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Sugar bee
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When I first started reading this, I was going to suggest offering to let her wear both necklaces, but, as it seems you already did that, she’s being ridiculous. I’m usually one for being really lenient on BMs (they’re our nearest & dearest, after all), but it sounds like she’s really not being a good friend to you. Perhaps offer her an out? Something like “I understand if you feel you need to celebrate your anniversary with your boyfriend on Feb 24th, if you would like to spend this special day with him instead of being in the wedding party, I understand and will respect your decision. If you elect to spend the day witnessing my marriage,  I hope you’ll do what you can to celebrate this special time in my life. I respect that you’d like to wear your necklace to honor the commitment you have, but I would ask that you also wear the necklace that I picked out, in order to honor my union. We are friends, and so we should both respect the days that are special to one another.”

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Buzzing Beekeeper

She’s being ridiculous and needs to grow up.  I would suggest talking to her Boyfriend or Best Friend to get him to talk to her. It’s not HER day at all.

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Blushing bee
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Tell her it’s only for pictures and that her boyfriend will even hold the necklace for her during them and then she can put it back on. If she still refuses I agree with the idea of having her boyfriend talk to her because it’s not her day it’s yours. Maybe if he sets something up for the day before or day after for them to do as a special day she will calm down. I sense she’s a bit jealous that you’re the one getting married but it could just be her own personal issues.

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Sugar bee
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It sounds like she has some issues- If I were a bridesmaid in a friends wedding on my anniversary I’d think it’s a fabulous way to spend your anniversary! Celebrating a close couple’s love for each other just makes everyone else feel more ‘in love’ the entire night. I hate to say it but it sounds like she might have a case of the jellies =( 

Just give her some time & hopefulyl she’ll realize what a bratt she’s being. Could you maybe get her something so she could turn her necklace into a bracelet- then she’d always have it on her, just not around her neck… 

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Buzzing bee

Is this a one-time thing or a regular behavior? If this is a one-time occurance, I’d just give it a few days and talk to her again. If she acts like this regularly i’d consider asking her to fill an alternate role other than “bridesmaid”


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Bumble bee
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@MrsUNClover:  I would talk to her about her attitude. Iwould ask her if everything is ok and that you’ve noticed that lately she has not been her usual self. I would then explain to her that the majority of the wedding party has agreed on the look and most importantly you the bride want the look. Ask her if she is still willing to be a member of your wedding party because if so that a certain look is required.

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Busy bee

Sigh, she needs to grow up or step down. That is just silly – it’s her anniversary, it’s your WEDDING. Big difference. 

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Helper bee
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While I’m all for celebrating dating anniversaries, I’m astonished that she’s throwing a fit over a necklace and insisting that it’s “her day”.


In all my time with my Fiance, we haven’t celebrated on “our day” once – and I assume it’ll be the same once we get married next year.  I don’t see why it’s so hard for her to chill and be a good friend.

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Busy bee

Ummmm I’m really surprised to see a lot of these comments . . . because as soon as I got to the 7th line of your post, I thought: kick her out.

Weddings are stressful enough without having to deal with prima donna bridesmaids.

I most closely concur with les105: tell her that because the day is also so very special to her, she shouldn’t be burdened with the responsibility of being a bridesmaid, and she and her man can decide whether or not to attend as guests.

I see people on these boards struggle all the time with asking/not asking/kicking bridesmaids, and it’s this simple: different friends are good for different things.  Not all friends are bridesmaid material. 

It doesn’t mean you don’t love her, and it doesn’t mean you don’t want to be friends anymore, but it means that she doesn’t have the kind of character to be selfless and cooperative for the most important day of your life, so she can just be a guest.

Good luck with whatever you decide!




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Sugar bee

@LALaw:  I completely agree with you. I was thinking the same thing.

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Bumble bee
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So she has a piece of emotionally significant jewelry that means a lot to her, and you want her to ideally not wear it, or else cover it up, so she matches your vision for your photos? And she’s spending her anniversary watching a friend of hers walk down the aisle, when she’s been with a guy for five years and doesn’t even have an engagement ring yet, just this necklace? And you don’t get why it’s important to her that she wear it?

I mean, I think it’s a little silly for her to be so attached to a piece of jewelry, but there are a lot of ladies here that are pretty attached to some of their jewelry as a symbol of their relationship and some of them would probably be a little miffed with a friend that wanted them to take it off or hide it because it didn’t go with her look. I guess, if it were my friend, and she had explained to me why this particular accessory was important to her and the fact that she was spending an important day in her relationship celebrating mine instead, I’d be thinking “Is making her wear a teal necklace really that important?”

It sounds to me like she’s having a really hard time watching you get married. And yes, it’s “your day” and in an ideal world, you get whatever you want and everyone else would just shut up and put on their happy faces and fake it until they make it. But sometimes they just can’t. Especially if it feels like a big, in-their-face reminder that it’s not happening for them any time soon.

So I don’t actually think you should give the Bridesmaid or Best Man the boot over this. I think you should put aside the  bride/bridesmaid hierarchy for a bit and see what’s going on with your friend. 🙂 

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Helper bee
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@MrsUNClover:  Wow, that certainly escalated quickly! I guess you don’t have to make a decision about what to do anymore. It’s unfortunate that someone who you chose as a bridesmaid turned out to behave in such an unpleasant way though – I’m sorry you had to deal with this. Hope everything goes smoothly with your other bridesmaids 🙂

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Busy bee
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At least she gave you the answer early enough that now you can just move on with the people that you love and enjoy the rest of your wedding planning. I think you and your SO are smart to not sweat it and just focus on all the good things to come!

Good luck with the rest of your planning!

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