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I dont know how the housing market works over there but here, houses rarely sell in winter.  Spring-Fall is prime real estate time. 

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@ChocolateLime:  I don’t really have any advice, it looks ideal to me!!  Your home is lovely!!!!

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@ChocolateLime:  we’re hunting for a new place currently, and we’ve seen a lot of condos with the same floorplan, but some have been way nicer than others despite having the same fixtures and finishes.

Declutter. You think you have, but you have not. Don’t leave anything on your kitchen counters — not the kettle, not the toaster, nothing. The last place I really liked had only a kitchenaid standmixer in yellow and a decorative crystal bowl with lemons in it on the counter, and that’s it. It was so clean, and just had enough stuff to make it not look sterile. My Fiance and I kept ooh-ing over the kitchen, then our realtor told us it’s exactly the same kitchen as another unit we had seen. Oops.

Clear room in your closets. When we see units with clothes bursting out of the closets vs units with ample room in the same size closet, we subconsciously just assume the one with room actually has more space. It doesn’t.

Make sure your lights are bright. Unless you’re selling your place as a fixer upper, make sure your lighting is nice and bright. We went into similar units where one had very yellow bulbs and the other had white natural light. Everything looked fresher and brighter, even though it was a north facing unit and actually had less natural light.


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I’d put some large grapic print of some type on the wall in the study instead of the diplomas. Make it look more like a nook then a tiny room. Or ditch the desk and throw an armchair or something in there and have it be a ‘reading nook’ with shelves. Picturing using that desk makes it seem even smaller then it is. 




I’ve been looking for a house for awhile. (so long) and generally the key thing I would think would be getting the right people to your showing. So is your listing trying to highlight the best part of your house? Or trying to appeal to as many people as possible? IMO it should be the first one. Me wasting my time going to a house that called a 6×8 room a bedroom didn’t get the house any closer to being sold but here (usa) realators love to ‘pump up’ the listings like that. And it’s dumb. It just wastes everyone’s time. Our dude said for every 10 people at an open house 1 will make and offer- but if you get 100 there because there is free pizza and beer you will not get 10 offers. So I’d focus on finding YOUR buyer. Remember why you loved the place and highlight that in the listings. Also if you showed us the kitchen- Kitchens are a huge deal. Not just decluttering but just a bad layout is unfixable. It can drop a property’s appeal. I’m in Boston. Tons of old houses. Many kitchens could NOT function to cook in. I modified my rental to make it work, but that to buyers is $$$$$. For every 1 person that can’t see past paint color there are 20 that are looking at the kitchen like ‘COULD I do this” because paint is cheap- kitchens are not. Similar with baths. Buyers like me are dropping a lot of saving on downpayment and don’t want to spend a bunch to redo stuff right away. 

EDIT- Saw link to listing and the kitchen is lovely. IMO the inside of the house far exceeds the street look. (This is coming from a Boston buyer, not UK). It might just be that that is limiting you more then the interior. Looks like a house that if husband and I saw it we would love the interior but be sad that it looks just like the neighbor houses. We know we can ‘fix up’ an interior but the exterior would be more of an issue to personalize. But there is a buyer out there for you. I just wanted to give feedback from the other side. I think all the interior shots of the listing look very appealing besides the desk thing. Good luck! 


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@ChocolateLime:  You have a beautiful home!! It is very modern so it should draw a lot of people in, but at the same time it is very striking in its style so I could see some buyers being turned off if they don’t think they can “keep up” that appearance – people like me, hah. Does that make any sense? 

The only suggestions I can think of are to take down the rainbow number stickers in the play room and pennants in the nursery (more expansive unbroken wallspace = feels bigger, cleaner).

Edit: Curb appeal – maybe some bright green potted plants/shrubs to put along the front wall?

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Your home is lovely!


Your living room is really dark and with the dark couches that is not helping, ideally I would have changed the wallpaper before putting it on the market.


Can you add light pillows and a white throw on the couches? Switch the carpet underneath the coffee table to a cream colored one. Fix the broken lightbulb above the dining room table. Have a lighter piece of artwork over the fireplace that fills up the entire frame. Add lighting. Switch the painting above the dark couch also to something ligher.

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@ChocolateLime:  Your house is so pretty!  I love your decorating style.

The main thing I noticed is that you have a lot of dark furniture and decor, especially in the living room, and I think that gives more of a closed-in feeling.  You can’t exactly change the color of your furniture, but you could try getting some lighter, neutral pillows or throws to break things up.  I’d also replace the black tablecloth with a lighter color.  You may also want to consider removing the loveseat next to the dining table, either by moving it to another space or putting it into temporary storage.  They seem very close together and I think removing that loveseat will open the room up more. 

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The only things I noticed right away in the photos are the dogs bowls in the kitchen (pick them up and put them away when you have viewings), the books and stuff on the shelves in the study (pack them away and put anything he needs in the desk drawers so the shelves are clean), and the numbers on the wall in the playroom (remove those so people can imagine that as any room they like, not just a playroom). Other than that I think it looks great. The wallpaper isn’t everyone’s preference but I don’t really see that being a major turn-off since it’s not “ugly” lol

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@ChocolateLime:  I looked at the listing, it really is a lovely house!

Just a few things I might recommend:

  • Remove the car from the front for the main picture
  • Put a few colorful potted plants around the door to make the exterior a bit more cheery
  • Put some flowers, or as PP suggested, a bowl of bright lemons on the kitchen counter — something to add some color, without being cluttered
  • Remove the pet bowls — when selling a house, you want to try to remove any indication that an animal lives there!  (Also put them up whenever you have a showing).
  • If possible, remove the alphabet stickers from the baby play area that are on the walls.  Even remove all the baby toys for a quick picture, if possible (maybe just put a comfy looking chair there to snap a picture, to make that area look cozy instead of like a baby playground).

It really is a beautiful home, though!  Good luck!

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I think your hosue looks fantastic! That solarium is amazing and I think I would spend my entire day out there! Some easy fixes:

  • I agree that it would open up the living/dining space to remove the love seat
  • Also, the living space could use some lightening up with light colored throw pillows and maybe remove the dark rug
  • You’re right, the office should be more decluttered. The shelves don’t need to be bare, but minimal books on them and no random cords or things shoved in there. And remove the stuffed animals!
  • I would also remove what looks like a nightstand at the foot of the bed in picture 12 – it makes the space look tight.
  • There weren’t any pictures of closets, but I second the PP to get as much out of the closets as possible so it looks like there’s more space in there

And be patient! Sometimes these things take time. But it’s a lovely home and I’m sure it will sell!

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@ChocolateLime:  You have a lovely home. It is hard to compare what buyers are looking for in Canada vs the UK.

Many buyers are completely unable to envision what a home will look like with minimal changes.

The only thing that jumps out at me is the living room. Your furniture makes the living room look small when it is really quite large. Having one of the sofas practically touching the backs of the chairs in the dining room reads “crowded and small” to buyers. I would store one of the sofas while the house is listed and add a chair in its’ place.

I would also take down that wallpaper. As much as we all hate to do work before we move,, many people will be put off by that work being left to them as a buyer.

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Is that a built-in in the one bedroom? The bedrooms looks a bit small, not sure if that’s typical for the UK, but maybe removing the built-in would make it appear larger? I agree about brightening the living room, you could add some floor lamps. And I also agree about removing the stickers on the wall in the playroom. Adding plants would help brighten it up, too. Overall, you have a beautiful house! I’m sure it will sell soon 🙂

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