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@brook20April:    My jeweler said that, depending on the setting style, it could loosen the stones.

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I’m another who swears by the diamond dazzle stick…it works wonders!!

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Amen to the Diamond dazzle stik!

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All I use is some hot water and a toothbrush. Sometimes I’ll use just a tad of soap. I also have the red jar stuff, but it doesn’t work as well. My jeweler said to use that stuff sparingly as it will leave a film on the stone! Eww!

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Windex and a toothbrush! Looks as good as when the jeweler cleans it!!!

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@hanzabelle:  I’ve also read that the kind of ultra sonic cleaners you can buy on Amazon for $35 or so aren’t truly ultrasonic, they just jiggle the water and don’t do anything (unless you put soap in the water, but then it’s just the soap doing the cleaning!)

In order for it to be actually cleaned you’d have to spend a LOT, like $200-300, on a professional ultrasonic. Only at that level does it actually shake loose deposits and dirt, but as PP said, if you do it regularly or close to every day, it can hurt your ring.

I live in a hard water area, so I can’t use tapwater to clean my rings. I soak them in vinegar (the mild acid breaks down the calcium film) then rinse in a little bowl of distilled water. If I’m feeling crazy I’ll blow dry them on cool with my hairdryer too.

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my DH bought me this really fancy steam jewelry cleaner for christmas. It was expensive, but it works really well!

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I just go by these instructions, which I think I found on the ‘Bee a year or two ago (:

I. Fill a mug 1/2 way with water
II. Heat it up by microwaving it for a minute or two
III. Add a few drops of liquid dish soap and a spray of Windex or Bon Ami
IV. Drop in your jewellery and let it sit in the solution water cools
V. Rub with a extra soft bristle toothbrush
VI. Rinse & admire

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I wear gloves at work so I do not wear my ring everyday. I also take it off the second I get home.  I clean mine twice a week with a soft toothbrush, warm water, and either jewelry cleaner, dawn dish detergent, or tiny dot of toothpaste.  Personal preference but all work amazing!!!!

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I make my own little concoction at home of ammonia, warm water and Dawn dishawashing soap.  I usually set my rings sit in it while I’m taking a shower.  I dry them with a special cloth that does not shed lint.

I have a jar of the regular jewelry cleaner and I don’t use it much anymore as I noticed it does leave a film.

I also have an ultrasonic cleaner from Brookstone that I use occassionally if I have more time.  I don’t have any pave stones so I don’t worry about loosening anything, although I recently had my diamond band sized down and they told me the end stones were loose, so maybe it was the cleaner after all.

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I’ve tried several different cleaning methods: a baby toothbrush with Dawn, Windex and warm water, Connoisseurs regular jewlery cleaner mixed with warm water, and the Diamond Dazzle Stik. The Diamond Dazzle Stik wins, hands down. I think the brush on it helps clean under the diamond better than the baby toothbrush. I never realized how much my diamond really sparkled until I used the Dazzle Stik. I LOVE it!!

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I fill a ramekin half with water, pop it in the microwave for about 10 seconds, then add the same amount of ammonia. I then drop my ring in it for about 10-15 mins and scrub it with a baby toothbrush (you want soft bristles). I have a solitare platinum ring so I don’t know how well this will fair with gold. But it works great for my ring! I do this about once a week.

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I am a former jeweler and a certified diamontologist. I worked in a jewelry store and we used an ultra sonic. I agree with those who say the low cost “sonic” cleaners are not worth it and both those and the high priced onces can shake stones loose–even in the best settings. If you take your rings for inspection regularly and inspect them yourself from time to time to check for broken prongs or tips. Also shake your ring on occasion next to your ear to listen for rattling.

We used warm (NOT boiling) water and just a little Mr. Clean. (About half a cap full for a large bowl) I use this at home but in a much smaller amount–I actually use the jar from a store’s cleaner. Basically the same stuff but the point is to use a new mixture each time so you’re not using dirty/gritty water to clean again.

You should also rinse the ring with clean water to avoid the above mentioned film. Once rinsed, you can dry with a soft cloth (preferably without lint but I have to say that I often use paper towel) 

As for a steamer, I do own and use one but they are expensive and you have to be very, very careful with these!!!! I can’t stress that enough. You can NOT use a steamer (or an ulta sonic for that matter) with stone that are soft such as pearls, tanzanite, emerald, topaz, opal, etc. Diamonds and sapphires are about the only stones I’d steam, to be honest. You also have to be careful you don’t have a “filled” diamond or one of those where the inclusions have been drilled out and filled like Yehuda “clarity enhanced” diamonds. I know, this is rare but it’s out there and bears mentioning.

Do NOT use toothpaste. It’s abrasive and will scratch and dull the metal in your ring. I would think baking powder would do the same.

While diamonds can stand up to a lot, the metal that holds your diamond in (gold in particular) can get scratched, brittle, pit and dull over time. I don’t really condone wearing your ring all the time. Cleaning the house or doing laundry is the worst since household cleaners are harsh on the metal in your ring. I have had to cut rings off people whose hand grew around the ring and what was under there was nasty. You should take off your ring to clean your ring (and your finger!) often and inspect the jewelry for areas that might need repair and get re-sizing if needed!

Hope this helps, ladies. As mentioned, most jewelers are happy to clean your ring professionally just to get you to peek around the store for a few minutes 😉


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I always just use whatever soap is around and a toothbrush.  It doesn’t need to be that difficult. Someone bought me a jewelry cleaner but I find that regular ole liquid hand soap or dish soap does just fine.  Even toothpaste but you have to make sure to rinse it off really well or it will leave a film.   Think SIMPLE! 

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