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Up your cardio! Cardio burns fat. 

Cut back on alcohol, sweets, carbs, etc. and add more lean protein. Abs are made in the kitchen. 🙂 Best of lunch! 

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Helper bee

Diet is key, I only see a difference in my body when I follow a strict diet and only have 2-3 cheat meals a week (not crazy eat everything meals though lol). Keep it up, you have a good start!

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Abs are made in the kitchen. Cut out as much unnatural sugar you can stand. That includes alcohol, liquid calorie, bread, potatoes and starch field veggies like corn.  Agava Nector is a good replacement for sweatner. It’s very easy for the body to proces.  It looks and taste a lot like honey.  Once you have made that change start adding a short intense ab routine every other day.  This will help tone the muscles underneath which will make your measurements get smaller.  Upping your cardio will help loose all over body fat but there is no way to target a specific body part with cardio. 

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Green tea! In addition to the nutrition advice of PP.

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Agreed, diet, definitely. Exercise burns a depressingly low number of calories (although it is marvellous for your health and resistance training will help build strong muscles. But in terms of burning fat most of that will be through diet). I’ve lost a stone recently but none of that has come off my belly – I think for some people it’s one of the last things they can make an impact on so be prepared for it to take a while.

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Im relatively thin, and I recently lost a good bit of lower belly fat. I drank LOTS of water, worked out frequently (3-5 times a week- eliptical burns a good amount of calories 200 in 20 min or more depending on settings) and I changed my diet a little, not too much though.

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Spot reduction doesn’t exist, and you cannot “target” any particular part of your body. You will have to lose weight overall to lose weight in your abdominal area, which means burning more calories than you are eating. Cut down on carbs and calories, and keep hitting the gym.

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Well, your focus will really have to be on lowering your overall body fat. Think about it like this: if you do a million crunches and have the strongest, most badass ab muscles, it still won’t matter if there’s too much fat on top of them for people to see them. You can actually get visible abs without ever doing an “ab” exercise! 

Diet is the most important part of this since you can’t out workout a bad diet. I always suggest IIFYM.com instead of trying to “eat clean” because no one can live the rest of their life on plain brown rice and bland grilled chicken breasts. IIFYM is based on the idea you can eat what you want as long as you hit your carbs, fats, and most importantly, protein goals for the day. It does mean you have to eat a lot more healthy meats and vegetables though, since you don’t get but so many carbs and fats, but it also means you can enjoy a pop tart, a piece of pizza, or whatever it is every once in a while without really worrying about it. I regularly fit movie theater popcorn and wine into my macros because I love them!

Also, I would suggest focusing more on lifting heavy than doing cardio. Building muscle is going to help you burn more calories and fat and make you look leaner, which is what you want. And for the cardio you work into your lifting routine, I highly suggest HIIT (high intensive interval training) over steady state cardio because you burn more calories and fat in the long run. 


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Have you tried pilates? I do pilates with a resistance band at home and find that makes a big difference. I have an online coach that gives me exercises too with the band. Don’t mind sharing a few if you want me to post them. I like how pilates makes you feel lengthened!

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Cut out grains, dairy and sugar. I did that and lost 6 inches from my belly in 1 month.

I’ve been eating potatoes every day too lol.

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ashley01:  I agree with Russley, from what I have collected over my past 2 years of working out and training with myself, my fiance, and personal trainers, along with inspirational bikini fitness models, ABS are Made in the K I T C H E N ! 

Foods to eat & work:

Proteins: egg whites, lean chicken, lean ground beef, turkey, salmon

Carbs: oat meal, brown rice, sweet potatoes, rice cakes

Veggies: Asparagus, broccoli, spinach, califlower, mushrooms, lettuce, cucumbers, zucchini

AVOID: dairy, sugar, salad dressing, fruit (sugars), Sugar, fats, sweeteners, ketchup, coffee creamers etc. bread…yogurt…etc.

Gym Advice: Tons of Cardio and Ab/Core workouts!

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Sugar bee

I damn near have no lower belly fat.

The key to this is cutting down on processed sugar/white crappy carbs.  That’s it.

I also lift weights. I dont do much cardio but I lift heavy.

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Calorie deficit is the only way. 

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