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Unfortunately, you can’t lose weight from a specific spot on your body.  The only way that I have been able to lose weight is by counting calories and creating a caloric deficit.  I have hip and thigh fat too, it’s the worst kind to get rid of!

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@katelynk: I have the same issue with not losing weight even though I’m working out everyday. I’m also unsure of how to track my weight consistently because I can gain/lose up to 3lbs a day. All I can say is keep at it! I’ve been working out since July and I notice looser clothes even if the scale stays the same. Good luck!


@MrsSaltWaterTaffy: I don’t know if you’ll read this, but I really miss the Workout Buddies! Are they laid to rest forever? I am still a follower and would love to see more updates! 🙂

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I do yoga and kickboxing, grappling.  Also I eat really clean, no packaged foods, no high fructose corn syrup, no partially hydrogented oils (these are chemically altered).  Read the ingredients to everything you are eating.  If you dont know what it is, dont put it in your body.  I dont eat until I am full only until I am satisfied.  I use to be super fat and overweight.  Now my BMI is 19.5.  I also went pescatarian to lose 10 more lbs.  While I was losing the weight I didnt drink anything besides, water, coffee and tea.  Now that I am maintainting my weight for quit some time I can drink a soda, beer, or lemonade sometimes but I still drink mostly water.  Drinks are usually sugary calories that dont fill you up.

I also have a cookie habit, so you have to have a sweet once in awhile, just make sure it is homemade or organic.  Homemade are the best anyway.

AFter a workout I would be starving so make sure you know what kind of healthy meal you are going to eat and you know the portion before your workout so you dont come home and binge.

And tracking your weight, you should track your weight by the month.  Weight loss should be snail slow.  So 2 or 4 pounds a month is good!  2 pounds a month is 24 pounds a year.  You can weigh yourself everyday but poop and pee and water can easily add 5 pounds so I always weigh in the morning after I pee but before I eat.

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@katelynk: stress out too much about the wedding and forget to eat!  j/k j/k


eat well, watch your portions, exercise–but ease into a routine (if you start too fast it will just make you injury prone and more hungry than the calories you are burning)


and, positive self talk!


(i lost 20 pounds, and positive self talk was the biggest part of it)


EDIT: i lost those 20 pounds in over a *year* because i was terrified of making a huge change. it worked much better for me that way, but you can do it however it makes you feel best

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@katelynk: If you are doing the same routine each time, maybe your muscles have reached a plateau?! LOL! I asked my FH that same question a year ago….and he says to me, “You can’t spot target fat, weight loss is a whole body process”.

P90X worked for me! Honest! Tony Horton is hillarious. I followed the workout and nutrition program with my FH and I/WE got awesome results. Eating healthy is ONLY half the battle. And I had to ingraine it in my brain that MUSCLE BURNS FAT!

Although when I started P90X I was already in decent shape and P90X just made it better. I looked better but the most important thing is I FELT EVEN BETTER. Like I was 21 yrs old again!!! The program is 90 days long. You should check it out. The best part about it is, you can do it in your living room vs. going to a public germ infested Gym.

Currently, I just started Chalean Extreme. I’m on my 3rd day….so far it’s great. Easier than P90X.

fyi. Both are by Beach Body, and they have a community board for support everyday or on days that you feel you need some motivation.

Oh, also if you do either program, make sure you take “Before” pics.  It helps with motivation. And you are more than welcome to PM me if you have questions 🙂

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@katelynk: Do you feel different though?  Scales can be horrible.  You could be losing weight but also gaining muscle so the number on the scale doesn’t change though your body does. 

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It’s so disheartening when you’re doing the right things and not seeing the results. I would ask are you sure about your portion sizes? That can be an issue for me, anyway. Other than that, if you’re quite well in yourself, (no thyroid issues or similar), then it’s the horrible answer – have faith! If you do have the weight to lose, (as in your body might try to hold on to it if you’re well within healthy range for your height), and you’re doing all the right things, the results will come! Good luck!

Oh, hey, you drinking enough water?

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2 weeks? You need to give yourself more time. It’s not uncommon for the scale to stay the same, especially in the first few weeks of working out as your body adjusts. And have you really lost no weight at all? Not even an ounce? Because at healthy weight loss (.5-2 pounds/week), if you lost 1 pound over the course of the past 2 weeks, it’s still a loss.

