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FutureMrsCho2016:  Biotin can help you get stronger healthier nails.

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Not sure if you’re talking about toenails only or also finger nails, but it sounds like you may have a shoe issue. Maybe they’re too small? I run almost everyday and never had any toenail problems, unless maybe they got too long. I would suggest talking to a fitness person or athletics sales person who knows about running gear!

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My nail stylist suggested biotin to me as well, and using a brush on my cuticles (do NOT push them back) and she gave me some topical vitamin treatments. I also have wrecked nails. I just started all this a month ago so I’m not sure of progress yet. 

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I was a nail biter for 27+ years (my whole life until a few months ago). Biggest thing I was told is use moisturizer or oil as often as possible on your cuticles, the more moisturized your cuticles are the less likely to get hangnails to pick at, and I just started making sure my nails were polished all the time, i do them 1-2 times a week, and use a strengthening polish (my choice is OPI nail envy) and it really only took a few weeks before they were significantly healthier and now I get compliments all the time or people think they are fake. If you don’t have time for colored polish just doing the strengthening clear coat a couple times a week will still get them healthy and stronger. I use coconut oil for my cuticles and rub it into the nail itself also when they are bare.

as far as your toes, I’ve read a few articles about different ways to lace your running shoes to alleviate pressure depending on your foot, maybe look for a lacing technique that would be easier on your toes? Or just polish over the toenails too… You can get a good, nude base coat if you want to wear light colors and that should keep any discoloration on the nail itself from showing through the polish (Might need an extra coat of base and/or color depending on how light the color is and how bad the spots under your nails)

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As a former dancer and current runner and horseback rider, I’m pretty well versed in dealing with the ugly toenail syndrome! I’ve always read to cut your toenails straight across (not rounded like we usually do with finger nails) and that has helped how my toenails grow out. Because they tend to not be very pretty, I tend to keep polish on them at all times to disguise the blood spots. It may be worth it to get a shoe fitting at store that specializes in athletic shoes, just to make sure it’s not a size issue.

b12 supplements seem to have had more of an effect on my finger nails- they are much less brittle and prone to splitting than they used to be. I do try to keep them fairly short, because once they chip or break it takes ages to get them in shape again. I put a potein strengthener on them, which just looks like a glossy topcoat, and that helps protect and strengthen them too!

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After a terrible gel mani* years ago, I had constant problems with peeling and weak nails. I tried Nailtiques Formula 2 (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002LS7UZC/) and it was a lifesaver. I highly recommend it. I also agree with PP about Biotin and cuticle oil (I use CND Solar Oil, it’s great). One thing to note re: Biotin. I started breaking out and realized that one pill a day was too high a dose for me. I’ve since cut up my pills in halves and take only 1/2 every other day, and my skin is back to normal and my nails are still in great shape.

*Not knocking gel manis AT ALL, I never went to that particular salon again and have had great gel manis since! 

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Lots of good suggestions– I’ll add my own tips-


start a nail regime.  Invest in a good base/top coat and cuticle cream.  Good hand lotions as well.  Take care of your hands– stick up on latex gloves for cleaning or other messy jobs.  Don’t use your nails as tools (If I need to open a can of soda, I use a tool from the kitchen, not my fingernail.)  when shaping nails, only go one way.  Back/forth sanding is damaging.


Do not use hand sanitizer if it can be helped.  Your life/job may require that you use antibacterial soap– but on your time off, use moisturizing hand soap. (This was a hard lesson for me, I just got away from my hand sanitizer obsession.  Alcohol dries out the cuticles, and without healthy cuticles, you aren’t going to get long, healthy nails.)


Nail Envy by OPI is a great polish to help you get your nails in shape.

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FutureMrsCho2016:  Hair skin and nails vitamins, as well as water, lots of water. Also, be sure that you’re getting your vitamins from good, fresh foods too, not just pills.

Also, carry a stress ball to take the heat off your nails.

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You should check for vitamin b deficiency, seeing as your hair is brittle as well. I checked mine for the same reasons and fatigue about 2 years ago and found out I was deficient. I inject liquid vitamin b into my arm once per month and my nails are long and hard as rock now, hair thick and shiny and lots of energy. 

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FutureMrsCho2016:  You get a blood test. Want to hear the other crazy reason I came across the deficiency? I was being followed, like I mean stalked by tics. It was like a freaking horror movie and I am very afraid of bugs. I had one jump on me while walking from work to my car (downtown, not a grassy area). I had one crawling on my blanket towards me while on a picnic. It freaked the hell out me so I did some research on the internet and it turns out when you are Vitamin D deficient, your body gives off a smell that tics are very attracted to. It’s rare but it happened.

But keen in mind most doctors don’t take this deficiency seriously. So when you get the results ask for the specific range that you are in, anything between 200 and 900 is normal. My doc said I was imagining things and that my levels are normal but when I asked what the range I’m in she said 112. That’s very low, considering I was taking Vitamin B pills already. So i convinced her to give me a shot and omg I’m not kidding you the results are almost instant when it comes to energy. The hair and nails kicked in within the first month. Sow now I inject myself. The liquid costs about $5 that lasts about 5-6 months and the syringes are like $0.05 cents each, so it’s very cheap. I jab my upper arm and it was hard to get used to but I don’t even flinch now, it’s really not painful. It’s made a huuuuuge difference in my lfe.

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BlissKiss. 110%. This is THE stuff in the nail art world and I LOVE it. Ana, who runs http://www.simplenailarttips.com has a TON of information about your nails. Be sure to check it out and read the articles where she talks about nail health and ways to improve your nails.

She’s the one who came up with Bliss Kiss, which is a cuticle oil. If you search #blisskiss on instagram, you’ll see a ton of photos of the results people have had with her cuticile oil. My nails are usually a peeling hot mess. This suff makes them much more flexible and they break less. They grow more quickly and are in better shape than ever.

You can find Bliss Kiss here: http://www.nailcarehq.com/products/

I’m not affiliated with her in any way but this stuff is BOMB.COM!!!! And it smells awesome too!

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A good diet also helps with nail health! Eating foods with enough healthy fats & proteins!

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