(Closed) How to let his ex-girlfriend know we're engaged

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oh also, if she is legitimately cray, doing nothing is the right thing to do in order to legally protect yourself. don’t poke the bear. 

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Umm… if I were dealing with a psycho like this the LAST thing I’d want to do is provoke her.

Wtf?! Why would you even consider rubbing your engagement in her face? So he craigslist ads can turn into her murdering you?

I’d be scared. Not evily plotting how to get my revenge and laugh in her face.

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Vermont2015:  I think the best way to avoid anyone sabotaging your vendor is to have a code word- just a simple word of phrase that will let you know that it’s really you!

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jassy.uhlin:  Question… Why is the ex girlfriend still in the picture?  Do you all live in a small town?  She is called an ex girlfriend for a reason… She should no longer be around.  Good luck!

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jassy.uhlin:  Just read your post about you living in a small town.  Why don’t you just put a restraining order on her?  Not sure if you can, but you may want to look into it.  

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jassy.uhlin:  go on with your lives. we had a similar situation (my husbands ex gf was SO angry and bitter and jealous over their break up – it was insane) and his group of friends had decided to keep both of them “in the group” so she was at most of their larger get togethers. for the first 2 years i was with him, i was at probably 10 parties with her there and she never ONCE said hi, introduced herself, or even came near me. she’s crazy. the rumors she spread about he and i amongst the group were disrespectful and downright lies, but we stood strong and didn’t waiver in our place in the group. apparently she had a total meltdown when word got to her that we were engaged – but that word went via mouth through the group of friends…we didn’t go out of our way specifically to let her know.

i’ve been in your shoes and my husband and i are truly nice and good people, but the feeling of seeing her for the first time with that ring on my finger was amazing. its kinda gross that people can make you feel that way…but i guess its human nature!

she’s still showing up at parties and still single and crazy. i just smile when i see her. i think next party i’m just going to waltz right up (AFTER FOUR YEARS) and say hi! i’m DH’s wife! i don’t think we’ve been properly introduced! lol

i hope this toxic person disappears from your reality…mean people SUCK!

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Blushing bee

She is an ex…who cares! You both need to get over it and if your Fiance is still mentioning her he is clearly not over her.

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I have an ex that won’t leave me alone and hasn’t since we broke up… 5 years ago. He used to show up at my work unannounced and was furious when I got a new car (he could no longer leave “love notes” on it) and got even more furious when he found out that I left my job. He was also the ex that thought when I broke up with him i was just mad (I was done with it) and when I started dating my fiancé that it was just a phase (it wasn’t).

He sent me an “I miss you” text right after my boyfriend asked me to marry him. it took me a while to figure who it was since I deleted his number, but I sent him a picture of my hand, told him to join Tinder and blocked him. 

And that was the end of that. Until… he added me on snapchat but that’s an easy fix. 

He’ll probably pop up somewhere again.

He isn’t doing anything crazy, but it’s annoying. Ugh. 

Dont provoke her though. Crazy people should not be provoked. I feel like you should definitely looking into some sort of legal help if it doesn’t stop. 

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  1. If she has either of your numbers, change them.
  2. Both of you block her on all social media.
  3. Tell your friends that you’d rather not talk about the ex, and you’d appreciate if they leave her out of conversation because you’re trying to move on with your lives. If they refuse, politely leave the situation, whether it be on the phone or over coffee.
  4. Don’t feed into it. Seriously, she gets off on rustling your feathers. 

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