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I feel you, lady. I have no advice, just sympathy. I ran a half marathon two months before getting pregnant and had a 15k scheduled for mid-July. By the time the 15k came around, I was 5 weeks pregnant, and the race was HELL. It’s already a tough, hilly course in the summer heat. But with the sheer exhaustion I was feeling 24/7, I honestly have no idea how in the world I made it through. After that, I pretty much just stopped working out. I didn’t have any MS, thankfully, but I can’t even describe to you my level of exhaustion. It was completely overwhelming. (My favorite story is that one Saturday I woke up after a normal 8 hours of sleep, ate some breakfast, went to the car dealership to get something fixed on my car, and was so exhausted when I got home an hour or two later that I had to nap for THREE HOURS. So, work out? YEAH RIGHT.) 


When the second tri hit I was so ready to get my energy level back, but it took a LONG time. Now I’m 25 weeks, and while I still don’t have the same level of energy I did pre-preg, I am starting to notice it coming back slowly. I feel like I have just enough energy these days to incorporate a light prenatal workout routine into my day, but it’s been 20 weeks since I’ve done anything of substance, so I’m pretty leery of starting up something new right now. :/


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@the_newlymintedmrs-s17:  I think right now it would be in your best interest to just hold off until the morning sickness wears off. In the meantime, when it isn’t hitting you, I would take a 30 minute walk or do something light like housework.

I was active before I got pregnant. I wasn’t fit because I was in the middle of it all (lost 28 pounds and was doing 30 day shred), and I ended up quitting it all. I got for short walks, do some housework, and that is about it. I am going to start some stretches as well as some prenatal yoga, but other than it is easy to overdo it. Plus when I am tired, I figured resting is better for my body, especially if I am already watching what I am eating.

If you still really want to go to the gym, I would only go when there is no morning sickness, and make sure to take frequent breaks and lots of water.

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@the_newlymintedmrs-s17:  I actually ended up taking a break from working out from about 7/8 weeks until about 11/12 weeks (after the nausea and intense fatigue wore off!)

After that, I resumed a MUCH less intense training program.  I had been marathon training, and I dropped to the half marathon instead.  I had been lifting heavy weights 2x a week, and I dropped to moderate weights 1x a week.  I still did spin class but I didn’t dial in nearly as much intensity.


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I’m the same – for the first 10 weeks I did NOT have the energy for the gym – I’d still go with hubby but I’d just walk for a half hour on the treadmill and then stretch while I was waiting for him.  I did do yoga, but definitely gentler classses.  I’m just starting to get my energy back at 13 weeks so I’m going to have to get a but more active.  I found there was an afternoon/evening window where I didn’t feel nauseous that I could work out and it really helped me sleep.  I’d say take it easy and take care of yourself and if you really feel up to it just go a couple times a week for the first trimester.  Maybe look into other types of exercise that you can do gently at your own pace like yoga or swimming?  Hopefully you’re feeling better soon!

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@the_newlymintedmrs-s17:  I stopped going to the gym when I was 7 weeks pregnant and started doing pilates instead. I haven’t looked back and LOVE every minute of it. Try going for a walk (I never do this but it is super awesome low impact exercise and even 15 minutes a few times a week will be beneficial. I started prenatal yoga around 10ish weeks because my friend who is a little ahead of me was ready to start the class. The fatigue and exhaustion can be overwhelming. Maybe start with going for walks on your days off from work and work up from there. I did workout through my morning sickness but never super intense. This second trimester miracle other bees are talking about really does exist! Listen to your body and do what’s best for you. 

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I think you should listen to your body. Now is not the time to be pushing it.

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I’d wait until you feel better personally. Maybe you could do yoga instead for the time being? I wasn’t a big gym person before but I did get some light weights to do some little work outs at home here and there.  We also take our dog for long walks on the weekends while the weather is still nice.  I try and get out for a 15-20 minute walk during lunch, too.  Any little bit helps.

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@the_newlymintedmrs-s17:  I’m going to go against the grain and say try the gym for short spurts ASAP. Personally, I swear my MS didn’t get bad and the fatigue was manageable because I continued my cardio. It usually took about 7 minutes on the elliptical before the shakiness and nausea subsided and I felt ‘normal’ for the remainder of the session. Additionally, I was able to eat normally after and my sleep was higher quality so the fatigue wasn’t as bad. My only warning is not to push it, go at about 50-75% of what you used to do in intensity and let your body tell you if  you need to cut back on the amount of time. Also, stop if you ever feel dizzy, ever actually vomit, start cramping or spotting. None of these ever happened to me, but those are ways your body will tell you to slow down.

I’m now 32 weeks and still crave my elliptical time, it is the only time I don’t feel “pregnant”. Not to mention the benefits of exercising while pregnant are numerous for both mom and baby, and my doctor keeps saying there is no reason to cut back.

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Word out there in the books and online is that exercise can actually help the morning sickness and give you more energy. The big question, of course, being how do you feel well enough to exercise in the first place? I would start slow, taking a walk at the time of day that you feel least sick (for me that was often after dinner). Maybe once you start getting active you will find that it helps the MS and allows you to work up to going back to the gym.

I am 14 weeks and finally getting my energy back, so you might not have to wait that long! Good luck!

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Take a break for now, wait until you start feeling better I felt the same way in my first trimester bu now that I am in my second feeling much better and you will get to feel it too soon.


Maybe do a few walks around your neighborhood that can help for now. 

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Working out MAY help your nausea, but take it easy if you are feeling queasy or fatigued during it. Remember that getting your heart rate up and a light sweat on is really sufficient while you’re struggling with difficult hormones. You will probably start feeling better in 2-3 weeks, and you won’t really have had much detriment to your fitness. Remember to take it easy on yourself and be forgiving.

I’ve been working out regularly, and now that I am 17 weeks, it’s definitely noticable that things that used to be easy aren’t so easy any more (cardiovascularly, particularly). I continued treadmill sprints with my trainer to about week 14 and now we’re continuing intervals on the EFX — though today that was way more challenging than I expected it to be. Considering I’m carrying a canteloupe-sized uterus with a potato-sized baby in it, walks are now much more enjoyable than runs. Yoga and weight training continue to be quite enjoyable, though I am definitely modifying exercises. For cardio I’m really enjoying chilling out on exercise machines and keeping a pace that allows me to read while I sweat. For an exercise junkie, it’s nice to have a pleasant, non ass-kicking workout regimine for once. 😀

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I’m a pretty active person too and I hated the fatigue I felt early on in pregnancy. 

Just listen to your body, if you are too tired to do something, don’t do it.  But do something when you can!  Even if walking a mile or elliptical a couple times a week for 20 minutes at a low resistance is all you can manage.  Just rest when you need to and don’t give up completely!

I was extremely fatigued from about 7/8 weeks up through about 16 weeks.  I could barely run a mile and maxed out at 2 or 3 miles of jog/walk (I normally ran 6-7+ without much effort FWIW).  I’m almost 23 weeks now.  I’ve had more energy the past couple of months but it’s not exactly the same as before.  But it is a lot better than it was early on!  I can now do a normal 6 or 6.5 miles once a week but I’m really really SLOW because I can’t run as fast and I have to walk a lot.  I get out of breath pretty easily but I don’t feel as fatigued.

I still have days where everything is just off.  Some days are better than others.  Some days my uterus is achy and I have a headache and I just can’t do anything. 

It should get better!  Just listen to your body and don’t push yourself.  But don’t quit completely!

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