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How far along are you? Because lots of us don’t have a horrible time the entire time. I actually am in my third trimester and feel pretty good. At 31.5 weeks I would say i’m happier then I was at 8 weeks. Ups and downs. Also the kicks- after you start feeling kicks more often-that at least is a payoff. IDK, it makes it easier for me. Plus some of the things that are ‘normal’ for pregnancy -it doesn’t mean you can’t do something about it. I was getting up at 4 am until i realized it was a blood sugar issue. Snack before bed solved it. If you are not comfortable in bed, mix it up. I slept on a old futon for over a month- instead of the nice way more expensive bed. The angle of it and having something solid behind me helped keep me in a good position. Lots of people use pillows in varius places. IDK. Have you tried sleeping on a couch or recliner? Walking helps me a lot and now that the weather isn’t as horrible I find days I walk outside I feel emotionally better. I actually think I’ll miss her being in here. I always know she’s safe, and I can take care of her by just taking care of myself. 

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Ah, the lovely culture of, “You’re pregnant, you’re supposed to love it and be happy 100% of the time!” It’s just like engagements — there’s a lot of cultural pressure on women because, well, you’re getting a husband! Now you’re getting a baby! You shouldn’t complain or be sad for one moment, you ungrateful wench!

All sarcasm aside, many people don’t like pregnancy. The symptoms generally suck. Your mobility is impacted. Sleep is (later on) impacted. There’s nothing wrong with that.

I’m only 12 weeks in and I’m waiting for the next 28 to breeze by. I just want to meet my baby. The whole song and dance of being pregnant and baby shower crap and overzealous relatives who have just learned of the pregnancy is already old. I feel zero guilt — you shouldn’t, either.

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Diamondgurl:  How far along are you? I was only content with being pregnant around 24 weeks and I’m only 28 weeks now. I can’t say I’m just beaming ear-to-ear in pregnancy bliss, but I can’t say I’m in a funk like I was at the beginning anymore.

Firstly I would tell you to realize that it is ok to not enjoy pregnancy. I think sometimes there is this pressure to be “glowing” about being a mom when in reality, pregnancy takes a hell of a toll on you physically, mentally, and emotionally.  I think what got me out of the funk was alleviating what symptoms I could and talking to my midwife about managing things like constipation etc. I’m not sure your location but where I am in the northeast, we had a really snowy, cold, gloomy winter and that REALLY didn’t help with anything. Believe it or not being outside in the spring weather has helped tremendously with my mood and I get in about 2 hours of light/moderate exercise in a week and that has really helped as well. Go take a walk outside in the sunshine. It sounds simple, but it really did help. Focus on you and do something just for you whether it be going and getting those new fabulous nails done, or buy a new shirt for yourself or just give yourself permission to endulge in whatever you can eat without guilt every once in a while. You will find small things to enjoy and be content with with your pregnancy as time goes on. And if you don’t, just keep in mind its a temporary state and it will have an end to it.

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I really didn’t enjoy the earlier parts of pregnancy.  I had MS from 8 weeks until about 16/17 weeks and terrible fatigue along with it.  That and adjusting to not being able to do some of the things you enjoy were pretty hard.  Weeks 20-35 were probably the best for me.  Feeling baby move and the kicks are something I really loved.  I still didn’t love the fact that I didn’t get to do all the things I normally could do though.

Sometimes right now I miss being pregnant because before her birth I had her with me and could feel her but I could sleep better and I didn’t have to do near as much work!  Now that she’s out, there’s a lot more to do!  So I miss that part sometimes!

Working out or going outside definitely helps, as do getting out and doing some other things you enjoy- like going out to lunch with friends or going to see family.  Definitely helped me when I wasn’t feeling it.

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Diamondgurl:  At 20 weeks I wasn’t as happy as I was later. I just looked pudgy, not really pregnant (esp in sweaters and Boston refused to warm up) I could sort of feel kicks, but not really much. So that sucked. You never know, it might get better. Plus you start really getting baby stuff and all that adorableness. 

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Busy bee

I hate being pregnant. There were a few weeks in my second trimester when I was pretty happy- I started showing pretty late and starting to feel his kicks was really fun. It was also crappy outside so my lack of activity didn’t bother me too much.

Now i am 32 weeks, it is beautiful, I am tired and I feel like a fat cow. I look at my summer clothes longingly knowing I probably won’t fit into them all summer and I get mad. I just want to go running and drink a few beers.

The positive is that everytime I feel him kick my heart surges with joy…even if its a big whack at 4 am that wakes me up. I just love him so much already it’s crazy- I never thought I would be like this. 


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Ha! I’m with you… I’m ecstatic to be pregnant, the baby is healthy and developing normally- I, however, had a terrible 1st trimester filled with nonstop vomiting and two trips to the hospital- I’m 26.5 weeks and still throw up from time to time! I have heartburn, constipation, indigestion.. I miss my tight body and being more active as well. My blood pressure and blood sugar have elevated since pregnancy (not significantly enough to be diagnosed with anything) but still definitely a change.  I’m happy to be pregnant, but I find myself feeling blahh at times. Oh well.. 3 more months until my baby girl’s birth! I really can’t wait to meet her!

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I felt exactly the same. completely uncomfortable but my hair has never looked better…lol. The way I enjoyed it most was just sharing moments with my husband, laying down at the end of a tiring day and putting my hands on my belly, feeling their movements. Taking pictures of my belly as it grew…rubbing my moving belly until I fel asleep. Ofcourse it’s hard to enjoy when you are peeing constantly and waking up to adjust, etc but just keeping in mind I’m taking care of something totally precious. 

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Diamondgurl:  Oh you poor thing!

I have never been pregnant but I hear the reward is worth it ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

My SIL is the first person to say that she loves to be pregnant. She just seems in tune with her body during the 9 months of child growing but I am guessing that she is in the minority. 

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I love this thread. It’s so REAL.

We adopted since for us genes don’t define love or family. Now that we have our son it’s time to get real and decide if we want a biological kid or if we are adopting again. I’m really torn.

I’ve just never thought pregnancy was this magical thing people say it is. I think it’s also hard for me because I’ve met people who had serious complications.  Thank you all for sharing your experiences.

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Diamondgurl:  I HATED my first pregnancy, and am already disliking my second even though I’m really early and have hardly any symptoms yet… it’s like I just know what’s ahead and I dread it. That being said, I feel like this pregnancy is a little bit easier than my last one for the following reasons:

A: Every time I see my 21.5-month-old beautiful daughter, I am reminded of the wonderful reward that’s at the end of all the suffering. She makes me smile and laugh every day, her cute, carefree way of being brings endless joy to my heart.

B: I know this will be my LAST pregnancy (assuming I don’t miscarry since I am still REALLY early). Every morning I wake up I cross another day off my list that I’ll ever have to be pregnant again. One of my biggest stresses after baby #1 was when/if I would have a second, what special events I wouldn’t be able to make, parties where I’d be the only sober one, work gigs and trips I’d have to cancel etc. Now I finally know where I stand, and I’ll hopefully never have to worry about this stuff again.

If this is your first pregnancy and you’re planning to have more than one, these probably aren’t going to help you as much. But trust me, if someone like me would ever even CONSIDER doing this a second time around, the reward must TRULY be worthwhile ๐Ÿ™‚

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