(Closed) NWR: How to politely end political rants?

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    Give noncommittal responses and let him continue talking : (9 votes)
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    Share your own personal views/engage in dialogue : (10 votes)
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    End the conversation (how would you do that?) : (16 votes)
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    I lean toward smiling and saying “well, there are a lot of things we don’t agree on, Neighbor, but in the interest of keeping the neighborhood peace, we should probably discuss more neutral topics. What do you think about X (X being some local benign neighborhood issue, or in case of emergency, the weather)?”

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    What I have done in situations like this is say, “Well I’m voting for so-and-so” (whoever it might be for you) and they usually shut up. It’s fine to have different opinions and be respectful to one another, and if your neighbors don’t understand that then they are morons. Sometimes after I say “well I’m voting for so-and-so” they will ask me, “why?!” and I just say something like “I don’t really like getting into political debates, it’s just my opnion” and that usually works, too. You shouldn’t have to listen to someone being annoying like that when you are trying to do chores at your house. Ugh annoying.

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    When that happened to me I said that I was voting for the person that I thought would help more and the other person was also doing the same thing and that was ok, and then I changed the topic to something more neutral, like our new shopping center. 

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    I would be open and honest in this situation, whether you engage in a debate or not. I’m a bullheaded person so I probably would debate the neighbor but it’s probably better to keep politics out of your relations as it could put a wedge between your and your neighbors. In that case you tell him honestly something like, “I disagree wholeheartedly with your opinions but I would prefer not to talk about politics as I fear it may mar our friendship.” Does that help?

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    This happens to me a lot. I usually say something like, “I hear where you’re coming from, and I respect your opinion. I happen to have opposite opinions, though, and since we probably won’t convince each other to change our minds, let’s talk about something else.”

    I would not just listen, because it will annoy you to death. 

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    Both great recommendations.  If the person continues to rant then it’s time to completely avoid them (at least until after the election) because they have no respect for you or your opinion by continuing to address a topic you have requested be placed off limits.

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    Try to find common ground.  If they hate xyz…do they hate it in this xyz case?  Maybe you actually agree on some things?

    Otherwise a nice, “It was great discussing this with you.  I have a lot to think about.  Now back to chores ;)”

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    give noncommital response and change topic or walk away to do something.

    I usually look for one thing they said that I agree with, and say that I agree with that (repeating whatever it was), and “hmmm, mmm, mmmhmm?” the rest before the change.

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    @stillme: +1.

    I always say “It’s a good thing we can agree to disagree!” as nicely as humanly possible then walk away/change the topic/etc. 

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    If someone starts off on a tear I rely on this phrase:

    “My mother always told me, if you want to end a friendship fast, bring up religion, politics or money…that being said, what would you like to talk about?”

    9 times out of ten, people laugh and we have a good old fashioned Momma-thon and exchange home spun sayings and stories for hours.  But then there’s always that one asshole who just doesn’t get it, thinks I’m chickening out by not wanting to discuss it and keeps on running his mouth because he’s in love with the sound of his own voice….when that happens, I stand up, tell them it was sure nice talking to them and wish them a pleasant day before I leave.

    I hope this helps, for me it works every time.

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    Stick your fingers in your ears, and shout “LALALALALALA!!!” and run off.

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    I could really go for some ice cream.

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    That’s so annoying…I’d try:

    “I’m really burnt out on all the political talk right now…could we talk about something else?”


    “I’d really prefer if we could talk about something other than politics as we have very different opinions on the matter”

    Hopefully he’d get the hint?

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    My SO’s dad.

    We agree on so much politically. Like, our representatives, our senators, civil issues, economic issues (overall, I’m in a very different place economically, so I have slightly different views).

    But when it comes to the president, look out baby!

    And if I have to hear one more time how the liberal media is covering up the ineptitude of our president with his handling of the Benghazi attacks I’m going to scream.

    But. I can’t walk away. I have told him that I have different opinions on some things, but… the man is very set in his ways and his opinions and definitely looks down on me during some of our political talks. I feel like I’ve done my research and I feel like my opinion is based on the knowledge that I sure as hell couldn’t do better!

    So this thread is a good thread. I do not have any idea, other than turning to SO’s mom and discussing SYTTD (which she loves!). It shuts SO’s dad up pretty fast, and turns SO into a ridiculous young man begging to question why any woman would spend as much as a nice car on a dress. lol

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