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Lifting weights is a progressive thing. I would definitely recommend strength training. It will put on weight in a GOOD way. Just start small and focus on form and reps! If you’re interested, you should try a group class or a personal trainer who can show you how to lift properly. Personally, I find weights to be way more fun than cardio! I’m a small lady but I really found that I’ve gotten a lot stronger and gained a few pounds (maybe 3-5?) of MUSCLE aw yeah 😉

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if you’re naturally very thin, exercising wont do much unless u eat a ton more bc then ull need to eat back ur exercise calories on top of the calories needed for weight gain. Keep careful track of how much you’re eating and if u feel full easily make sure u eat calorie dense foods like milk shakes, nuts, and oil and butter. if eating a lot of volume doesnt bother you go with more carbs like bread pasta and rice, and protein (Since too much fat isnt necessarily very good for you). Eat the fat and protein on your plate first, then carbs, then vegetables last So u dont fill up on them, and drink water after you eat not before.

If you do all this and cannot reach your dream weight, u may need to accept your body as it is and be glad you’re within an acceptable bmi range

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My partner has struggled with this as well.  He has been extremely slender all his life, and under weight for his height.  He has only in the last few years managed to get his weight up to medically acceptable levels for his height, and finally this year managed to get it to the “optimum” range.  He leads a very active lifestyle, though he doesn’t currently go to a gym, and managed to gain weight by increasing his caloric intake and changing the kinds of foods he was eating.

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I’m going to follow this post. I’m exactly the same I eat so much and am so skinny. I’m 5’5 and 45kgs (~100lbs). I get asked so often if I have an eating disorder. I eat so much carbs and I know I need more protein because the only place I’ve gained weight over the last few years (I’m only 20) is my hips belly and boobs. Not that I’m complaining I do love the more womanly figure of my boobs, but having a slight muffin top and gut is odd for a girl my size. 

I would really like to see what answers I get here because soon I’m going to have much more time to exercise and cook decent meals!

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Weights are good- I know you said you can’t do them but try to build up really slowly. Start with the small arm weights (cant remember their name)- the ones that you can use to tone up while jogging on the spot or doing star jumps! And once you get the hang of it, build up a little from there. Also legs! Never underestimate the weight of muscly legs! I did cheerleading and during cheer season my legs almost doubled in size! Use those leg bars on the multi-gyms and even though its mainly cardio- try exercise bikes. Another tip I have fitness wise – that you might not have heard, is to improve your flexibility. It uses different muscles and can really tighten up your core areas. 

Food wise- try to count your calories especially if you are doing alot of exercise (which is fine as long as you up your calories). Always start the day with a big breakfast. Eat lots of red meat, protein and carb based meals. Spagetti Bolognaise, Chilli with rice, Sausage Pasta etc… Try to eat dessert every day. It doesnt matter what dessert yet just as long as you are eating that little bit more (anything from fruit to chocolate pudding). Make sure that on top of this you still eat enough veg so your diet is still healthy just more calorie dense. After about a week your body will crave a little more food each day than it used to, and you will find you can eat more without getting full so quickly. Thats when you can start to increase portion sizes! Just make sure to stop increasing when you hit your target weight and then try to maintain.

Good luck!

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Eat more and lift heavy (for you) weights. 

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eat a ton of protein, protein shakes and bars and the easiest way to do this. and lift weights, slowly you’ll get better. i don’t know where you live, but i started doing crossfit and i’ve gained weight since because my body is so much stronger.

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Weight training. Even your own body weight… look into things like yoga and pilates. Eat lots of healthy fats and protien. Protein will build your muscles!

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laschai:  I’m tiny, too (5’9″ and 97 lbs) and I’ve actually spoken with a doctor about it. I used to be embarassed about it – people said rude things, like, “Are you anorexic?” and, “Eat a cheeseburger”. The doctor said that would normally be very, very underweight, but it’s fine for my frame (apparently I just really am that small boned). Maybe you’re the same way?

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Eat more healthy high calorie foods. Avocado, nuts, peanut butter, olive oil, fruit juice, eggs, sweet potatoes, etc. Or just go buy a pint of Ben and Jerrys? lol

I’d definitely do some weight lifting if you feel you’re weak. Even 3 or 5 lb weights are fine to start.

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Weights!  You might think you are weak but you have to start somewhere!  Start light and do more reps, and as you start to build muscle try and do higher weights with less reps. CrossFit might be a great type of exercise for you- it sounds intimidating, but if you find the right gym it can be amazing! They aren’t all crazy people who yell at you or tell you to train to failure.  All of the exercises are totally scaleable, so you can start where you need to and build up.

As many others have said, eat a lot of good carbs and healthy fats.  Make sure to get lots of fruit and veggies too!

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I agree with lifting! I was 121lbs when I started (I’m 5’11”) and had a really unhealthy BMI. I was so weak! I strted lifting in March and I’ve gained 25lbs.

The problem I have found is that I eat SO MUCH that the 25lbs isn’t all lean muscle so now I have some more cardio and fat burning to do.

Lots of protein and lifting is my advice! Avoid the cardio until you’ve put on some lbs…

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I know you say you eat a lot, but maybe you need to start tracking your calories to see how much you’re actually taking in? Myfitnesspal also has a weight gain option. My husband is using this just now because he’s always been scrawny. I thought he ate a lot but it turns out he was generally more than a 1000 calories under his recomended amount of calories a day! With the app he is gaining a pound a week, including exercise, so hopefully the gain will be mostly muscle. I think this might be something you need to do.

As for exercise, weight training is the best. It will give you strength, tone, definition and a healthy appetite 🙂 A general guide for weight lifting – aim for 12-15 reps. If you find it too hard to reach that then use a lighter weight. If you’re not shaking and struggling to lift it by the 15th rep then you need to make it heavier. 

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Tell you what , I will give you some of mine lol 🙂

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