(Closed) How to end "friendship" with coworker

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    I had this exact situation a long time ago so I know how annoying it is. I tried my best to be friendly with her but I really couldnt understand how she thought we were so close. We didnt hang out outside of work or large work events and we had absolutely nothing in common. She mainly just contacted me to moan about other co-workers which I absolutely do not do and made clear to her so when she couldnt do that, she just moaned about other people in her life. Honestly the job was temporary for me as I was moving abroad and had a fixed time period so I just stayed friendly, parted ways as friends and never spoke to her again after I left. In your situation I would avoid speaking to her outside of work, avoid sitting by her at lunch or meetings and keep all conversation about work when you do have to talk to her. If she tries to talk about other things, be polite and switch the conversation back to work or say you are too busy and make an excuse to get back to working. She should hopefully either take the hint or get bored of you and move on. 

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    Jajaja that’s my current situation. I’m so sorry for you bee. I’m still trying to figure it out myself. I have a new member in my team .  I tried to keep things professional and cordial but the girl is plain old school crazy.  

    1) she got hold of my phone number and called me nonstop that first Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Monday came I told her straight up. Do Not call me, I am here at 8 am and leave at 4pm. Anytime before or after is a big NO.  And in between I have a whole lot of work to do and so do you. She went crying to our director saying that I make her feel unwelcomed 

    2) my other assistant who happens to be my bff took 3 days off. so, this girl took the liberty of going in her locker and took all her snacks and ate them. I confronted her about it and she said “she’s not here and by the time she comes back they would have gone bad” I was like Ohhh no she didn’t! I don’t even do it myself!!! Wtf 

    3) she told 6 people in the building that she cheats on her boyfriend of 14 yrs… She brings the guy in to the house while he is at work! And much more. So, they came to me to complain…no, no,no ,no I don’t care, I do not want to hear it, I don’t want to comment on it  I told each one  of them. But she started to talk about it and I told her  that a classroom full of children was not the place for those conversations  so she said she was gonna call me and I said  , no you are not. We are not friends and I don’t want you as a friend we are strictly coworkers.  if you need to talk about your personal life w someone talk to your director she will refer you to whatever agency for services.  I don’t care about it just like none of the other 6 people you told don’t care about it. So stop” then I pulled out her job descriptions sheet and went thru it with her…

    As cruel as it sound but I had no choice! I could have had her fired but I don’t get down like that  the girl needs a friend but that’s not gonna be me. Maybe your work friend and her can hook up sometime. That could be a solution for both of us Lol

    Good luck. 

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