Most weight loss is accomplished in the kitchen versus the gym. The gym will help you look better, tone up, and accelerate the process in general and it is VERY important to do, but in general, it’s going to be how many calories you take in more than how many calories you burn (part of this is also the fact that people overestimate how much they burn in an exercise session and underestimate the caloric count of how much they’re eating). What’s your caloric intake? It’s different for everyone but the basic truth is it is still calories in versus calories out so you need to make sure that you have a calorie deficit from day-to-day. You can also be eating all the “right” things but if you eat too much of them, even if it’s steamed broccoli and grapefruit, you will still gain weight or stall. So in addition to changing WHAT you eat, you also have to change HOW MUCH you eat as well. I highly highly recommend keeping a written account of exactly what you are eating day-to-day and weighing/measuring your food. Your weight loss can also slow if you eat too few calories, which is another reason to keep a food log. They recommend that for most women, your calorie intake be at least 1200. There are also calorie counters online that will help you ballpark a good range for your height and weight.

Weight lifting is also really good for you, but it also causes your body to retain water to help repair your muscles after training. The fact that muscle takes up less space than fat is also a factor (so pound-for-pound, you’ll be smaller if more of your body is composed of muscle than fat), but for most people, it’s the water retention that affects the scale–especially when you first start training. Google “why the scale lies” for some additional information on why you can’t always trust the scale. I recommend that since you are weight training, you buy a soft tape measurer and use that in addition to the scale–measure around your waist, hips, chest, upper arm, thighs, and calf. A lot of people find that when the scale isn’t moving, the inches ARE going down and that evidence of progress helps a lot with motivation.

Whatever you do, don’t get impatient and stop. Healthy weight loss is s-l-o-w, like I said: .5-2 lbs/week. And for the majority of people, 2 lbs/week really requires a lot of effort, willpower, and dedication–1 lb/week or even .5/wk is more doable. And you WANT it to be slow because that means you’re giving yourself time to adapt to new habits and minimizing the chances that it’ll come back. Remember that when the scale isn’t moving, the only way that you’ll fail is if you stop.


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A few things that should help – 

1) Reassess your portions and total daily calories. I often get super hungry when I’m working out all the time, and it’s hard to stop eating when you don’t know how many calories your portion is. 

2) Look at the rest of your life, especially sleep and stress. If you’re not sleeping in the ballpark of 8 hours a night, this is going to slow or stop your weight loss automatically. You need a full night’s sleep in order to be healthy, even if you feel fine without it. Stress causes the release of cortisol, which is that nasty hormone that causes you to store fat. 

3) Make sure what you consider healthy is truly healthy. It’s one thing to eat what you’re told is healthy – another to do the research. Things like diet sodas and processed foods can have low calorie count, but stop or reverse weight loss or general health.

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@katelynk: That is the thing with P90X….you can’t use the scale to assess your weight loss because P90X will make you develop muscle. And muscle is heavier than fat.  You need a fat caliper to measure how much fat you’ve lost. And it’s takes more than 2 weeks to loose weight.

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It’s simple. Burn more calories than you eat.

Just because you are eating healthy doesn’t mean you are restricting your calorie intake enough to create a deficit.  For every pound you want to lose, that is roughly a 3,000 calorie deficit that you need to create.

This can be done through restricting calories or by working out. 

I love the Insanity work out.  I’ve also done the P90X, but find that is a bit too hard on my shoulders.  It’s also a fantastic workout.  Neither should be done if you are not already in good shape.  I’ve heard good things about the 30 Day Shred for those who aren’t in shape.  That’s a great way to start building your muscles, without overtraining and injuring yourself.

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To give you an idea of my situation: I have been doing a lot of cardio and strength training usually 3 days a week (4-5 days during the summer). I control my meal portions and eat primarily veggies and balance with other healthy ingredients. However, I weigh a few pounds more than I did a few months ago. But I am more now than I was months ago (my arms aren’t flapping, thank goodness).

My point is: perhaps you’re not seeing weight loss, but what you’re gaining is muscle mass. A scale isn’t always the best indicator. If you are able to, I would suggest get a body fat test (I know that their are gyms that offer this service). Or just start taking measurements of the areas you are most concern with.

I think there’s a lot of good advice in this thread. Good luck.

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My mother has been taking some pills, and they really work, look them up, and see how they look to you, they are called. 7days helbal slim, she is going through her 2nd box and she lost 30 pounds.

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