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Do you cook for him? You can definitely help by making him healthy meals. And if you make him lunch to take to work, he won’t have to get fast food there.

In terms of exercise, people who do physical jobs often don’t feel like working out at the end of the day. And with good reason! Stuff like that can be exhausting! If you’ve ever worked in retail, you can begin to understand; being on your feet all day is really tiring. Now add in a bunch of lifting/pushing/whatever, and it’s easy to understand why he doesn’t want to do any more exercise.

Now, with that said, what if you and your SO pursued an activity that wasn’t just “working out”? Could you play a sport together? Shoot hoops at the park? Go on a hike on his day off? He’d probably be open to that, because it’s fun!

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My Fiance and I work out together every morning (well … most mornings :D) … and it has been working really well with us.  Both of us are okay with our body but know we can be better and healthier – especially me and my family history (high blood pressure, heart attack, high cholesterol, etc).  


And I agree – cooking healthy meals can be a good start and as far as motivating him – I guess it’s kind hard sometime to motivate someone if the person doesn’t even want to – I guess you don’t want to come across as nagging ya know what I mean?  I agree that instead of ‘working out’ maybe you can go on a biking trip together a few times a week, do an hour walk after dinner together – sometime I get so tired with the whole ‘gym’ thing so we tried to do other things like biking and hiking and stuff like that.  Also, have you considered getting Wii Fit? That game is fun and you can do it at home.

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Peanut eats what I cook, which helps a lot–I pack his lunches and snacks.  Actually he’s a way healthier/better eater than I am (I have all the info but some emotional/mental baggage around food and I am working my way through it; he is incredibly helpful), but doesn’t think too much about what he puts in his mouth, so I help with that part.

However, left to his own devices, he wouldn’t exercise.  We signed up for a race together and that helped a lot! Knowing we both had to get our workouts in, we did most of them together.  We’re both extrinsically motivated and natural competitors, so even though we didn’t run fast or anything, we (he especially) felt motivated knowing we could compete against the other runners.

I am trying to get back on track since I sort of fell off the wagon post-race, and he did, too. He’s not really excited to get back on track since we’ve lost daylight, but I am finding success if I ask to do something concrete and short with him–like one level of the Shred–during the week, and then we work out together on weekends.

Is there anything non-workout-y you can do together on weekends? Like go for a long hike, or try rock climbing or swimming?  Other than making exercise more a “movement” activity than “I am exercizing” my best trick is breaking it into short blocks, like the 25 minutes for a Shred video or the 45 minutes of NMTZ or even a walk around the block with a flashlight in the evening.

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I have a similar issue – my fiance doesn’t eat that much fast food, but he complains regularly about not being in the shape he was in a few years ago.  It makes me so sad to see him like that, plus I love weird health food stuff and would like his company at the gym.

I actually have to be SUPER careful what I say, though, since I’ve had issues with disordered eating and compulsive exercise (to the point of being more upset over missing a workout b/c a relative was in the hospital vs. the actual family emergency…. yeah it was really unhealthy).  I don’t want my pressuring him to end up being detrimental to my own health.

If he’s really lugging furniture around all day, he probably does get a fair amount of exercise.  I think the bigger issue is that he’s not eating very nutritous food… do you do a lot of the grocery shopping and/or cooking?  I think that’s a place where you can help without it being a pressure scenario.

As far as what we do for exercise, I usually work out alone.  If we go play sports (ultimate frisbee) it’s together, but on the days there’s no game, it’s almost always me alone.  I’ve tried to drag him, but it feels like a chore and never lasts long.

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Fiance and i work out together… i stareted going and then he wanted to get back into it so i suggested we go together and he was all for it. its awesome because there are days that i dont want to go and he pushes me to or visa versa. We go sunday mornings before football and then mon-thurs right after work.

we dont actually work out together, but we go together…the hardest part of working out to me is just getting mysef to go…once im there easy peasy so its great to have a buddy to count on.

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Menu planning! I am a total sucker for impulse purchases at the grocery store so I sometimes have to shop with the boy since he helps me with self control (*blush*), but menu planning is so so so helpful.

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