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This is me!! I am not dirty, but I like my piles. Darling Husband is a neat freak and it bothers him if something is laying out somewhere for too long, that isn’t his. He likes everything clean. Like seriously, for the most part… we coudl put our house up for sale today and it’d be a good showing with minimal cleaning.

Like I said, I do piles. So, if a pile piles up, I just go through it and get rid of anything that isn’t needed. And, if it’s needed… I find a home for it, or at elast TRY to find a home for it. most of this are coupons, newspaper clippings, magazine clippings, etc. But, I have realzied that a lot of things I “save”, I never look at again. I also have an attachment to things, especially things from the past. Again, I realize that a lot of that stuff I won’t ever look at so I may as well chuck when I can. Sad to see it go, but what else am I going to do with it??

One thing at a time works for me. So, I focus on one thing to work on. Even 15 minutes of tidying up can do wonders.

Last weekend was the computer desk, and it looks a lot better; it was bad. This coming weekend will be the dresser next to the bed that has my stuff on it. It needs to be cleaned up, and some of the stuff gone through to find new homes. I’ll work on the bathroom cabinet with my make-up, products sometime soon too.

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I would (and do) get rid of anything that is unessential (like 4 out of 5 black t-shirts) or does not add value to your life (I donated a 4-cup and 1-cup meauring cup bc I decided a 2-cup would meet all of my liquid measuing needs!). This won’t automatically make you neater, but it will be a good start. Keep things that make you happy and that you use regularly.

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We tend to divide the house up to make it easier. Darling Husband takes the living room and kitchen. I handle the bathroom, bedroom and laundry. I made a todo list every Monday and work on getting it all done by the following Sunday. Sometimes during the week, or I battle through it on the weekends. It helps keep myself in check. 

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Another incentive, maybe- does your town have a FB yardsale group? My friend just got rid of some clutter when she moved and made $500- definitely inspired me to clean out my closet and get rid of some things!

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I started by listening to audiobooks on tidying and organization and I would clean while listening.

I also had a period of time where I would watch episodes of Hoarders and then be so horrified by what I saw that I would get up and frantically clean my place. Then I discovered episodes of How Clean is Your House on YouTube and I’d turn those on while I cleaned. The cool thing about the imagery was that I was disturbed enough everytime I though to sit down that I’d go do “just a few more things first” and I’d find that I’d gradually cleaned my entire space.

Once you have a place for your things, it doesn’t take long to go through the house and clean up once a day or once a week and then you can do deeper cleanings every couple weeks to once a month.

There are also some you tubers who talk about how they clean and organizers talking about what they do. I enjoy using the positive motivation now more than the stress from Hoarders- (FI still tends to use my Hoarders method, though ;-))

I used to be pretty messy when I was younger and would only clean when my room got so messy that I could no longer think in it. Since I’ve been being more organized  (for about 15 years), I’ve noticed that my threshold for “can’t think in this mess” has gotten significantly lower and that cleaning my space often feels like a meditative practice that also relaxes my mind so I can focus on other things I need to get done.

PS- I just want to celebrate your thoughtfulness in wanting to develop these habits before you and your Fiance are living together.

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I find buying new cleaning supplies always helps me to at least try them, I also drink a bottle of VitAmin water (focus) Helps to give me the energy and focus on getting the job done 

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Getting rid of ~stuff~ has been the best decision we ever made.

We both purged about half our clothes. They went to friends in need and Goodwill. Went through our “trinkets” and other various stuff. Craft supplies that were bought as, “When I have time” were donated to the art upcycle place by our house. There were some books and a shelf we gave to a friend who had a house fire. We got rid of kitchen stuff we don’t need –Really, you don’t need 4 spatulas, 8 different slotted spoons, 5 sizes and styles of whisks, etc. We got rid of pretty much all our papers in the filing cabinet except taxes, lease, and personal documents. There are no old magazines laying around. 

It’s less crap to clean and dust, less to find a place for, less to look at and go “I’ll use this one day, right?” Fewer physical chores and mental ones, too. 🙂  

Aside from that, putting everything right back where it came from, cleaning dishes immediately after use, and getting laundry to the washer ASAP. It also helps if you’re doing double duty- I grab anything upstairs that needs to go down when I let the dogs out. 

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liaeona:  First, do a massive weekend-long declutter project.  I’m doing that this weekend!  Join me!  I’m using this book http://www.amazon.com/The-Life-Changing-Magic-Tidying-Decluttering/dp/1607747308 as a guide – it’s supposed to be really revelatory.

Then, if you can afford it, hire someone to come clean every couple weeks.  It’s so so soooooo worth it.  It makes you have to pick up your house before they come, which will hopefully get you in the habit of doing it more frequently.  And once you remember how nice it is to live in a clean place, you’ll be more inclined to take a few minutes to wipe up after spills or wipe down counters or do the dishes every day, etc.

I also agree with the PP that said 10 minutes a day of putting clutter away in its proper place makes a huge difference.

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liaeona:  I too can be messy. But I am also someone who gets anxiety when i’m in a messy or cluttered space. Go figure right? So I have to make it a priority for my own mental health. Seriously. 

Here’s what I do:

Every night before bed I take a walk through the house and put away anything that’s out of place. I wash any dishes in the sink. and make sure little odds and ends are done (all clothes are in the hamper, all unnecessary papers have either been shredded or put away, etc). that is the extent of my cleaning on a daily basis. Then I designate either saturday morning or friday night to cleaning in a more detailed way. So I spend a couple hours vacuuming, dusting, mopping, doing laundry, cleaning the bathroom, changing bedding, changing lightbulbs, washing windows and polishing furniture, and once a month I wash my curtains (I only have a couple to do) and weekly I change out the rugs in my bathroom and by the front door so the used ones can get washed) If I keep to this kind of schedule things rarely get out of hand. Really after the first big time you do it, it’s all up keep and it won’t feel so daunting. 

Make it fun for yourself. Write things out so nothing get’s forgotten and I find it’s easiest to start with the biggest job and work your way down to the small, more fun jobs. Turn up some music and get to it! It’s become pretty theraputic for me and I HATE to clean. I mean i HATE it. But I realize it has to be done so I have found a way that works for me. 

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flylady.net Is a great simple but effective resource. 

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