even look at a tomato. With this one, I have to eat every 45min-1hour all day long from 6am-11pm. Sometimes I can stretch it to 90min-2hours but thats rare. But as long as I follow whatever it is I want, I feel fine. You have to find what works for you and it might take some experimenting. If you have a craving just give in to it, don’t try to eat something else, ship that hubby out to buy whatever it is you want at the time. I hope you feel better soon. It’s hard to function with the morning sickness.

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secretlifeofbees :  I’m so sorry. I had HG with my first and was nearly hospitalized, and awful awful all-day sickness with my second baby so I totally feel you. Each time I vomited I’d just go ‘one vomit closer to meeting my baby’ and try to keep my end goal in mind and hold onto the joy of being pregnant. Everything made me feel sick including my own smell, my husband’s, my daughters (the second time) and the smell of any food. I couldn’t go grocery shopping and had to hold my breath walking past restaurants. I just wanted to be on my own and not go anywhere. Like you I was wary of any medication and no matter how bad it got I never took anything, I just lived off lemon water, banana and some mild cheese. Both pregnancies the peak was 8 weeks and tapered off in the 2nd tri.

Hang in there!

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Sansa85 :  I often wet myself vomiting during pregnancy too!!! So awful! 

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secretlifeofbees :  it may or not pass. I still had terrible morning sickness 3 days after delivering my oldest. I took zofran. I wore sea bands on my wrist. I slept lots. I went to the hospital every few days for IV fluids. I ate the one thing I could keep down every day… a bacon egg and cheese biscuit from McDonalds. My daughter to this day will not touch eggs. She will be 15.

good luck 

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What helped me was lots of carbs (pasta/bread) and pickles strangely enough. If I felt sick I would suck on a pickle and the salt/brine seemed to help settle my stomach. But that whole first trimester it was nothin but carbs for me. 

Preggo pop drops didn’t work for me but damn were they tasty!

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Carbs is pretty much all that helped me.  Don’t let your stomach get empty, eat frequently.  I ate a lot of carbs like english muffins, bagels, toast, etc in the morning.  I also had carby granola or nut bars anytime I got hungry ish.  Lots of cereal as well.  I don’t think preggo pops do anything.  I just ate them like candy.  Sometimes in the morning just lying back down and taking some deep breaths would help until the nausea passed enough to try to get some carbs in.  I love eggs but I had to quit eating eggs/breakfast sandwiches/breakfast burritos since I’d throw those up.  If you are craving something, definitely eat that!

I couldn’t cook or prepare food until the second trimester since the thought of even handling food made me start gagging.  So generally I ate out a lot and would try to think of the thing that sounded the least disgusting and then I’d go get that.  It might take 20min to decide lol.  

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