(Closed) How to not overeat at work, and not oink out when you get home?

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I know how you feel. When I start to get hungry I drink a big glass of water (I drink it all day but I’ll kind of chug it to make me feel full) or I drink a big cup of tea. I also make sure any food I have is off my desk because if I see it I want it and I have no willpower Yell

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@chicagoworkinggirl:  Ugh, I have that problem SO MUCH. It’s not so bad if there aren’t any biscuits in the office, but no-one else seems to eat stuff like that here so I am just sat in a room with it and no-one else is aware.

I’ve been trying to drink more water, and I usually stop myself by setting myself time limits – “I will have my mid-morning snack at 10:30”, that sort of thing, which means I’m not just snacking constantly and gives me something to look forward to!

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I’m doing WW now so can’t relate to counting calories, but 1300 seems close tothe min you should be eating while dieting.  I would up it to 1500 and see if you are still losing.

I’d be starving on 1300, I know I’m eating more than that now, probably 1500-1700 and I’m losing anywhere from .5-2 lbs/week (slow and steady).  Are you very active? If you are I definitely recommend eating a bit more because you will be hungry all the time.

Some general tips:

For meals, try to concentrate on high-protein, high fiber foods, also include some fat, it will keep you satisfied longer

Snack on fresh veggies while you are getting dinner ready so you aren’t ravenous when you sit down to eat.

Chug a big glass of water before dinner.

Keep junk food out of the house, or at least out of ready sight – my husband likes his junky snacks, I keep them in the cupboard over the fridge so I don’t see them, it helps.

Go to bed earlier than midnight if possible (seriously 5AM-Midnight is a long time!).

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Start with nuts. They’re filling and not horrible for you. If you have portion problems, pre-bag them into portions. Also look into the low fat popcorn. It’s filling and you can eat it slowly for an hour+.


When you get home, just don’t buy the things you shouldn’t be eating. I always crave salty things, but if the things in my home aren’t bad, I’ll eat something that fits my requirements that isn’t horrible for me.


Also, for home, work on planning a menu. I LOVE to cook but I hate planning meals, especially after working a full day and coming home without a plan. Once a week I’ll make a menu, make a shopping list and it makes it much easier to stay on track and not just order a pizza or go for fast food.

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Drink a ton of water during the day (I keep a chart on my desk to strike out how many glasses I drink a day, it’s a nice little “goal” activity)

Make sure you have healthy snacks between meals. I usually eat rasins, fruit, or nuts in between breakfast and lunch, sometimes a few hours after lunch as well.

Don’t keep snacks in your desk. Eat only what you bring to work – it’s too easy to eat a whole box of crackers if they’re two feet away!

And eat a good breakfast. I drink a green smoothie every morning, with oatmeal and protien in it. It really keeps me full for quite some time, especially if I make it without much fruit. After our protien powder runsout, I’m planning on mixing chia seeds in with the ground oatmeal.

Sometimes, if I’m feeling particularly wiggly or impatient (meaning I want to eat because I’m bored) I go outside to take a few breaths of fresh air, or I go into the bathroom and do a few quick standing exercises in the handicap stall. Both of those help me to re-focus during the day.

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coffee helps a lot! and so does snacking. I used to take a bag of mixed nuts with me to work to munch on before and after lunch and it helped a lot. 

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@chicagoworkinggirl:  Omg. If someone discovers what the secret to working 8-5 (if not longer!) and not getting fat, I need in. This is what I have found works for me, and I’ve been working big-girl jobs since 2005:

1. If you can, eat breakfast at work as opposed to at home. You are usually not super hungry when you first get up so you can commute and just eat breakfast later in the morning. This will allow you to have a small enough space between breakfast and lunch so that you are not famished by lunch.

2. For lunch, stick with protein rich salads + water. I eat Trader Joes’ ready-made salads + their gazpacho soup, and it (USUALLY) fills me up. If it doesn’t, I keep some organic popcorn and tea in one of my desk drawers. Have a cup or two of the popcorn and drink tea.

