(Closed) how to get my dachshund to eat ?

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@isabelle_86:  a few things could be happening:  

-She might be waiting for people food.  I made this mistake with my puggle when I first got her.  I would give her people food, and she would hold out for it.  She wouldn’t eat her own food, waiting to get people food.  I would stop giving her people food immediately.

– it might be the quality of the food.  I’m not familiar with the brand, but some dogs are picky.  Check the ingredients and maybe do some research on quality food

-she might be sick or anxious about the new environment.  When dogs are hungry, they eat.  If the above things arent the key, then I’d take her to the vet asap.  Something could be seriously wrong if shes not eating.


Also – sometimes dogs exhibit a survival instinct where they don’t eat if their “person” isnt home.  Its they way of making sure they have food to eat in case you dont come back 🙁


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@isabelle_86:  Try heating the food up just a bit. It makes it smell more enticing to them (its purtid to humans) but they love it. We used to do it all the time, when I worked at an animal hospital. 

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Is that the same food your SIL was feeding? You could try adding a little warm water to soften it up and get the smells going. If she doesn’t eat in 20 minutes, I’d pick it up and not offer her anything else until the next meal. No table scraps! She will eat eventually, a healthy dog is not going to starve itself. Ol Roy is not exactly an amazing food, you could try getting something with actual meat in it if it’s in the budget.

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@isabelle_86:  First off, change her food. Ol Roy will do more bad for her than good. Even if you cant afford a premium dog food, you can still get cheap dog food that will be much better for her than that.

Second, how do you feed her? Do you leave it out all day? If so, stop doing that. Put her food out for 15 minutes. If she doesnt eat it, take it away and try again later.

Third, stop giving her table scraps. Dogs arent stupid, they arent going to want to eat a bowl of ick when they know you’ll give them yummy food later.

And lastly, if you havent already tried it, put a bit of water in with the kibble and put it in the microwave for about 10 seconds. One of my dogs has to have his food with water or he’ll choke on it, so he’s learned to not want to eat it if its dry.

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Please change the food.  Seriously, Ol Roy is hands down one of the WORST foods on the market.  You don’t need a premium food, even Purina, Iams, Pedigree, any of those are fine! 

Also, the people food has to stop.  Dogs aren’t stupid, they know you’ll give in.  Add some warm water and that’ll get the nice smells going. 

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dogs wont starve themselves, but if they know that holding out will get them table scraps…then they will do that. No table scraps at all. as pp said, put food out, leave it half an hour then take it away if not eaten. try for next meal. the heating the food a little bit works wonders too

if you change dog food…do it slowly do avoid stomach problems. eg 1/4 new food, 3/4 old food for at least a few days, then half and half, then 3/4 new food 1/4 old food


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1. Cut out the table scraps. 

2. Feed her a decent brand of food.

I think you’ll notice a remarkable increase in her appetitite. Also, consider giving her 3 small meals a day initially. That way if she’s not a huge eater she’ll get the required nourishment in more manageable quantities. But changing the brand of food will almost certainly make all the difference.

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Please do not give your dog table scraps. It’s horrible for their digestive tract. It’s als possibly spoiling her away from her dog food, and making her less hungry.

You can also try mixing the food with some chicken broth. Also if this food is as bad as PP’s say then I’d also try a bit better food.

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The problem is, if you can’t afford to feed your dog properly then you can’t really afford to have a dog.

You shouldn’t need to spend a fortune on dog food for a breed as tiny as a dachshund anyway. But I’d be astonished if IAMS was $20 a small bag. Over here you can get a bag that would last a small dog a week for less than $10. Supermarket own brands are OK though. Aldi do a good complete food. Caesar, if you plan to buy the little tiny foil containers is going to be far more expensive than IAMS. Although you might consider mixing half a container of Caesar with some dry kibble and see if that tempts her appetitite.

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@Steampunkbride:  if you can’t afford to feed your dog properly then you can’t really afford to have a dog.

I’m going to have to agree with this.

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