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Keep working on it.  We aren’t even TTC either and it took us months to agree on a girl’s name we both liked.  I finally came around and ended up liking one of the names he threw out.  We both immediately agreed on a boy name.

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@jbbs1222:  You can pick out names all you want, but that doesn’t mean you’ll use them. I changed my choices for baby names a million times before during and after the pregnancy. 2 of my kids got names I thought of on the spot in the hospital because when they were born they just didn’t look like the name I had picked out belonged to them.


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Scarlett O’Hara isn’t a redhead. 🙂

Honestly, you both like that name so why not use it? I mean, that’s generally how you choose a name. You keep throwing ideas out there and talking it over until you find something you can BOTH agree on. Or maybe compromise by each picking a name (first and middle). For example, my DD’s name is Mirabelle Joy. Her first name was my pick – DH wasn’t sure at first, but he felt that it suited her when she was born. He loved the middle name Joy and I hated it initially but I ended up deciding that it sounds beautiful with her first name. Hooray compromise!

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Best advice is not to fall totally and completely in love with a name until you BOTH like it. I feel like there are so many ex-gf/bf names around, so many people that rubbed one of us the wrong way growing up, celebrities we don’t want our kids named after, that coming up with names that we both love is so hard. 

For what it’s worth, in my head, “Scarlet” has dark brown hair. 

And bear in mind that your minds might change hundreds of times during the pregnancy, and then even again at birth. 

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@jbbs1222:  I agree with 

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@beachbride1216.  Just keep slogging through and you’ll find something you both like.  I think it’s important when looking at baby names for both of you to not get too precious about one particular name – you both have to like it, and you both get veto power, so try not to attach to a “dream name.”  In a perfect world, you’d agree on everything, but naming you baby is a big decision and you’re going to have disagreements.  DH and I already agree on a boy’s name (we’re not TTC quite yet), but I think we’ll have a hard time if we have girls.  But if you try to be open to each others’ suggestions (and don’t get offended if the other simply doesn’t like one of your names) you should be able to find something you both like.

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We came up with our girl first name early on in the pregnancy. Found out we were having a boy and struggled with names. Our girl name could have worked for a boy but I didn’t like it as much. So we picked a few, argued a lot, and finally decided the night he was born. We kept it a secret from everyone because I wanted the right to change my mind and not have everyone expecting to meet a baby by 1 name and have it be something different. 

So I would say, honestly don’t think of names until you’re pregnant. Between now and then things will change, trends will come up, you will hate a name… etc. It’s best to wait, you can compromise on a name, and its easier when a baby is growing in you for that to happen 🙂

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We are currently TTC and I thought deciding on names would be difficult, but it was pretty easy. I created a word document and every time I heard a name I kind of liked, I added it to either the girl list or boy list. Then SO and I would look at it each week and I would let him delete any he didn’t like with no questions asked. Then we ordered them by which ones we liked the best. The middle names were already decided since we have family names we want to use. through this process we realized the same girls name and boys name were always at the top of our list, so we are going to go with those. the names:

Sophia Jean M

Nathan Ross M

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Just to let you know, the na,es you like now might not the be the names you end up choosing for your kids once you have them.  All the names I had picked out for kids PRE-kids, I didn’t end up using and one I really loved…Natalia.  Never used it, dh didn’t like it.  I also thought for sure I would use Alexander for my 1st son’s middle name but didn’t.  

Other names I loved that never got used:





Jaden (still really love this name but dh doesn’t)

And a few others… my kids ended up with different names that both me and dh really love.

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We’re pregnant, and have a girl’s name 100% set! We looked at relative’s names, and settled on a version of a popular name in both our family (Isa, we’re using Isabelle) and his great-grandmother’s middle name (May, also the month we were both born in, got married in, and the name of one of our favorite bands!)

We’re thinking Quinn or Julian if it’s a boy!

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Look at the Social Security Index’s top 1,000 names for 2012 and get an idea. There were nights I’d just go down a list of names, reading them off. We have our names picked out – we only intend to have one child, two tops. Julia and Nathan.

The boy’s name was pure chance. The middle name we picked out is his dad’s middle name, as well as a variation on my paternal granddad’s first name. I just liked the name Julia. The middle name sounded great with it. Ironically, the girl’s first and middle name matches the middle and last name of his maternal great, great grandma. He loves researching the family history, so…yeah.

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Fiance and I love the name Julia for a girl because we can call her Jewlz for short. Boys name would be after my dad that passed away, David Charles which is cute bc my Fiance name is David too!

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I think you should reconsider Jasmine, yeah okay, so it’s often the name of the dead hooker on SVU, BUT… it’s also a flower. Every Jasmine I’ve met has also been awesome, just putting that out there.

Just keep looking until you two agree on one.

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Oh and names I like:









I like looking at nameberry to find ideas. My sons name is Ryatt.


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My SO and I have teeny arguments about this stuff, too. Mostly it’s me throwing out ideas and him saying “NO” before he can even get a chance to let a name sink in. Usually, it takes a few more times of me mentioning a name before he starts to cotton on. For example, I have always loved the name Daphne for a little girl, but when I first mentioned it to SO he didn’t like it; however, after me mentioning it for a while, he fell in love with it, and now doesn’t refer to our first daughter as anything BUT Daphne as in, “Well, Daphne can’t date until I’m dead” or “Wouldn’t it be awesome if Daphne played vollyball or took karate?” silly stuff like that but now shows he has fallen in love with the name as much as I have. I tend to fire names at him all the time and then I have to work him over for a couple of months. We don’t take anything serious right now because we’re not TTC or anything, but it’s a comfort thing I do where I think up baby names, etc. 

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