3. You can eat as healthy as possible, but guess what? It may not help you as you are usually SITTING ALL DAY at desk jobs. If you have an hour lunch, see if you can use 30 minutes to just take a walk. I am actually going to make Fridays my mandatory walk days during lunch as I’ll be working late hours this summer. Basically, try to move as much as possible – go to the farthest copier, scanner, etc.. Go to the farther restroom to get extra walking time in.

I’m not saying you will be super fit with these tips, but I have found that they have helped me from getting too huge.

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I know how you feel!! Sitting at a desk all day sucks.

I’ve started taking a hard boiled egg and a slice of rye bread in for breakfast. It’s kinda boring (but bland is good since I am not a morning person and always feel sick!). It generally keeps me satiated until lunchtime… protein is good.

I often bring in some fruit.. like blueberries or raspberries.. I snack on that in the morning or afternoon.

For lunch we make a big batch of food on Sundays and I try to take in a smaller portion for lunch than I would eat at dinner. Having a warm meal at work is nice, though. This is usually some meat (typically chicken) with a semi healthy sauce, lots of veggies, and either rice or potatoes. Keeping the portion fairly small is the trick. When we run out of these lunches I’ll have a tuna salad sandwich or soup or a salad usually. I only buy lunch once every couple weeks on average.

I’ve been drinking water with fresh lemon squeezed in and some Crystal Light (so it’s not so damn sour lol) throughout the day.

I am not sure I could keep to 1,300 calories… I just love food too much. I am getting better at exercise, though, and eating smaller portions so that’s good.

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@chicagoworkinggirl:  i always either drink a cup of coffee/tea or water. a LOT OF WATER. i probably take in 60 ounces of water between 9 and 5. i also bring in my own snacks every single day, and once they’re gone they’re gone. annnnd i bring my own lunch every day.

so i drink coffee when i get to work, then a couple glasses of water, a cup of apple sauce and another glass of water. i eat my lunch with a glass of water, drink two more glasses of water, eat a package of seaweed, a glass of water or cup of coffee and then i leave work. 🙂

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Get more sleep. Really! If you’re only getting 5 hours of sleep a night, you are going to SERIOUSLY over-eat out of exhaustion (whether you feel tired or not). I know it seems impossible to shorten your day, but you need to go to sleep earlier or wake up later!

I promise you’ll feel less hungry just by drinking more water and getting enough sleep.

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I eat around 1500 calories per day, give or take, and I work a desk job. I drink a TON of water throughout the course of the day – from the time I wake up until I go to bed, I’m drinking water. Around 120-150 ounces daily. This helps tremendously with appetite control. Yes, I pee every 20-30 minutes but I do think it’s worth it. 

I eat breakfast every day. Skipping to save calories will not do you any favors. Sometimes I eat at home, sometimes I grab something to eat as soon as I get to work. But I always eat something. 

I pack a lunch, and an afternoon snack. My lunch always involves something sweet for ‘dessert’. Either a piece of fruit, or a granola bar. My snack will typically be popcorn and a banana. 

I exercise when I get home, then prepare dinner for my Fiance and I. The exercise helps curb my appetite while I’m cooking, and then my dinner time I’m ready to eat! After dinner I always allot a hundred or two calories for an ice cream bar (skinny cow or weight watchers brand typically). Then I just drink water until bed!

I really think the water is the key. But this is my strategy – take it for what it’s worth. In the end, you have to figure out what works for YOU. 

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@chicagoworkinggirl:  I like to have a chai protein smoothie, make with tons of ice, instead of coffee because I feel the coffee makes me feel hungry when it is truly just an acid thingy. I also keep all food off my desk and counters at home so I am not tempted. I scheduled snack and lunch times before I tried to limit food so my body adjusted to the new schedule so I could make sure I was hungry and then limited my food to stop overeating. I am a compulsive eater so I see food I must have it. I found yoga, even jusgt 30 minutes helped me be more intune to my snacking so I noticed when I was just grazing all day. I also got one of those fruit infusing water bottles so I kept drinking water which helps a lot too.

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proteine. animal proteine.


have a good breakfast, and a lunch consisting on animal proteine+greens


snack on fruit or a hard boiled egg

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IDK if this’ll help, but our work provides with ice machines that make ice like they have at the hospital (the cylinders)… It has helped me not to pig out at work, and by the time I get home, I’m so tired I just crash…

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